Editorial Policy

YourMentalHealthPal is your virtual friend, always there to help your mental health. Our website is merely focused on originating the strongest backing system for every kind of mental health need. We are available 24/7, working on empowering awareness about various mental health problems and corresponding remedies for them.

It is important to acknowledge the editors behind those well-crafted and well-researched content. Our dedicated technical team is continuously working to find the paths you can reach us without making any effort.

Our Vision –

  1. Keeping our target audience in mind, we make each of our content, irrespective of its size and importance, backed by enough analysis that can satisfy the audience and elevate their reading experience. 
  2. Each of our team members is a veteran in their working space. By working together, our SEO experts, educated writers, astonishing editors, and graphic designers make each of the content highly relevant, easily understandable, and authentic.

Guidelines –

We maintain strictly and constantly updating guidelines to retain the quality of our articles. Every team member follows their best analysis methods to accomplish their tasks. We only rely on the source by checking their eligibility and reliability before mentioning anything acclaimed in our articles. 

We know about the value of time, and we don’t want to waste your time reading invaluable phrases. So we have made our strict guidelines to write precise and to-the-point articles.

Our editing and designing members give their best to edit every single article and every part of our website with a vision of making them simple and elegant to the eyes.

We intentionally link articles from other reliable and highly regarded journals and organizations to gain more deep knowledge. We have our strict guidelines never to attach any meaningless and untrustworthy websites.

Quality Standards –

Our expert team members work effortlessly to get out the best possible outcomes of every article that can provide a good understanding of the topics explained. 

We maintain our unique writing style by combining data only from professional and popular medical websites and journals. Then, we check the relevance of those gathered data by confirming them with our own performed case studies. 

We all respect the feelings and beliefs of our readers. YourMentalHealthPal especially ensures the neutrality of our contents that doesn’t harm any kind of beliefs or mindset.

From its first look to the finishing touch, every piece of content passes through stringent stages of detailed reviewing and editing. We add infographics and templates, keeping in mind that readers can enjoy reading without feeling strain on their eyes. 

We also keep our look upon blogs that have already got published if they can be more accurate. Our editorial team members constantly go through the existing articles and reframe them, and if there is any chance of possible updates, we update that with mentioning time.

We maintain the quality of content by maintaining good communication with our team members. Our main agenda is to work creatively with providing mental health knowledge, so we keep space for new ideas by sharing them with others.

Ethics –

The content of YourMentalHealthPal is written with informational and recreational motives. Our goal is to deliver reliable advice and guidance to the best of our ability. We have no intention to create simulations for medical, legal, educational, or professional services. But you are advised to use your intelligence and discretion while involving those in your life.

Contact – If you have any suggestions or advice, or you want to give us feedback, please feel free to mail us at contact@yourmentalhealthpal.com