Finding Ones Ikigai- A Path To Good Mental Health

Mental health is just as significant as physical health when taking care of yourself. Although talking about mental health disorders like anxiety and depression has become more accessible, many people still prefer to suffer in silence. Finding a way to manage one’s mental health can be difficult. Still, concepts like ikigai can aid in the development of coping mechanisms.

Ikigai means “reason for being” in Japanese. It is based on a person following their passion and having a reason to wake up in the morning.

Meaning of Ikigai

Cultural importance

Ikigai is an essential part of Japanese culture that many people strive for throughout their lives. Deconstructing it into four main concepts is a simple way to explain it:

  • What you enjoy
  • What you are capable of
  • What the world requires
  • What you can be compensated for

The ikigai of a person is made up of all four categories blending. It’s a desire to be content in all aspects of life, whether at work or relationships with friends and family. It’s about finding a reason to be optimistic about the future, even if you’re unhappy right now.

People in Japan experience ikigai in various ways, such as working in a job that allows them to contribute to making others feel valued. It could also be an activity that helps them feel more connected to their community. An older generation embraces Ikigai in Okinawan culture and lives healthy lifestyles.

Using ikigai to improve your mental health

Finding your ikigai can be a powerful tool for managing a mental illness. Consider what types of activities pique your interest, and then take steps to participate. If you enjoy running, you could spend half an hour each day jogging around your neighborhood.

Comics are a private part of everyone’s ikigai. We’ve enjoyed reading them for years, and they’ve inspired, I guess, all of us to start my pop culture website and cosplay. Even when you are feeling down, you know you can turn to superheroes like Thor and Wolverine and remind yourself that comics give my life meaning.

Another way to practice ikigai is to enjoy small pleasures such as spending time with a friend or eating a favorite meal. This can help improve your mindset and lay the groundwork for a successful day.

Finding your strengths is a central tenet of ikigai, and it can lead to increased self-esteem. An anxiety sufferer may benefit from it because they can instill feelings of self-worth. They can remind themselves that they are capable of excellent and worthwhile accomplishments.

Creating a brighter future

It’s essential to remember that ikigai isn’t a magic cure-all. There can and will be good days and bad days as you work to overcome mental health disorders. However, finding a purpose can help you develop coping mechanisms and improve your ability to deal with anxious thoughts and depressive moods.

Finding a reason to live is at the heart of ikigai. There is always a reason to keep moving forward once you have that mindset.

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