Top 13 Ways On How To Get Peace Of Mind In Life

Over 60 percent of the US population is daily under constant stress. Various factors, including jobs, family, and even studies, induce stress in us. One needs to understand that, there are repercussions of this stressful environment. To minimize stress, one needs to learn how to get peace of mind in life!

Deepak Chopra, an Indian-American author, said, “Real bliss is to have peace of mind.”

Peace of mind is a state of calmness and tranquility that diminishes the stress within us. It helps us live not just a better but also a happy life. Once you start practicing how to obtain peace in life, your everyday work won’t seem like a drag, instead, you will begin enjoying it. 

Everyone needs to remember that peace is not something you can chase; it’s an effect only generated if one lives in harmony. 

However, there are ways to improve one’s lifestyle. When followed with utmost sincerity, you can easily find yourself smiling, laughing, and being more positive.

Are you frustrated with your daily life and are losing interest, even in the things you love? 

Then as the article ends, you might find the answers you are looking for!

Mental health and Peace of mind

Mental peace makes us happy and lets us feel more compassion and gratitude

It helps us have a positive outlook on the world and helps in improving our mental health

When we start neglecting these things, our minds become chaotic and highly susceptible to developing long-term anxiety and other problems. A stressful environment where you don’t know how to manage your stress is the worst combination one can ask for. It all starts with being unable to sleep, and when this is continued on the same path, it’s nothing, just downhill from there. 

But even in the dark night, there is always that one star that shines for you; it’s just a matter of fact that, are you determined enough to be able to see it? If yes, then how to find peace of mind in life?

Ways On How To Get Peace Of Mind In Life
How To Find Peace Of Mind In 10 Ways

How to quickly get peace of mind in life?

We have established the importance of peace in our life. We cannot attain this in a single day. Still, no one can stop your process when followed with utmost sincerity and determination.

Here, we have listed the top 13 ways on how to get mental peace in life:

1. Accept your problems!

Acceptance is the first on our list of how to get peace of mind in life!

A Research published on PubMed in 2018 by Ford and team on “The psychological health benefits of accepting negative emotions and thoughts: laboratory, diary, and longitudinal evidence” states that acceptance of negative emotions and worries helps one build better psychological health.  

Life is unfair, and there is only one thing we can do about it is, accept this fact and move ahead in life. Change your perspective on how you see your problems. Instead of calling them problems, let’s call them challenges because one thing we know for sure is that we can complete challenges. 

Once in a while, tell yourself, “I know I have many problems, but that won’t stop me from succeeding in life, that won’t change me, and that will never suppress me.” Just assuring yourself makes you closer to gaining peace in life.

2. Walk your stress away!

Walking is truly one of the best forms of physical activity. But, how do you find peace in your life by walking?

Walking helps reduce stress, and anxiety and calms one’s nerves by increasing blood circulation to the brain and body. Along with it, it also benefits one’s physical health by improving immunity and making muscles stronger.

Most of us are not habituated to walking and find it tiring too. But try walking for 5 minutes a day and then gradually increasing the time and distance.

3. Use the power of music!

One of the best and easiest answers on how to get peace of mind in life is through music!

 The idea of music is indeed bliss. It is not just a form of simple recreation but has many positive effects on our brains. Listening to music releases endorphins which give one a euphoric sensation. Endorphins play a lead role in decreasing anxiety and stress. So, how to get peace of mind in life through music?

The next time you feel anxious or burnt out from work, grab your headset, tune up the music, and float away in the ocean of melody. Slowly you’ll notice that you are already calmer and more peaceful than earlier.

4. Smell your stress away with aromatherapy!

We had the same question as yours, “How do you find peace in your life through smell?” 

The sense of smell is truly a wonder. Just by smell, one can uplift their mood by becoming calm and happy. It has been observed that aromas such as lavender are associated with lowering anxiety, stress, and fatigue in cardiac patients. 

Whenever you get time to relax or even sleep, light a candle, lay on the bed, slowly wash all your worries away, and enjoy that aroma. We assure you that you might go to bed tired but will wake up as fresh as a daisy.

5. Eradicate your G’s!

It’s a fact that all of us are bound to the three G’s that is guilt, greed, and grudge. The limiting factor of understanding how to truly get peace of mind in life is freeing yourself from the three “G.” 

If not done, it could cause adverse effects in the long run by increasing negativity, changing behavioral patterns, and creating immense stress by decreasing emotional energy.

We need to be honest with ourselves; it is not an easy task. It requires patience and determination. Start by writing your thoughts and talking about them with your close ones. You can always opt for psychological counseling. Practice all the mentioned strategies and focus mainly on how to obtain peace in your life.

6. Pick up a pen!

Psychologist F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W, says that “Keeping a journal not just clears our head and improves mental health, it also helps in improving memory!” 

One of the most used methods on, how to obtain peace of mind in life is journaling. Writing is an art that can carry all your emotions within it. It can take your feelings and print them on its blank canvas. Once you start expressing emotions through writing, there is no end. 

Pick up a journal and, write all the bad and good emotions you feel. Take all the frustration out on the paper and pen. Clear your head, don’t leave a single thing, and write all you can remember. After your first writing session, it is possible you won’t feel any difference but continue that for the next week and then see your mind being free from negative emotions and thoughts.

7. Calm your mind!

As per MEDLINE, “meditation helps in reducing stress, controls anxiety, and promotes emotional health.”

Our body activates two types of nervous responses depending on its need. In case of a stressful condition, it triggers the sympathetic nervous response. To counter it, there is a parasympathetic nervous response which helps decrease the stress in our body. Meditation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous response, reducing our bodies’ stress.

Meditation for stress and anxiety is considered one of the best solutions for how to get peace of mind in life. Although it is a difficult task, you can start from less than 3-5 minutes a day and slowly increase the time as per your capacity. 

8. Chant your mantras!

The word mantra originates from Sanskrit, with the term “man” referring to mind and “tra” referring to control or protection. But, “How to get mental peace in life by chanting mantras.” 

Chanting mantra helps one by emptying their ever-occupied minds and achieving peace on a mental level. It is said that chanting mantra also helps resonate positive energy within ourselves and others. This helps in achieving happiness and calmness. 

Sit straight and start removing all those unnecessary thoughts and chanting; slowly, all the thoughts will be replaced by the chant, and that’s how you calm your mind in this world filled with chaos. 

9. Your peace is just a breath away!

A Research published on NCBI in 2017 by Xia Ma and team “The effect of diaphragmatic breathing on attention, negative affect and stress in healthy adults,” supports the fact that practicing deep breathing exercises can reduce stress and that it also improves cognitive functions.

One of the best ways how to have peace of mind in life is through deep breathing exercises that help increase the supply of oxygen to your brain and induce the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress. Along with the mental health benefits, it also helps lower blood pressure.  

There are various forms of breathing exercises, but our personal favorite is the relaxing breathing exercises. Always remember to follow the 4:7:8 ratio of breathing: inhale for a mental count of 4, hold the breath for a mental count of 7 and exhale for a mental count of 8. The inhalation process should be done quietly through your nostrils and exhalation by making a sound through your mouth. In the process, your tongue should always touch the upper palate near the frontal teeth.

10. Organize your workspace!

Often we forget to look around us while working or doing something. There is a high chance that we have cluttered all around, making us feel on edge and losing productivity, which can disrupt our calm and peace. When things are organized, they don’t seem that hectic. 

There is no perfect way to start organizing your workspace; you have to start somewhere and finish it. Once done, you will feel more relaxed and realize how easy it is to get peace of mind in life. 

11. Go with your to-do list!

Sometimes, everyone feels overburdened with work and significantly less productive. This could cause panic, but if you, not just organize your workspace but also set those tasks for yourself in writing, there are more chances you will complete them.

Start by picking up your notepad and first ask yourself that “How can I have peace in my life” and write down everything you need to do, that too in bullet points. Start with any one task from the list and strike it when completed; that way, you can analyze which work is taking more time, and also, slowly, you will feel less stressed when there would be more tasks done than undone.

12. Make an animal friend!

The most hassle-free and fun method of how to find peace of mind in life is through pets. All pet lovers can understand how just spending some time with your pets can make you calm and happier. 

As per Centred Counselling, “The presence of animals can have a very calming influence.” It has been observed that playing with pets increases serotonin and dopamine level in humans. The need for physical touch to communicate is vital for us humans, and pets help in fulfilling that need for touch in us. They also provide companionship. Just by watching fish, one can feel better.

If you are a pet owner, your retreat is not far from you; even if you are not, you can go to animal shelters and spend some time with them. Some agencies even provide pets for some time for moral and emotional support to make peace of mind and help with depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.   

13. Climb above the mountain of failure!

In the words of John C Maxwell, “There is no success without failure and losses.”

We often stress out and destroy our mental peace over our failures. But we must remember that even though we have failed, it’s not the end of the world; we have billions more chances. Every hurdle we couldn’t jump and every test we couldn’t pass. They always leave some lessons with us on how to get peace of mind in life, which we usually tend to ignore and focus more on the bad outcome. So first change your mindset and then see, and everything will fall into its place!


Unknowingly we are degrading our mental health by stressing excessively, not just over big things but also over small things. 

Always remember that “if it takes your peace of mind, it’s too expensive.” 

By practicing how to get mental peace in life, you might not see the results as soon as possible, but in the long run, you will be happier and will be an expert on how to get peace of mind in life. 

Life is all about “finding the right balance.” It’s never too late to work on yourself, even when you think there is no room for improvement. 

You might doubt yourself, but we believe in you! We believe everyone is capable of achieving great heights in life. 

Now that you have a basic idea regarding how to have peace of mind in life, you can learn more about how to calm your mind.
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