Effective Solutions On How To Find Motivation

When we experience setbacks in life, all of us inevitably feel a lack of motivation. When that new client proposal gets rejected at the last moment, for example, or when you fail to achieve your goals this semester. Or when people give “constructive (destructive) feedback” on things you have spent days perfecting. 

You may not even realize that these roadblocks are affecting you. But pal, they are! It develops slowly. You might lose the energy to get out of bed one morning. You may not have enough energy to go out and socialize or hit the gym the next day. Maybe you have started procrastinating lately. 

Mostly we believe that we should just push through whatever we are feeling. We should use every last drop of energy we have and work toward getting better results

But that’s really not how it works.

See, achieving our goals is difficult. And that is precisely why knowing how to find motivation the right way is incredibly important when it comes to knowing what you want to achieve in the longer run. Especially in today’s world, where there are distractions at every step of the way – from constant texting to non-stop internet access – it has become so much harder to stay focused and motivated than just giving in to what looks easier at the moment.

All of us have struggled with questions of ‘how to find motivation,’ whether it’s related to work, health, or just trying to get better at that hobby we enjoy

And while it really isn’t a big deal, sometimes we feel worried when the motivation doesn’t come so easy to us. We all fear being filled with regret down the line because we didn’t work harder on something we really wanted. We fear feeling like a failure because we lost something just because we couldn’t figure out how to find motivation. 

And since this topic is so important to all of us, we went into some pretty deep research to find out the best solutions to the age-old question of ‘how to stay motivated.’ So if you are searching for the best ways to tackle low motivation, here are the 11 tips that might help.

Effective Solutions On How To Find Motivation

What to do when you have no motivation to do anything?

1. Positive Affirmations >>>> Negative Affirmations

Remember the latest internet trend – manifesting? Saying negative things sends them out into the cosmos, where they might become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Consider the following scenario: It’s Sunday night, and you’re thinking about the next week, and you say to yourself, “ugh, this week is going to be so dull,” or “this week is going to suck.” When you say things out loud and hear yourself say them, you’ve verbally announced that your week will go in a specific direction, and you’ll almost certainly be correct. The problem with expressing a negative notion is that something in your brain clicks into place once you say it, and you believe whatever you say.

Instead, pay attention to this fleeting notion and replace it with something more constructive. Then, to make sure you believe it, say it out loud. “This week is going to be fantastic because I’m going to be productive at work and feel accomplished.” See, sounds better right?

2. Establish a single objective

Most of the time, when you feel a lack of motivation, it is often because you’re overworked and overloaded. You might be trying to get too much done in a day and, in the process destroying your enthusiasm and motivation. You won’t sustain the energy and concentration required to get anything done if you try to take on too much.

So if you are wondering ‘how to find motivation,’ try to choose one aim to which you will devote all of your attention. Sure, it isn’t very easy. But if you take on too much, you’ll never get anything done well. After completing your first goal, make a plan to work on your other objectives.

3. Switch up your routine

We are creatures of habit, and the ‘sameness’ of it all can get tedious. Try to find methods to bring new experiences to your day to break up the monotony.

If someone invites you to do anything new, say yes. Alternatively, you can enroll in a class for something that has always piqued your interest or simply strike up a discussion with a stranger who appears to be engaging.

Communicating with the same people every day, eating the same foods, and commuting in the same way–a sense of predictability in your life might be detrimental to your creativity. To find more purpose in your life and to fight the lack of motivation, maybe you just need to try new things.

4. Take a walk outside.

According to a study by David G. Pearson, people who spend more time in natural settings have a lower risk of acquiring depression and other mental illnesses than those who spend most of their time indoors. Walking outside can also help you relax, improve your mental health, and boost your creativity.

According to a study conducted in Finland, people should spend five hours per month outside with nature to maintain their mental health. So, when you lack motivation, altering your physical space might give you a much-needed boost. 

5. Sleep Quality >>>> Sleep Quantity

Prioritize your sleep quality over quantity. Most of the time, we swear by the number of hours we need to sleep to rest adequately. However, do you remember those days when you woke up feeling groggy even though you were in bed for 9-10 hours?

Well, that’s because quality sleep is way more important. 

Therefore the next time, don’t try to stick to any imaginary perfect hours of sleep. Your ideal sleep hours are yours, pal!

6. Get together with your friends.

Another sure-shot solution to ‘how to find motivation’ is meeting the people you love. Now, this does not imply that you should text or message your friend on social media. Even if socializing is the last thing on your mind, human interaction is one of the effective ways to break free from your rut.

In our increasingly alienating culture, it is critical to be feeling socially connected. Friendships can make you feel more connected to others and have a higher sense of purpose. As you recognize your self-worth through your intimate relationships, you may feel happier, less worried, and more confident.

7. Turn off your computer.

Take a break from the (often nasty) internet, even if it’s only for a day or two. Whether you’re used to seeing other people’s lives displayed on social media and feeling inferior, or you spend time reading the news, which is typically gloomy, try focusing on yourself instead. When you return to the internet, be more selective about the information you consume.

8. Create a vision board to help you achieve your goals

Consider what you want, what you need, your values, and how you want to feel when you have a life that includes all of those things. All of these things will come together to form your life’s intention, and your vision board will serve as a visual depiction of it.

Be creative with colored paper, markers, and magazine cutouts to make your board. This will not only assist you in being innovative while decorating something special to you, but it will also assist you in finding inspiration and purpose in your life as you anticipate your future.

9. Make a commitment to something.

What is one thing you usually say you’re going to do but never do? Perhaps enrolling in a yoga class? Or preparing for a marathon? Or something as essential as spending a weekend with a friend or family member who lives out of town? 

Make “one day” a reality right now. 

Because it’s definitely something you haven’t done in a while, this will let you simply switch up your routine and give you the much-needed energy to fight the lack of motivation.

10. Make a plan to look forward to

When you have something on the horizon that you’re excited about, it can give you a feeling of purpose throughout the day and a goal to work toward. Even simply making plans for the weekend might lift your emotions.

Having something to look forward to can help you cope with your current problems. When anticipating a future reward, you can have better self-control and a higher sense of willpower.

11. Use short time blocks to aid focus.

Willpower seldom lasts for a whole day. So, instead of trying to be hyper-motivated for a few hours and then eventually losing the desire to go forward, try to take frequent breaks. 

Start with the 25-5 rule. Do your tasks for 25 minutes, and then take a break for five minutes following that. Slowly as you get used to the process, you can increase it to 55-5 or even higher.


It’s unquestionably aggravating to feel stuck in a rut and have no motivation to do anything. Adding new challenges to your life or changing your routine might provide you with how to find motivation and a sense of purpose.

We are hopeful that these suggestions on ‘how to find motivation,’ might help you feel better.

However, there is a distinction between feeling a temporary lack of motivation and utter hopelessness. It might be possible that your low motivation has to do with something deeper and unresolved. 

And if that is the case, it is essential to seek proper professional help. 

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