Best Online Therapy Platforms – 6 Easy-To-Use And Affordable Sites

Have you struggled with poor mental health for some time now but are still on the fence about starting therapy, thinking it is only for serious mental health issues

Well, if yes, we would like to challenge your views.

Many times people feel like mental health therapy is for other people. It is for the ones who have trouble getting through a day, can’t get out of bed, etc. 

See, you are not wrong. Therapy is helpful for people dealing with significant mental health issues and traumas. However, its application is not necessarily restricted to them. Therapy doesn’t only make someone’s bad life good. It can also make your good life great. 

You don’t need to justify why you need mental health therapy or pass some imaginary threshold of pain and suffering to ask for help.

Now that we are off the first roadblock. Let’s get to another. 

Therapy is great and helpful. But finding the strength to get yourself into a therapy session is not. Sitting in an enclosed space with a complete stranger sounds a lot less comfortable than … just being at home.

best online therapy online

The four walls of your home seem to be a barrier protecting you from the rest of the world. The idea of leaving this safe haven makes you anxious and scared. 

Moreover, many in-person therapists have fixed schedules that you can’t fit in between your hectic life. And don’t even get us started about those endless waiting lists!

This is why the explosion of online therapy or telehealth services is a blessing. Therapy in our own space and time sounds way more appealing to us.

Online therapy is not just more accessible; it is, in fact, more affordable than in-person therapy sessions. It provides supportive, effective, and clinically trained therapy sessions right at your home. And guess what, according to a research published by the National Library of Medicine, online therapy sessions are just as useful and effective as in-person ones. 

In fact, as per a study by the American Psychiatric Association, 6 in 10 Americans accepted preferring telehealth services for their mental health needs. 

5 Best And Affordable Online Therapy Platforms For Finding The Right Therapist

To help you navigate through the plethora of online therapy services, we have curated our own list of the best online therapy platforms for therapists. Let’s get you started:

Disclaimer: As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive a commission from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through our links provided on this page.

1. BetterHelp

Betterhelp online therapy website logo

About: One of the most affordable online therapy platforms for therapists in the telehealth space, BetterHelp, was established in 2013. It offers various counseling services in live chat, online messaging, and phone and video sessions. The services are accessible through a phone, laptop, or tablet. 

The professional service at BetterHelp is provided by accredited and certified clinical social workers, psychologists, and counselors. Marketed as one of the largest and best online therapy platforms for therapists, BetterHelp therapy is an excellent choice for achieving a better fulfilling life. Many of its counselors are also trained in the following aspects: 

  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • eating disorders,
  • anger,
  • trauma, and
  • grief.

Pricing options: $60- $90/ week (depends on your location). The payments can be made weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Insurance: The services are generally not covered under insurance. However, you can always check with your insurance provider if the services can be added to your health insurance.

Financial assistance might also be available to eligible members.

What we liked: The best features of BetterHelp therapy according to us:

  • unlimited messaging,
  • bilingual options,
  • financial assistance,
  • change of therapist allowed,
  • privacy measures, and
  • good customer care services.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using BetterHelp therapy according to us:

  • does not accept insurance,
  • financial aid is temporary, and
  • therapist chosen for you (you can choose your own therapist, but that option occurs to one after a lot of exploration).
betterhelp therapy website home page

Usability: It is relatively easy to sign up for BetterHelp. Along with your monthly subscription, you get unlimited messaging for a month with your counselor. You are also allowed to schedule one 30-minute live session every week. However, the duration of the sessions can be longer as per the counselor’s advice. If you cancel your subscription at any point in time, you get a refund for any unused service you have already paid for.  

Disclaimer: As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive a commission from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through our links provided on this page.

2. Talkspace

talkspace online therapy

About: With over 2.9 million users, the New York-based online therapy platform, Talkspace is an easy and safe way to connect with your therapist anytime, anywhere. With text and video communication channels, Talkspace offers a wide range of mental health services. Launched in 2012, the platform is one of the pioneers in the online therapy space and has Demi Lovato and Michael Phelps as their mental health spokespersons.

Pricing options: Talksapce has three different packages:

  1. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus: At $260 per month, this plan includes only text, audio, and video messaging services with your chosen therapist. The therapist responds on all five working days of the week.
  2. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium: At $316 per month, this plan offers all benefits of the Therapy Plus plan, along with one monthly 30-minute live video session with your therapist.
  3. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate: At $396 per month, this plan offers all benefits of the Therapy Plus plan, along with four monthly 30-minute live video sessions with your therapist.

Insurance: While Talkspace does not accept Medicaid and Medicare, it has multiple insurance partners. Therefore, if you have medical insurance currently, the cost of Talkspace online therapy can be covered under it. Additionally, the platform also offers occasional discounts on its services.

What we liked: The pros of Talkspace according to us:

  • connects with psychiatrists who can prescribe medications,
  • switching therapists allowed with no additional costs,
  • covered by most health insurance,
  • encrypted and secure services, and
  • multimedia sharing facility via messages.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using Talkspace according to us:

  • specific pricing information is not available without completing the sign-up process,
  • live video sessions are priced at higher costs than other platforms, and
  • not covered under Medicare or Medicaid.

Usability: The interface of Talkspace is extremely user-friendly. It almost seems like opening any other messaging app or FaceTime your loved ones. Once you fill in your preferences, Talkspace connects you with a suitable therapist. Once matched, you can check the professional details of the therapist. Additionally, periodic assessment features available will help you keep a tab on your progress.


Online website logo

About: If you are having a hard time finding the best online therapy platforms for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is your one-stop solution. Launched in 2009, this affordable online therapy platform helps its clients access quality CBT therapy right from their homes. 

The platform’s uniqueness lies in the vast variety of resources available in the form of a ‘toolbox.’ It also boasts of progress-checking worksheets and activities it provides.

Other services provided by include:

  • live sessions with therapists,
  • live sessions with yoga and meditation instructors, and
  • extensive educational resource material – books, journals, etc.

Pricing options: offers different subscription plans:

1. Basic plan: $160/month. This includes regular messaging services with your therapist five days a week, i.e., Monday to Friday. It provides you access to eight different sections of the toolbox, including:

  • 25 worksheets,
  • meditation and yoga videos,
  • journals,
  • self-tests, and
  • activity plans.

2. Standard plan: $240/month. This plan provides all features of the basic plan along with a 24×7 messaging facility with your therapist and live sessions. 

3. Premium plan: $320/month. The premium plan includes all the benefits of the standard plan, along with guaranteed express replies and twice-a-week live sessions. 

What we liked: The best features of according to us:

  • quality additional resources available,
  • progress-checking worksheets and activities,
  • 20% discount for the first month to new users,
  • uses CBT, and
  • below average subscription fee with the lowest plan starting at $32/week.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using according to us:

  • does not take insurance,
  • does not provide group or couple therapy,
  • does not provide any services for kids or teens.

Usability: The sign-up process of the platform is pretty straightforward. As part of the initial process, the user is asked a series of questions regarding the state of their mental health and their preferences for therapists. You are also asked about your preferred mode of communication and place of residence.

After completion, it uses an algorithm to provide suggestions for therapists to you. You can easily navigate through the profiles of different therapists to choose the one you find fit for you. Once matched, you will hear from your therapist within an hour.

4. Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling Online Therapy website logo

About: Teen Counseling is one of the best online therapy platforms for therapists that connects teenagers and their parents to therapists. The platform aims to address the lack of proper teen-focused telehealth platforms for teens. 

A sister site of BetterHelp, Teen Counseling helps individuals between the ages of 13-19 and dealing with issues like:

Pricing options: The cost of therapy varies according to the therapist chosen and the user’s location. The site’s FAQs state that per week sessions of therapy cost somewhere between $60 -$90 per week. However, the service bills only once a month.

Insurance: Teen counseling does not accept health insurance.

What we liked: The best features of Teen Counseling according to us:

  • counselors specialized in dealing with teen issues,
  • offers therapy to parents,
  • parents and teens, if subscribed together, get separate messages from therapists,
  • quick sign-up process, and
  • change of therapist allowed.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using Teen Counseling according to us:

  • location-based pricing,
  • choice of therapist unavailable, and
  • unclear FAQs regarding how many live sessions per subscription.

Usability: Other than a few unclear questions, Teen Counselling is fairly easy-to-use. Upon subscription, the teenager is provided a chat room with their therapist that only they can access. The chat room is open 24×7. The teenager can also schedule video or audio sessions. The parents are immediately notified in case of occurrences of self-harm, and the authorities are notified in cases of abuse. 

5. ReGain

Regain online therapy website logo

About: ReGain is one of the best online therapy platforms for therapists providing relationship counseling. It allows couples across the United States to find a therapist and get started with online couples therapy.

Along with couple therapy, ReGain also offers therapy for individual therapy for:

  • grief,
  • depression,
  • anger,
  • addiction, and
  • LGBTQIA+ matters.

Pricing options: The cost per session for ReGain varies depending on your location and the therapist you choose. The charges per week can fall between $60-$90. 

Insurance: ReGain does not accept health insurance. 

What we liked: The best feature of ReGain according to us:

  • a thorough, in-depth questionnaire to assess yourself,
  • confidentiality through nicknames,
  • affordable than other online couple therapy platforms, and
  • Offers in-app activities like group webinars and journaling.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using ReGain according to us:

  • long waiting periods to match with a counselor,
  • no three-person live sessions; hence, partners need to be at the same place for a therapy session together, and
  • no health insurance plans are accepted. 

Usability: ReGain first asks users to complete a questionnaire and choose between online or couples therapy. An ‘invite partner’ button allows you to invite your partner anytime during the process – at sign-up, after you have matched with a therapist, or even after you have already started counseling. 

At ReGain, you can choose to be completely anonymous and enter only a nickname. However, you have to enlist one emergency contact that will only be shared with your therapist. 

After the questionnaire is completed, you are sent to the payment room. Once you match with a counselor, you are notified via email. The duration of this part varies from a few hours to a few days depending on the therapist’s availability.

After matching, you will have a 24×7 open, secured room with your counselor where you can share your problems with them. Along with this, you get one 30-minute session with your counselor every week.   

6. Calmerry

Calmerry online therapy website logo

About: The vision behind Calmerry was the need to address accessible and affordable online therapy. Launched in 2020 by tech entrepreneur Alex Vitchenko, Calmerry is one of the best online therapy platforms for therapists and people seeking therapy alike. It provides several subscription models to connect people to different therapists based in the US. 

A footer on every page of the Calmerry platform provides information about the types of therapies available, like:

Pricing options: Calmerry provides different pricing options for various services:

  • The Messaging Plan: $41.99 per week (or $167.96 total) for the first month, then $56.99 a week ($227.96 monthly)
  • The Messaging + One Live Video Plan: $51.99 per week for the first month, then $74.99 per week (or $299.96 monthly). This plan includes one 30-minute live video session with the therapist every week.
  • The Messaging + Four Live Video Plan: $67.49 per week the first month and $89.99 per week (or $359.96 monthly) after that. Along with this plan, you get four 30-minute live sessions every week.

Insurance: Calmerry doesn’t bill insurance directly. However, you can submit a receipt of the expenses to your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for any refunds. 

What we liked: The best features of Calmerry according to us:

  • individual, couples, and family therapy options available,
  • starts with $42 a week,
  • four sessions per week plan, and
  • discounted first month.

What we didn’t like: The cons of using Calmerry according to us:

  • not usually covered by insurance,
  • some types of therapies need you to call in order to get started, and
  • choice of therapist is unavailable– Calmerry matches you with one.

Usability: Calmerry is a pretty easy-to-use platform. A personal portal built for you allows you to contact your therapist. This portal organizes everything you need: subscription details, scheduling, messages, and therapy performance. 

A therapist is allocated to you at the beginning. In case you want to change them, submit a request from your portal or contact customer care.


Asking for help is a daunting task to do. We understand the inner pullback and fear you might experience. However, we promise you that it is worth it. Seeking help doesn’t render you weak. You can be strong and still do well with therapy. Don’t listen to the world that makes you wait for things to get worse to ask for help. With every “it can be worse” you hear, remember “it can always be better.”

Now that you have read about the best online therapy platforms, let us take you to another type of therapy that has miraculous mental health benefits. To know more about art therapy, click here

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