7 Mantras For Good Mental Health

Mantras have their origin in ancient Vedic traditions. They were used for connection or getting in union or harmony with the universe through the power of sound. Since then, mantras for mental health have aided meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices. These combinations of sounds and words have found another use in the self-care community. They can even lead you to greater peace or happiness.

For those who often feel down, gloomy, or just want to bring a touch of positivity to their daily routines, mantras, quotes, and affirmations can be a life savior. Mantras are any powerful combination of words or sounds that evoke your feelings. You can take mantras from elsewhere or make your own. Their power comes from your belief and emotional investment in them. Without further ado, here are the seven best mantras to help improve your mental wellness.  

Mantras To Improve Your Mental & Emotional Health 

Mantra #1  

“This feeling will not last forever. I will.”

This mantra reminds you that your worries are temporary. Any problem you face will not last long. You can make this mantra a cue or signal for meditation, objectively looking at and acknowledging your feelings.

Mantra #2

“I’ve survived worse situations than this. I won’t give in.”

When facing a challenging situation, you can remember all the times you’ve done so before. These memories and experiences can give you the strength and confidence to face overwhelming challenges.

Mantra #3

“I will accept my feelings as a part of me. I will not devalue my feelings or blame myself for them.”

Accepting your feelings is a sign of good mental health. It means acknowledging your emotions are normal, looking at them without judgment, and validating yourself.

Mantra #4

“I have the right to take time out for myself.”

Everyone feels tired or down once in a while. You are justified in taking time out for yourself to refresh, rehabilitate and recover.

Mantra #5

“My actions are based on my decisions and initiative, rather than someone else’s. ”

Living according to your wishes makes you happier and mentally healthy. It is also a sign of self-acceptance.

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Mantra #6

“I focus only on what I can control.”

Knowing your limits is essential to a happy life. This awareness increases your abilities and resilience to cope with any challenge that comes your way.

Mantra #7

“Every moment is a chance for something new.”

Nothing is set in stone. Life’s changing nature and insecurity can become your strength through your ability to change your circumstances or attitude toward them. Remember that every moment is a chance to be happier, healthier, and wiser.

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To use these mantras effectively, you can set a time for a mantra recital or practice or note them down in a journal. You can also make your mantras for more effective results toward happiness.
However, remember that mantras are complementary to action, not a substitute. One step you can take for better mental health is taking care of yourself. Putting in the effort to care for yourself shows that you acknowledge and respect your needs. Here are the best mental health skill-building activities for better self-care.

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