Happy Mind, Happy Life: Activities To Improve Mental Health

Do you feel lately, your life has been serious and stressful? Are you searching for ways to feel better? 

Worry not,

We have some effective yet fun activities to improve mental health that you can try to feel relaxed and stress-free. When you think of these activities, you might be considering some serious therapy, but no, these activities to improve mental health are downright fun.

So let’s ditch the stress and make mental health a fun and fulfilling part of our lives.

Before that, let’s understand the ABC of good mental health.  

activities for mental health

‘ABC’ of good mental health

Whenever you are trying to figure out what you can do to feel good and enhance your mental well-being, remember this ABC:

A: Act: Do something active

Being active is an essential ingredient when you are trying or do learn a new activity for your mental health. Don’t force yourself to do something when you don’t like it. This will only cause more stress to you. Give yourself sufficient time. And when your heart says you are ready, go for it. 

B: Belong: Do something with someone.

Activities to improve mental health are best when done in groups. We know some of you might feel overwhelmed by too many people. In such a case, try doing something with the people you love. You can feel safe and supported by them. 

C: Commit: Do something meaningful

All the activities should have a specific meaning to them. Yes, even if you are doing nothing, it means relaxing your body and mind and re-energizing yourself. So when you pick an activity, ask yourself, “Why are you doing this” and “What do you expect from the activity”. 

Let’s dive into some effective yet fun activities to improve mental health.

Physical activities good for mental health

There are many physical activities to improve mental health. They help in reducing anxiety, depression, stress, or frustration. It helps in improving self-esteem and cognitive function. There are many physical activities or exercises that you try to feel better:

1. Walking

Walking is among the best activities good for mental health. A brisk walk can help you feel better. Walking helps reduce stress and anxiety and boosts your energy. It allows you to explore your neighborhood, and you can make some new friends. 

2. Jogging

Jogging or running is also a great way to enhance your mind and body. A moderate jog can help improve your memory and concentration. It also helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Jogging can help lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation to your heart. 

3. High-intensity interval training

HIIT exercises are high-intensity workouts that are also great activities good for mental health. It helps regulate blood flow and heart palpitations. Thereby reducing stress and anxiety and making you feel energized and active. Remember not to strain yourself.

4. Boxing

Boxing provides an outlet for bottled-up stress, anger, or anxiety. It helps increase your concentration and focus. It gives you control and power, increasing your self-esteem and confidence, and is one of the best activities good for mental health.

5. Cycling

Cycling also has some great benefits for our mental health. It helps us go out in nature, making us feel fresh and happy. Cycling helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves social communication as you can meet new people along your ride. 

6. Swimming 

Swimming is also among the most effective activities good for mental health. It helps boost our mood by releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins. It increases positivity and a sense of well-being. Swimming in warm water helps decrease depression and improves your overall mood by making you feel relaxed. 

7. Tai chi

Tai chi is a great gentle exercise that includes stretches and connects the body with the mind. It is also known as meditation in motion, as one posture flows into another constantly. This exercise reduces stress and makes you feel good. 

8. Weightlifting

Weight lifting or resistance training is a great way to release stress and frustration. It helps in increasing cognitive function and enhancing motor skills. It also helps the body by reducing pain and muscle tension. It boosts self-esteem and confidence. 

9. Gardening

Gardening is also a low-intensity and one of the best activities good for mental health. It helps in regulating stress and keeps your mind at peace. Growing a plant increases self-esteem and confidence. Gardening helps boost your mind by affecting all your senses. 

10. Yoga

Yoga is also a gentle exercise with many stretches to relax your body. Yoga has always reduced mental disorders, stress, anxiety, and other distress. Yoga helps enhance mental clarity and body awareness, making you feel more confident and happy. 

Mindfulness activities good for mental health

Mindfulness activities are an effective way to enhance your mental health. They help you stay in the present and regulate your negative emotions. Mindfulness activities help you understand your feelings better to feel less overwhelmed while dealing with them. Here are some mindfulness activities good for mental health that you can try right away: 

1. Meditation

One of the most potent mindfulness activities good for mental health is meditation. Meditation helps you calm your senses and distract your mind from negative thoughts. It helps enhance your emotional well-being. It helps reduce depression, stress, and chronic pain.

2. Gratitude list

Expressing gratitude helps your brain release dopamine and serotonin making you feel happy. Counting your blessings will help reduce your stress and depression. It helps in building strong relationships and also improves overall physical health. A gratitude list is a great way to feel happy about your life. Pen down all the things in your life that you are thankful for. 

3. Box breathing

This relaxation technique concentrates on your breathing pattern, especially in stressful situations. You have to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds, and then try holding the breath for 4 seconds. This is an excellent technique for stress and anxiety attacks, especially in regulating your flight and fright reactions. 

4. Body scan meditation

This is one of the mindful activities for mental health that helps enhance the sleep cycle, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-awareness, reduces pain, and helps reduce substance abuse. It’s a form of meditation where you lie down and focus on all your body parts with your eyes closed. This enables you to understand your body and your emotions. 

5. Name game

This is a grounding technique where you try to ground your emotions by naming five things you see, four things you touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. This will help you channel your negative emotions towards positive ones by making you aware of your surroundings. 

6. Foot grounding

This technique helps people with anxiety and PTSD return to reality after panic attacks. You can walk barefoot on grass, feel the cold water on your foot, and concentrate on how your mind feels. This will help distract your mind from all the stressful thoughts and calm your senses. 

7. Introspection

Introspection is self-reflection on your thoughts and feelings and is one of the most effective activities for mental health. It’s sitting with your emotions and analyzing how your body and mind are feeling. This will help you regulate your emotions and feelings better. It increases empathy and decreases self-doubt. You should sit down with your feelings and acknowledge them. 

8. Self-compassion

Sometimes you might be too critical of yourself, which might be the reason for your stress and anxiety. Learning self-compassion is an effective way to enhance your mental well-being. You need to be less judgemental towards yourself and accept your feelings. Let yourself take time and appreciate the efforts you have made. 

9. Cloud gazing

Ever wondered why you feel so relaxed looking at the clouds that you tend to fall asleep? Cloud gazing is an effective mindful activity and one of the relaxing activities for mental health that helps your mind focus on the present. It helps calm your senses and makes you feel happier. It helps reduce stress and tension. The slow movement of clouds increases your concentration. 

10. Sauna 

Saunas are a great weekend gateway if you want to feel relaxed and stress-free after a long week. Saunas are great for reducing stress and anxiety. In the elderly, it reduces the chances of mental decline and dementia. It also helps in improving mood and mental well-being.

Social activities good for mental health

Engaging in social activities can also help in enhancing your mental health. They increase a sense of security and belonging, making you feel less stressed and anxious. Social activities help you improve your relationships and strengthen your communication skills, making you happier. It takes away the feeling of loneliness and helplessness. Here are some of the social activities that you can engage yourself in: 

1. Volunteer work

Volunteering is an essential social interaction activity good for mental health where you can help others and engage in something good. It enables you to feel good and increases your self-esteem, as helping someone enhances a sense of accomplishment. It can help you avoid unnecessary thoughts and motivate you to engage positively. 

2. Exercise groups

If you don’t enjoy exercising alone, exercise groups are for you. You can engage with people in your group, which will help you feel happier and help reduce feelings of loneliness. These group activities are good for mental health and help reduce stress and anxiety by increasing social engagement. 

3. Support groups

When facing any mental health disorders, it is essential to talk about your feelings. Support groups allow you to share your emotions without being judged or criticized. This helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and enhances the feelings of belongingness. 

4. Group therapy

Therapy can be both individual and group. Group therapies can benefit your mental health by creating a sense of safety and togetherness. It makes you believe that you are not alone. You get to meet other people and relate to them. You can learn a lot of new information from their experiences.

5. Social clubs

Nowadays, social clubs are widespread among people. Either it’s a social club between family, relatives, friends, co-workers, or any other group. Social clubs increase a sense of support, making you less stressed and anxious. In social clubs, you can enjoy various fun activities to improve mental health with other people, which will help you feel relaxed and happier.

6. Educational groups

Just like other groups, educational groups can also benefit your mental health. Though this group is more about serious study sessions, it helps reduce the stress of exams among students. You can also spread awareness about mental health in your study group and hold sessions to enhance the group’s mental health. 

7, Social events

Sometimes going to a party or get-together can be fun and relaxing. Going to a party in our busy schedule is only occasionally feasible, but you can try and attend one during your weekends. These social events will help you feel better, as you will spend time conversing with people and relating to them. So give yourself a break! Go to a party! 

8. Pet groups

Pets are the best medicine for your mental health. There are many pet groups where owners come together and spend the day with their pets together with other people. This is one of the most fun and effective activities for mental health. It is a way to release your stress and meet new people. You can enjoy the pets’ cuddles and kisses and make new friends!

9. Travel groups

Some people, to release stress and frustration, travel. Nowadays, people who love to travel have come together and formed groups. These travel groups plan their annual or monthly trip and enjoy their time together. Being a part of such groups will help you feel engaged in something positive and make you happier. 

Creative activities good for mental health

Why do you find coloring a book so therapeutic? Well, creative activities have their charm on your mental health. They can help reduce stress and anxiety and release positive emotions. They can increase your productivity and confidence. Here are some of the creative activities for mental health:

1. Drawing 

You may let your stress and anxiety out by drawing and creating other kinds of art. You can draw at home to increase your imagination and creativity, become more present and grounded, and calm your racing thoughts. Also, you can engage with an art therapist to handle trauma or mental health issues.

2. Playing an instrument 

Just playing instruments can assist with anxiety and sadness and lower blood pressure and tension. Let your imagination flow since it’s crucial to maintain both a healthy body and mind. Learning new instruments helps you increase your concentration and focus. 

3. Journalling 

Keeping a journal can help you determine what’s making you anxious or stressed when you have an issue. You can develop a strategy to address the problems and lessen your stress once you recognize your stressors. You can also write positive affirmations while journaling to motivate and attract positive energy. 

4. Dancing 

One can express themselves and have fun by moving around and dancing. The body releases dopamine and other joyful chemicals when a person feels liberated. This hormone aids in mood elevation and reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms. Groove your favorite song and feel happy. 

5. Cooking 

Since cooking fosters creativity, it is effective as therapy. Those who enjoy cooking feel better about themselves since it allows them to care for others. There is also a feeling of immediate satisfaction when you can make different foods. It helps you feel relaxed and stress-free. You can also try cooking classes to meet new people and enjoy your cooking time. 

6. Photography

Many therapeutic advantages of photography for mental health exist since it fosters creativity, frees us from external obligations, and elevates mood. It can increase your productivity and confidence. Being a photographer, you can also see scenic views that might calm your mind and body being one of the most creative activities for mental health.  

7. Drama therapy

Drama therapy gives people a chance to escape from how they are feeling, which has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of social anxiety. They play different personalities with different life and outlook. Drama is a great way to socialize and have a great time together. 

8. Crafting 

By crafting, you can feel happier, more confident, and less stressed overall. Crafting has also been demonstrated to increase cognitive flexibility, enhance gross and fine motor skills, and slow cognitive decline.

Fun activities to improve mental health for students 

Nowadays, students are facing several mental health issues. They are constantly under the pressure of school and studies. Also, additional factors like bullying and teasing can cause long-term mental health issues. In such cases, students should take a break occasionally to feel better about themselves and increase their confidence. Here are some of the mental health activities that a student can try out in their daily life:

1. Mental health quiz

Sometimes students might be unable to understand their feelings or determine whether they face mental health issues. In such cases, they can ask questions themselves or their parents can ask them about mental health issues this is one of the effective activities to improve mental health for students. 

A mental health quiz can help them understand what they are feeling, and then they can practice different coping methods to feel better. 

2. Mindful art

Mindful arts are one of the best activities to improve mental health for students. It lets you deal with your issues and find a healthy solution. Being creative and expressive is very important as a student. So taking a break and joining an art class can be fruitful.

It can help you feel better about yourself and keep you calm and composed, and in the bonus, you get to learn something new. 

3. Self-care diary

Self-care diaries can do wonders for a student and are one of the most effective activities to improve mental health for students. They help you keep track of the activities that can help you feel better. So whenever you feel sad or low, you can try those out and feel better. They also motivate you to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally. 

4. Playing board games

Board games can be a fun time for you to try. They help enhance your cognitive function and also make you happier. They are known to reduce stress and anxiety. You can also enjoy playing board games with your friends and family and enjoy the laughter. These help release endorphins and boost your mind. 

5. Join clubs

As students, you can join various clubs relating to studying, swimming, martial arts, singing, drawing, or any other group, which will help you feel good and not lonely. These groups allow you to increase your productivity and confidence and provide activities to improve mental health for students. You can feel more relaxed and accomplished. You can get the support of your group members. 

6. Get active

Go for a walk, a run, or a short workout. It’s okay to sit and relax. But occasionally, you need to move your body to remove your gloominess by spending some time in nature. So after you finish school or college work, go for brisk work. You will feel better and stress-free. It will increase your creativity, and you can develop more ideas. 

7. Kindness

Being kind is among the simple but effective activities to improve mental health for students. is not only helpful to somebody else but also to you. If you are kind, you’ll feel good about yourself. So while you are feeling hopeless and stressed, try helping someone else. You will feel good about yourself, and your self-esteem will increase. Being kind releases dopamine making us satisfied and happy with our life. 

8. Family time

As students, you generally don’t get the required time to spend with your family. It can sometimes make you feel lonely. So whenever you get the time to spend time with them, don’t wait and go for it. Stay away from phones or any thoughts about your work during that time. Sit with your parents and spend some quality time with them. Watch a movie together or make food together. 

9. A healthy routine 

A student needs a routine. Routines bring discipline to them and enhance a sense of accomplishment. So make a simple routine that you can follow daily. Sticking to the routine; will give you a sense of control over your life. Your routine can help you achieve your goals and give you a sense of accomplishment. 

10. Doing nothing 

Sometimes all you need to do is do nothing at all. Yup, it’s right. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed by everything, you can sit down and not do anything till you feel better. You can sleep or binge-watch your favorite show, and once you are all better, you can go back to your work in a better mood. 


These are some of the activities to improve mental health that can make your days more manageable and fun. These activities enhance your body and mind and make you feel much better. You can learn new things and at the same time work towards your development. Give yourself some time to try out all these activities to improve mental health. We know your schedule is busy, but twenty minutes of mental health activities will do no harm. 

You can try these fun activities, but if you want to learn some mental health skill-building activities that are mostly goal-directed and prescribed by psychologists, click here. These activities are more patient-oriented and focus on their daily functioning and motor skills. 

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