Is Stress Actually Good For You?

Stress is frequently thought of as only bad: work deadlines pile up, family issues affect us, busy schedules wear us out, and we become exhausted but did you know there is some benefit of good stress too?

According to Kathleen Gunthert, a psychology professor at American University, stress arises when a person perceives an imbalance between a challenge and the tools at their disposal to handle it. Stress has been distinguished into two types: “eustress,” which refers to positive stress (starting a new job), and “distress,” which refers to negative stress (a breakup).

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Let’s highlight the positive aspects of stress. So, here are a few unexpected benefits of being under a little bit of stress.

Benefits of stress

1. Stress Enhances Cognitive Function

According to the University of California, Berkeley, certain stress levels can increase cognitive function and help you stay as alert as possible. The study’s test subjects’ stem cells formed new nerve cells that improved brain function due to stress. Therefore, a little bit of stress at work can boost creativity and productivity. When you have an impending deadline, keep that in mind.

2. It Aids in Preventing You From Getting Ill

Your body’s flight or fight response keeps you safe from harm or other perceived threats. According to a Stanford University study, mild stress increases the production of interleukins, which strengthen your body’s defenses against disease. Therefore, if you are anxious about visiting the doctor or getting an injection, that stress may hasten your recovery or increase the capability of immunization.

3. Stress Enhances Memory

Stress is directly connected to your enhanced brain function. Your memory gets better as the connections between your brain’s cells increase. According to the Union Carbide (UC) Berkley researchers, animals in the wild who recall stressful situations like nearly being eaten up help them remember how to avoid being in the same situation again.

4. Pregnancy Stress Can Make Your Children Smarter

According to a Johns Hopkins University study, the children of mothers who experienced mild to moderate stress during pregnancy were more intelligent and advanced than the age of two. Therefore, sharing a little stress while pregnant won’t harm the unborn child and may even result in the birth of a Little Einstein.

5. You Develop Greater Resilience

The saying “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is partially true. Your ability to manage moderate stress now will help you later manage more stress, whether good or bad. You’ve practiced dealing with stressors, so you’ll remember how to do it.

6. Some Stress Is Beneficial to Your Mental Health

Small amounts of stress can even improve your mental health. According to Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., dealing with manageable stressors and recovering can help you become mentally stronger. According to her writing, small amounts of stress make us stronger, more tolerant, and better able to tolerate and adapt to life’s challenges. In a nutshell, the benefit of good stress is good mental health.

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Overall, it’s crucial to have constructive stress in your life. When you can change your perspective on stress and include relaxing activities to promote eustress, try to reduce chronic stress as much as possible. Together, these methods can help you achieve a healthy balance in your life.

Though the benefit of good stress is good for health, a more significant amount of it can be harmful, so to relieve stress, there is an art therapy activity. To know more about it, click here.

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