36 Questions To Get To Know Yourself

What if we ask you what’s your favorite series on Netflix?

You might answer that in a heartbeat, but if I ask you what makes you feel satisfied, you might take some time to think about it, and sometimes you even don’t get the answer.

One of the many reasons for this might be because you don’t know yourself enough.

Losing a sense of self refers to lacking attention or knowledge about yourself. Learning how to get to know yourself might be helpful to gain your sense of self back.

Everyone must know more about themselves; the more you know about yourself, the better relationships you can form.

Questions to know yourself better

Why don’t we know ourselves better?

You can easily get to know other people, but we become silent when it comes to us. Figuring out, why is it so hard to know ourselves is crucial.

If we look into the present world, most people are unaware of what they want in life, in fact, people who are doing something, don’t know why they are doing it. Everyone is trying to do their best. Each of us has basic knowledge about everything, but most of us lack it when it comes to self-knowledge or self-awareness

We are often so focused on things around us we forget about ourselves. In this world of chaos, we forget that we have stopped taking care of ourselves. There are several reasons why this might happen, from family or friends to our attitude and nature. Some of the reasons include the following:

  1. lacking self-care,
  2. lacking acceptance,
  3. losing perspective,
  4. creating a negative mindset, etc.

Why should we know ourselves better?

Self-awareness helps us by healing our surroundings and ourselves. In the case of people suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, self-awareness can be helpful in the long run.  There are many benefits of knowing ourselves better, such as:

1. Self-acceptance

When you become self-aware about all the good and bad in you, that’s when you start to accept yourself. When you ask yourself questions to get to know yourself, you mark the beginning of self-love and acceptance. 

Self-acceptance is indeed a challenge, but once achieved, it helps you control your emotions and make you love yourself more.

2. Better relationships

For a better relationship with others, you need to form a better relationship with yourself, and for a better relationship, the key element is to know yourself better.

Asking questions to know yourself helps with self-awareness and makes you more in touch with your inner self, which helps you give your 100 percent in a relationship. When you know yourself better, you can get to know how you feel about a specific relationship and work on it; this can help you not just build a better relationship but also help you detach yourself from toxic relationships.

3. Identify yourself

Self-awareness helps you find purpose and passion in your life. Identifying yourself and knowing about your needs and passion helps carve a clear path for you to move ahead in life.

Whenever you feel like nothing is working and have tons of self-doubts and low self-esteem,  try asking questions to get to know yourself better.

36 questions to get to know yourself

Questions play a significant role in developing our minds and help us to engage in something. Asking questions help break the monotony of your life. When you ask yourself questions about something, you might follow up for an answer and subconsciously start thinking about it.  

Here we have mentioned some questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself. 

  1. How can you love yourself more today?
  2. Do you love yourself?
  3. What are the top 5 most important things to you in life?
  4. How would you like to describe yourself?
  5. What opportunities are you looking for now?
  6. How do I feel at this moment?
  7. Are you somehow feeling gaslighted in life?
  8. What provides you with solace?
  9. What am I afraid of?
  10. What am I grateful for?
  11. What am I good at?
  12. What is my best quality?
  13. What is my worst quality?
  14.  What is the one thing that you are most proud of?
  15.  What are the three words that define you?
  16. What is that you desire?
  17. How often do you practice gratitude in life?
  18. Am I getting good sleep daily?
  19. What’s one hobby you would like to start
  20. What makes you excited?
  21.  What are you interested in doing for fun?
  22. What are the values that you hold in life?
  23. What is that one thing I am embarrassed about?
  24. What type of people do you prefer to have in your life?
  25. Are you being optimistic enough?
  26. What’s your love language?
  27. How often do you practice self-care?
  28. What makes you angry?
  29. What is your courageous moment?
  30. Do you show yourself self-compassion?
  31. What are the short-term mental health goals that you fixed for yourself?
  32. What gives you peace of mind in life?
  33. What is your inner critic trying to say?
  34. What makes you calmer?
  35. What is better for me, to be an introvert or an extrovert? 
  36. What aspects of my career do I enjoy? What exactly do I despise?


Often we ignore ourselves while living through the day and can lose how important it is to know about ourselves. 

As we say, healing starts with you! 

Asking questions to get to know yourself better might seem like a drag at first, but activities like these are what shape us for the future.

In this world, many people don’t know what they are after, and asking yourself questions about it is one of the many ways you can find your path. It is a long process, but being patient and consistent leads to a better and sorted-out life. 

Another way to identify yourself is by writing; journaling is one of the best ways. Although journaling might seem like a lot of work, don’t lose patience and be consistent. Here we provide you with the best journaling techniques for getting started.

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