What Is My Motivation Style Quiz

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself?
Are you having trouble knowing what motivates you and what doesn’t?
Wondering, “What is my motivation style?”
Motivation comes in many shapes and forms, influencing almost every area of life that requires deliberate effort. This includes the workplace, relationships, educational institutions, self satisfaction, and happiness, to name a few. It is a part of the process to start anything, whether trivial or significant.
These different kinds of motivation are called motivational styles. Having a motivational style doesn’t mean you’re only motivated by your style. Still, it’s what you usually tend to get inspired by.

Quiz to find motivation style
What Is My Motivation Style?

Why should you know your motivation style?

Knowing your style of motivation can help you understand and control your actions better in the long term. This also makes you more aware and able to change or organize your life around what motivates you more. “What is my motivation style Quiz” is relevant for all age groups & it makes people aware of how their motivation works.

Now, the question you may find yourself & others asking is this: What gets you up in the morning and makes the rest of your day worthwhile?

Knowing this can drastically change your life. Following is a list of motivational styles and a quiz for identifying your motivational style to understand yourself better.

Motivation Styles: What Is My Motivation Style Quiz

There can be multiple motivation styles depending on what we use to classify them. The basis of classification includes:-

1. “What Is My Motivation Style” Based on Outlook?

Motivation is not always a positive emotion, nor does it always have a positive effect. It can be motivated equally by positive or negative outlooks. On this basis, it can be classified into approach or avoidance motivation(Elliot, 1999).

Avoidance- Avoidance motivation is when you are opposed to your circumstances and want to avoid or overcome them. You may also feel fear or anticipation of them. For instance, you may not like your current environment or someone you have to see daily at work.

Approach-  When you have a goal or vision you want to chase and dream of getting forward to. Money, resources, or improved relationships are common examples that motivate you to move forward.

2. “What Is My Motivation Style” Based on Source?

Intrinsic- Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from within. It’s based on your feelings rather than external incentives. Some examples of intrinsic motivation are task, emotion, and learning-oriented motivational styles.

Extrinsic- This type of motivation comes from external circumstances. Some examples of extrinsic motivation to follow are incentive and socially oriented motivational styles.

3. “What Is My Motivation Style” Based on Object of Motivation?

Task-Oriented- You might have sensed a rush of dopamine and a feeling of excitement after completing a task. Chasing this feeling is known as a task-oriented motivational style. Putting checks or crossing items off your to-do list is an absolute pleasure. These people get more out of this process and make it a part of their lifestyle to have this kind of motivation.

Emotion Oriented- This is being motivated by your emotions or how you feel. Our feelings inspire us all, but having this emotional style means you are more strongly motivated by your feelings about a matter than anything else. Anger, for example, can be a powerful motivator. Getting better at emotional regulation can help you utilize your emotional energy to increase motivation.

Learning Oriented- Learning is a pleasurable and essential activity. One type of motivation involves being motivated to learn and improve. This can be taught but may be natural too.

Incentive Oriented- This is the most accessible type of motivation to understand. We all want or won’t be averse to winning the lottery or enjoying an early payday.

Social Oriented- Culture, social expectations, and the people around us motivate us to do things. We may not enjoy doing these things ourselves. However, just by the presence of our loved ones, we start to be more motivated to perform them. You can also get in trouble if toxic people are in your life, leading to psychological trauma and emotional pain. It is advisable to choose your company wisely.

Thrill-Oriented- This motivation involves seeking thrills and experiences of wonder and awe. We all have this motivation, but few people are primarily driven by it. It doesn’t mean mindless pleasure but a thirst for something out of the ordinary. For instance, if your urge for variety pushes you to include some thrill in your everyday life, you likely have this motivation. 

4. What is Self-motivation?

If you’ve come this far, you must wonder how to manage your motivation better. The way to do this is through self-motivation. You create this kind of motivation consciously, contrasted with the other causes that occur in autopilot mode. Things you can use to motivate yourself include:-

thought-provoking mantras to give you a more optimistic attitude,

self-confidence quotes,

-a life purpose or vision(ikigai) for long-term goals,

-easy-to-use daily affirmations that you can repeat to influence your mindset,

-practices like therapeutic self-validation or activating your senses with mindfulness,

self-care activities, & many more.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler is an excellent book that can help you better understand how to motivate yourself.

What is my motivation style? Quiz  

Before starting the quiz, here are some tips:-

-Be completely honest with yourself: No motivational style is better than another. If you don’t like a particular answer, consider why you feel this way since this gives you more opportunity for introspection. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you gain from this exercise.

-Reflect on these questions: If you don’t have the answer to all these questions right now, don’t worry. You can note these questions and reflect on them, and you can revisit your mental health pal anytime.

Know Your Motivation Style: Approach or Avoidance Motivation

  1. Do you get more motivated by reward or punishment?

    A. reward

    B. punishment

    C. I get motivated by things I find meaningful.

    D. I get motivated for social causes.

    2. Do you like your current life circumstances?

    A. No, I want to get out of these circumstances and work for the same.

    B. No, but I focus on my own short-term goals rather than the environment

    C. Yes, I try to improve my environment for myself and my loved ones

    D. Sometimes, I have a lot of fun with what I do, so it doesn’t matter.

    3. What motivates you the most?

A. Adverse circumstances or things I want to rebel against motivate me.

B. My innermost values motivate me, I’m not affected by reward or punishment.

C. The reward or benefits of doing something motivate me.

Know Your Motivation Style: Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation

1. Does your motivation come from:

A. My motivation comes from within. I do what makes me happy in life.

B. My motivation comes from outside. I have goals that are important to me.

2. Why do you exercise?

A. I don’t exercise.

B. I want to look better, and fitter and sometimes get too much exercise.

C. I want to keep my immune system healthy.

D. I’m afraid of having poor health.

3. Do you want peace of mind in life?

A. What’s that?

B. Yes, I want to feel calm and peaceful and work towards that goal.

C. Not really.

D. It would be nice to have inner peace, but my priorities are more important.

4. Do you ever feel you’re not true to your values?

A. Sometimes, but usually no.

B. Not really

C. Yes, but I quickly get over it.

D. I’m still on the way to identifying my values.

What Is My Motivation Style Quiz: Based On The Object Of Motivation

  1. Are your actions usually:

A. Related to being social, friendly, and loving with those I cherish.

B. Related to learning and self-improvement

C. Related to my goals, what I consider essential and want to achieve

2. Do you desire and go out of your way to find opportunities for adventure?

A. Not really

B. somewhat, but I’m more strongly motivated by other things

C. not at all

3. Do you practice:

A. Self-care routines, mindfulness, and journaling

B. Socialization, empathy, and being friendly

C. Focus, be productive and achieve your goals

4. What are your decisions based on?

A. My decisions are based on my innermost values.

B. What benefits me the most?

C. My decisions are based on how my loved ones will be affected by them.

D. Based on what I feel from moment to moment.

What Is My Motivation Style Quiz: Task-Oriented Motivation

  1. Do you beat yourself up if you can’t get to work?

    A. No, I look for something entertaining instead.

    B. I usually finish my work in advance if I have off days.

    C. I take leaves when I need them. I don’t feel guilty about it.

    D. I have a crushing sense of frustration if I can’t get to work on time.

    2. Do you enjoy working

    A. I enjoy getting my work done.

    B. No, I just want to have fun.

    C. I enjoy the process of working

    D. I don’t work.

    3. What does a job well done mean to you?

    A. I pay attention to all the details and make sure my work is perfect.

    B. I make sure my work is practical and does what is necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

    C. A job that gets done is a job done well.

    D. I hate doing any tasks.

    4. Why do you exercise?

A. I have a habit of exercising and feel incomplete without doing it.

B. I feel better about myself after exercising

C. I don’t exercise

Know Your Motivation Style: Social-Oriented

  1. What is most important to you?

    A. Your family, friends, and loved ones.

    B. Your vision and what you want to achieve

    C. Having fun

    D. Having a stable and balanced life

    2. How much do you value your relationships?

    A. Maintaining and improving my relationships is one of my core values in life.

    B. I value relationships equally to my own happiness

    C. My happiness is more important than relationships.

    3. What is a successful relationship for you?

    A. Both the parties’ needs are met.

    B. Both the parties grow or gain something out of the relationship

    C. Both parties don’t bother each other or get in each other’s way.

    4. What makes a relationship perfect with your loved one?

    A. Trusting each other and showing that you care.

    B. Being the perfect couple in people’s eyes.

C. Focusing on our needs and supporting each other in a holistic lifestyle.

Know Your Motivation Style: Incentive Oriented

  1. When would you consider yourself successful?

    A. When I’ve earned a large sum of money.

    B. When I’m happy and able to accept who I am.

    C. When I can support and be there for my loved ones.

    D. I’m not interested in being successful.

    2. What does it mean to be good-looking? 

A. Being appreciated by those around you, attraction is a form of social reward.

B. Feeling comfortable, I don’t care about looks.  

C. Loving the way you look in the mirror, it doesn’t matter what others say.

3. What is important for you?

A. My relationships, and what others think of me. 

B. How do I feel, do I feel satisfied with the way I am?  – happiness

C. Only getting what I want is important to me.

D. Having a healthy relationship with yourself and being happy.

4. What is your expectation after helping someone?

A. I don’t expect anything, I help people if I feel like it.

B. I expect people to show me love and appreciation when I help them

C. I want some sort of favor in the future or some monetary reward.

D. I help people because I’m a good person, I expect nothing in return.

What Is My Motivation Style Quiz: Learning Oriented

  1. Do you value knowledge and the truth?

    A. Not really.

B. More than anything else.

C. Somewhat, but my other priorities are more important.

D. I’m willing to spend a few hours learning weekly.

2. What usually motivates you to learn something?

A. Economic benefit.

B. I have to learn things for my job sometimes.

C. I love to research and find myself exploring new things automatically.

D. I want to improve my understanding of the world.

3. What do you expect to gain by learning something?

A. I want to grow as a person by gathering knowledge

B. I want to make more money through my knowledge and skills

C. I want to have fun and pass time by researching and learning about different things.

D. I learn because I enjoy the process, I don’t expect to gain anything.

Know Your Motivation Style: Thrill Oriented

  1. What will you choose for a night out?

    A. A heartwarming trip with my loved ones.

    B. A thrilling adventure that never ends.

    C. Good food at a restaurant

    D. I’d prefer to stay at home.

    2. Why do you get up in the early morning?

A. To work

B. To pass the time, I don’t really care about getting up.

C. I want to have fun and live my life.

3. What is a holistic life for you?

A. A life where I can balance my own needs with the people around me.

B. Everyone likes me and wants to be by my side.

C. I am happy

D. I make the most of my everyday experiences and have fun.

4. When do you get satisfied?

A. You get to watch your favorite show after a long day of work.

B. You have a peaceful and relaxing day and you don’t have to do anything.

C. You step out of your comfort zone and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences

5. What is success to you?

A. A state of absolute freedom where I can do everything I want to.

B. Having lots of money

C. Having fun and going on new adventures daily

D. Being able to live according to my values.

Know Your Motivation Style: Self Motivation

  1. Are you a self-starter or do you motivate yourself?

    A.  Yes, but I usually need some incentive from others.

B. Yes, I want to get ahead and work for it by myself.

C. Not really, it takes a lot of effort for me to get motivated

How Do I Find My Motivational Style?

Wondering what to do after taking the “What is my Motivation Style Quiz”? Follow the given instructions and you should be able to determine what type(s) of motivation fits you best.

The answers you resonate with most in each quiz section determine your affinity for that motivation style. The form of motivation you most resonate with determines your dominant motivational style. Your motivation can vary with factors like genetics, emotions, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

If you’re having difficulties answering or can’t make up your mind, take note of the answers you resonate with the most and see which motivation style they correlate to. Then see which motivation style you resonate with most across all the questions, and you will eventually the answer to “How do I find my motivational style?” 

To know your motivation style  better, you can use a journal to record the moments and times you feel motivated and when you don’t. You can also learn how habits work with motivation to push your buttons to be happy in life.

Read more: Atomic Habits: The Self-Help Book the World Needs Right Now.


Now that you have completed the quiz, we hope you know the answer to “What is my motivation style?” Motivation styles are the tendencies you have regarding what you will be motivated by. There are many styles, and you can change your styles through self-motivation too. It is essential to know what motivates you as you can practice better self-regulation and have more life satisfaction this way. After learning about motivational styles and understanding your own, here are a few tips to guide you when you have no motivation to do anything.

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