3 Easy And Effective Ways To Practice Mindful Living

Mindful living is the buzzword of the internet currently. The art of being connected to yourself, focusing on your breathing, and being present in the moment has taken the world by storm. From the new silicon valley startups to meditation and wellness centers – the power of mindfulness has achieved center stage, and more and more people are incorporating it into their lives today. Not just that, the importance of mindfulness has been supported by scientific researchers around the globe. 

However, the mainstream notion makes us believe that mindfulness can only be achieved through meditation in a posh wellness center. It is believed to be an art that you need to learn through Yoga masters. While going to a meditation center and breathing in the presence of lush green plants sounds energizing, it is not possible for all of us. After all, we have work commitments, academic deadlines, and whatnot.

But what if we told you that you could practice the art of mindful living in your daily life through small, easy ways? Yes, it is absolutely possible to develop mindful living in your regular life by making small changes. To help you begin this process easier, here are the three most straightforward and effective ways to practice mindfulness in your life.

 Mindful Living

1. Declutter your space.

Organizing and decluttering your space is one of the best ways to begin mindful living. A huge part of living your life with a purpose and intention is choosing what to keep in your personal space. 

Now, decluttering your space can be a difficult task. To make it easier, start disposing of things that you are absolutely never going to need moving ahead. For instance, starting with the trash can or the old box of shopping catalogs can be a good idea. After this initial decluttering, you will begin to feel much more at ease in your space. This will prompt you to move a step ahead. 

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2. Practicing meditation for small durations.

We get that life is too busy to go to a wellness center and start meditating. But who said it needs to be a whole different thing to be effective? You can practice meditation for small durations, starting from one minute, in your own house. 

Just find a calm spot, turn off your notifications for a while, and breathe. Don’t try to achieve a higher purpose through it in the first go. Focusing on your breathing and being away from distractions is great for the first step.

3. Feed your mind with positive and feel-good content.

Nowadays, most of us spend hours on social media websites where we are frequently subjected to hateful, polarising, and negative content. Additionally, the overwhelming pressure to be your best self can take a continuous toll on your mental health.

To develop a mindful living, engage your brain specifically with the content that makes you feel good and positive about yourself. Try ditching your phones and Netflix accounts for a while, and dive into books. You will not only broaden your knowledge but also develop new perspectives about life and yourself.

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Mindful living is a way of being present in reality and looking at your life objectively. It helps one shed unhealthy habits, let go of negative outlooks, and focus more on what’s actually important. We hope these habits will help you develop mindfulness in your life. 

Now that you know what mindful living is, let us take you a step further. Here are the best mindful meditation techniques to help you incorporate the power of meditation into your daily life. To continue learning about mindfulness and mental health, subscribe to Your Mental Health Pal

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