15 Daily Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

‘I can do it!’ ‘I am so proud of myself.’ ‘I am improving.’ ‘I have come so far; I will achieve my goal!’ ‘Everything will be okay.’

Well, these are some of the sentences that we say the least to ourselves. 

What are these?

These are positive affirmations for mental health. It is about having a positive attitude in life and a positive approach while moving forward in life. 

We go under a constant fear that the result of anything might be bad. This fear is good as it keeps us focused on our work and motivates us to keep improving. But sometimes, this fear takes control over all our emotions, and we start with negative self-talk. This constant negative talk can sometimes cause mental health issues. 

According to research by Nasrin Shokrpour, positive talking reduces high blood pressure and the chances of heart attack, stress, and anxiety.

Sometimes, one good statement or positive affirmation can help us calm down and think of the positive to stop the negative talk

Let’s understand what positive affirmations for mental health are. 

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations for mental health are brief statements that are used repetitively and frequently to stop negative thoughts and bring in positive and happy thoughts. They are either said out loud or in mind.

It is believed that when someone keeps saying positive statements, it sabotages the negative thoughts, and ultimately, everything turns out to be good. Positive affirmations are basically ‘wishful thinking. ‘ 

If you look at it scientifically, these positive affirmations for mental health are exercises for your brain and help you cope with stressful situations. Repeating these positive affirmations will rewire the brain activity to believe the positive thoughts as reality.  

Why are positive affirmations important for your mental health?

Positive affirmations can lead to better mental health. But this is not a one-day job. You have to keep practicing saying positive affirmations daily, and then you’ll see a change in your thoughts. 

Positive affirmations help reduce stress and depression. It helps in increasing self-esteem as we develop confidence that we can do anything. Positive affirmations for mental health help develop problem-solving attitudes. 

It helps you improve your work and motivates you to give in more effort. These affirmations keep you happy. They can help you fight many bad days and keep you moving. 

Nine positive daily affirmations

Daily positive affirmations are likely positive and energetic sentences that influence our subconscious mind. But maybe you are unaware of your problems and overcome them with a perfect affirmation phrase. So, we are helping you with a list of positive affirmation phrases for mental health that will work effectively. But remember not to choose every one of them. Start with one or two or three and practice gradually to make a habit. You can practice anytime, but it is recommended to practice in the morning immediately after leaving the bed.

Positive affirmations benefits

1. Improves well-being

It improves mind and body health and keeps you happy and content. You can sleep better, think better, and take less stress. These positive affirmations for mental health, if said out loud, help in reducing anxiety. Find the right set of words and keep saying it till you feel better. 

2. Increase physical activeness

Positive affirmations for mental health, if said out loud, motivate you to move forward. Similarly, it can help when you are working out or doing any physical activity. Chanting your mantra for the day will motivate you, and you’ll have the best workout or exercise session. 

3. Reduces stress

Saying positive mantras can reduce stress as it makes us believe in ourselves. Before any stressful situation, we assume the worst-case scenarios; these positive affirmations for mental health will break the negative thoughts and calm us down and make our brain think of positive situations.

4. Reduces depression

According to studies by Christopher N. Cascio, positive affirmations offer the brain cognitive restructuring, which is helpful for combating depression. Positive affirmation can take our minds away from negative thoughts and shift to positive ones to help us believe in ourselves and motivate us to make changes in our life.

15 Daily Positive Affirmations for mental health 

1. Positive affirmations to say every day for confidence:-

‘I love myself and feel great about myself.’ 

‘I thrive on challenges that bring out the best in me.’  

‘I have confidence in my decisions.’

‘I believe in my ability to overcome setbacks.’

‘I attract positive, confident people because I am one of them.’

2. Positive Affirmations For Relationship:- 

‘My heart is always open.’,

Love, forgiveness, and understanding are the foundation of my relationships.’,

‘I feel relaxed and comfortable around other people.’ 

3. Positive affirmations to say every day for work or career

‘My job adds satisfaction and fulfillment to my life.’

‘My career provides me with the right opportunities to grow.’

‘I am valued and appreciated at my workplace.’

‘I perform my duties with the greatest diligence and attention.’

4. Positive affirmations to say every day for motivation

‘Every choice I make leads to bigger and better opportunities.’

‘I find something positive about every situation.’

‘I find optimistic ways of dealing with difficulties.’

‘I find ways to praise others and offer helpful suggestions.’

5. Positive affirmations to say every day for Happiness

‘My most important goal is to be at peace, regardless of the situation.’

‘I make a conscious choice to be happy.’

‘My body is relaxed. My mind is calm. My soul is at peace.’

‘I feel joy and contentment at this moment.’

6. Positive affirmations to say every day for Stress

‘I can get through difficulties.’

‘I’m doing my best.’

‘I am more than my job.’

‘I am enough.’

7. Positive affirmations to say every day for self-care:-

‘I offer myself to rest and relaxation.’

‘I am deserving of my own love and care.’

‘I take care of my mind, body, and spirit.’

‘I make healthy choices.’

8. Positive affirmations to say every day for anxiety:-

‘I feel safe and secure wherever I am.’

‘I am calm and content.’

‘I am allowed to say no and stand up to my negative thoughts.’

‘I have the power to let things go.’

9. Positive affirmations to say every day for women:-

‘I accept the experience of being a woman.’

‘I empower myself and other women.’

‘I am confident in my sexuality.’

‘I am grateful for my feelings and emotions.’

‘I express my true self.’

10. Positive affirmations to say every day for men

‘I am allowed to feel and express my emotions.’

‘I am powerful.’

‘I am a good person.’

‘I use setbacks to make me stronger.’

‘Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy.’

11. Positive affirmations to say every day for anger

‘I choose not to react harshly and angrily.’

‘I recognize what triggers my negative feelings and create a peaceful environment.’

‘I avoid stressful situations and welcome sources of joy.’

‘My mind is a calm space free of anger and toxicity.’

12. Positive affirmations to say every day for exercise

‘My mind is focused and ready to get in shape.’

‘I am going to give 100% to my workout.’

‘I have the willpower to go through my exercise routine.’

‘I am strong and can easily do any exercise I want.’

13. Positive affirmations to say every day for ADHD

‘I am grateful for my success.’

‘I am one with my ADHD.’

‘My attention span is getting stronger with each breath.’

‘I am good enough.’

ADHD allows me to be creative.’

‘I am loved.’

14. Positive affirmations to say every day for Depression 

‘My sadness and my depression do not define me.’

‘I don’t have to be productive to see value in myself.’

‘I am resilient in the face of any challenge.’

‘I am in charge of my life and my happiness, and I feel happy and content.’

15. Positive affirmations to say every day for guilt

‘I am more powerful than the guilt that tries to bind me.’

‘I am choosing to love myself and accept myself unconditionally.’

‘I am on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.’

‘I open myself up to love, forgiveness, and healing.’


Well, these were some of the positive affirmations for mental health. They can only work when practiced daily. Positive affirmations hold a great power on how we lead our lives. Positive affirmations are small invisible push that helps us achieve something that we first thought was impossible. 

We are in a world where everything is in a rush. We are trying to cope with it. But sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes we give up. Then a small voice in us keeps saying that we can do it; we are capable of anything; this voice is a positive affirmation that one needs to keep saying to stand up again and start afresh. 

Mental health is an essential factor in our life. Here are Seven Mantras for good mental health that will help you redirect your mindset onto better thoughts. 

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