45+ Journaling Prompts For Self-Love

Maybe your therapist suggested it to you, or maybe your sister is the one that just can’t stop talking about it. Maybe your best friend tells you to stop bottling up your emotions and write them down or you might have read it in one of our blog posts. 

No matter who recommended it, by now, you might have probably heard this more than a few times – “you should start maintaining a journal regularly.” 

Usually, we aren’t the ones to push something as a self-care or self-love method. We believe that the journey towards self-love is different for each person. 

But, that being said, we fully believe that journaling for self-love is beneficial for everyone. And when we say everyone, we truly mean it.

Regularly putting your thoughts down on paper can help you provide daily reminders of exactly why you’re so valuable and unique. It can give you the confidence to move forward. 

Chances are that if you have clicked on a blog post titled ‘journaling prompts for self-love,’ you certainly could use some help in this ‘journaling for self-love’ area.

Well, to help you get started on the journey of self-love, we have curated a list of the best journaling prompts for self-love.  

But, First, Let’s Understand What Is Journaling?

In theory, journaling is the process of writing down your thoughts and feelings. It is a method of giving your ideas and emotions a tangible word form. 

In practice, however, journaling can be anything you want it to be. It is a gateway to analyzing the thoughts in your mind that you might not even know existed until you put them on paper. 

Now, you might feel like you already know what’s on your mind, and hence you do not need journaling. Well, hang in there because we promise you there is a lot more. 

Journaling can be considered a fun activity. Writing about the positive things in life and developing compassion through journaling for self-love might sound like good and easygoing prospects. However, we know that life isn’t this jolly and happy all the time. 

So when the going gets tough, journaling can be uplifting. It helps explore the difficult, buried emotions that trouble you. It enables you to realize why there is a resistance within you to love and accept yourself the way you are. On the hardest of days, this journal will become your safe space. It will allow you to share your deepest secrets and be vulnerable. It addresses difficult questions.

So, if you have been afraid of dealing with feelings of self-doubt, now is the time to drop those fears. Let’s help you further get started with a small self-love journal challenge.

Pick a number between 1-50. Scroll down on the list below. Read the journaling prompt for self-love next to the number that popped in your head. Now take a pen or paper and spend the next 5-10 minutes writing whatever that comes to your mind.  

Here Is A Template List Of 48 Journaling Prompts For Self-Love

Journaling Prompts For Self-Love
  1. What makes you unique?
  1. What are ten things that you love about yourself?
  1. What is the best thing that has happened to you?
  1. Tell yourself you are worthy.
  1. Write a love letter to yourself.

  1. Tell yourself that you can say no to things you don’t want to do.
  1. What is that one thing which your future self will thank you for doing now?
  1. Finish this sentence: I dream of …..
  1. List two self-care activities that you will start tomorrow.
  1. What makes you feel alive and happy?
  1. Tell yourself that you are strong.
  1. List down the biggest achievements in your life.
  1. What was the most difficult time in your life, and how did you overcome it?
  1. Think of all those people you feel judged by and list down why you think their judgment is invalid.
  1. Write down three of your favorite hobbies.

  1. Write down any five positive self-affirmations to yourself.
  1. Think and write down 5 nice things people have said about you recently.
  1. What kind of music makes you happy?
  1. Write down the perfect morning routine for you and promise yourself to try and turn it into a reality.
  1. How soft or kind were you to yourself during the difficult times this past year?
  1. Write about a professional achievement that you are really proud of.
  1. Write a thank-you note to yourself.
  1. Write down the things you regret the most. Tell yourself to accept them, forgive yourself, and move on.
  1. What makes you feel grateful?
  1. Write four things that people love about your personality.

  1. What was the last time when you felt the most confidence in yourself?
  1. Name three books you love to read and state the reason.
  1. What are your current habits you know are destructive to your sense of self-love?
  1. Describe yourself positively in ten lines.
  1. What makes you feel loved.
  1. Name three people you are grateful for.
  1. What are your current self-care habits that you would like to cultivate further?
  1. Write down four positive things you can say to yourself when surrounded by negative energy.
  1. What are your coping mechanisms for fear, stress, or anxiety? 
  1. Write down five points that depict you’ve changed in five years positively?

  1. What is your self-love language?
  1. Write down a list of 15 items that makes you feel happy, loved, and calm.
  1. What two things do you need to make more time for?
  1. How do you positively impact the people near you?
  1. Sit in silence and listen to your mind and body. How are you truly feeling today?
  1. In what ways can you listen and accept your inner voice?
  1. What is your biggest strength?
  1. Name three little things that made you smile today?
  1. If you could speak to yourself ten years ago, what are the two most important things you would tell your past self to do?
  1. Think of a motivational quote that makes you love yourself more.

  1. What makes you feel incapable or afraid?
  1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  1. Write an apology letter to yourself.
  1. What is your idea of a loving relationship?
  1. How would you show your love to another person today if you had to?


Each of us – with different yet beautiful souls and bodies – tells a unique story to the world. A story that deserves to be loved and celebrated. 

We hope these journaling prompts for self-love might help you reflect on the parts of yourself that you love. We hope you see yourself in a new light. By doing that, we hope you reminisce the journey you have covered up until now. And maybe with that realization, you might feel a teeny-weeny bit proud of yourself today.

Now that you have read the best journaling prompts for self-love, let’s take you to another very important list of journaling prompts. To read about daily gratitude journaling prompts, click here. To learn more about mental health, subscribe to Your Mental Health Pal.

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