10 Best Anger Management Techniques With Tips And Tricks

Do your veins pop out with anger when you are stuck in traffic after a long tiring day at work or do you fume up when you see your favorite things being mishandled by someone? 

Getting angry is a common emotion and a healthy feeling if appropriately controlled. Anger is inevitable; the calmest people also lose their patience, so anger management techniques are the key to regulating your anger. 

The goal here is not to suppress your feelings and control your anger; instead, it is about how you can channel your anger in a better way. Does punching a wall give you relief? Or will throwing things and shouting at the top of your lungs do it? The answer is no. 

Whenever we are said to stay calm, we get angrier; well, why does that happen? 

Let’s first understand what anger is.

What Is Anger?

The American Physiological Association defines anger as antagonism towards someone who has hurt you. Anger can be an outcome of many emotions. Feeling frustrated or stressed, anxious, or having memories of any traumatic event can trigger feelings of anger.

Your boss criticized you in front of everyone, or you worked hard, but your colleague got the promotion. You get furious in both situations. This feeling is very normal. The only key is converting this anger into constructive behavior because you cannot just go and shout at your boss. Right?. To develop this constructive behavior and to learn how to control your emotions, anger management therapy techniques are essential. 

Rage And Anger: How Do They Differ?

When we speak about anger, it always comes out as a negative emotion. But expressing your feelings is good practice. Anger is good for your health unless and until it turns into the violent form that is rage. Anger can help you overcome your difficulties, but a rage is a form of physical anger; similarly, there are different types of anger that are extreme forms. There’s always a thin line between anger and rage. It is difficult to stop your anger from sometimes changing into a rage. To solve this, you need to develop coping skills for anger management and other activities to help you understand your anger better. 

What Are Anger Issues?

When does something become an issue? When it starts controlling you. The emotion of anger should be under your control; if it starts controlling your mental health, work, and self-growth, it becomes an issue. Understanding how your mental health affects your relationships is essential to determine whether you are facing anger issues.  But you need not worry; let’s understand what anger management is and various anger management exercises that will help you effectively.

What Is Anger Management?

You cannot change the person or the situation that made you angry instead; you can control and recognize ways to help you cope with this feeling more constructively and positively. This process is known as anger management. Various anger management therapy techniques can help you calm down and think simply. 

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10 Effective Anger Management Techniques with Tips and Tricks

Anger Management Tips And Tricks

These are some of the coping techniques for anger. Commitment to these techniques is the key to their effectiveness.  Anger Management Is a long process with long-term results. You must make your body understand your anger and then channel it positively. By following Some effective ways, you are good to go!

1. Acknowledge That You Are Angry

Anger management techniques only work if you believe that you are facing anger issues. We all tend to avoid accepting that we are angry. There’s nothing wrong with being angry or freaking out. If you express your anger, you will get the proper solutions. How to accept your emotions? It is tough to acknowledge your feelings, but you have to stop rejecting your emotions and accept them without judgment. This process is known as emotional acceptance

2. Think and Speak 

When angry, you are expected to say hurtful things because you can’t think clearly when you are mad. So how to avoid this? Take a step back. Think and collect your thoughts. Then speak. Doing this will help you avoid any kind of further triggers and will also help you calm down.

3. Walk Away 

Sometimes it is better to walk away instead of fighting or displaying anger. If you feel that taking deep breaths or collecting your thoughts is not helping and you are still angry, walk away. Give yourself time. This helps a lot in cases where anger is about to turn into rage. Walk away, think, calm down and then express your concern. It is one of the most complicated anger management techniques because we are human beings, and our fight-and-flight reactions are challenging to control.

4. Use Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. Use humor if you sense something is heating up and you are angry. Lighten the mood up a bit. Don’t suppress your feelings using humor; instead, use it to express your concerns positively. Laughter releases endorphin hormones which help you feel good and temporarily relieve pain. Finding it difficult to laugh? Here are some pictures that will make you smile. This process is known as laughter therapy. 

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques

The use of relaxation techniques for anger management can be very beneficial. But these techniques can only work if you are committed to it. Practice them and see how positively they change your approach towards anger. Relaxing your body and mind will help your body overcome anxiety.

1. Try Taking Some Deep Breaths

Increased breathing and heart rate are directly proportional to your anger. Reverse this. Take long, systematic deep breaths. Relax from your gut. Close your eyes and stop taking quick breaths; this will help you calm down. Slowly count while breathing. Deep Breathing is one of the practical anger management exercises. 

2. Try Relaxing Your Muscles 

You might feel muscle tension when you experience anger. Calm yourself down while taking deep breaths. Try relaxing the muscles, especially your neck, by moving them gently. Don’t be harsh. Take it slow. Take your time until you feel relaxed. Anxiety due to anger increases muscle tension. Try some anxiety-reducing exercises to reduce muscle tension.

3. Try Having Relaxing Thought 

When you are angry, you can try to stop thinking about what triggered you. Stop repeating the scenario again and again in your head. Think of positive thoughts or things that cheer you up. It will take a lot of time to shift your thoughts but don’t give up. 

Our mind is connected with our heart, so once your mind is relaxed, it will relax your entire body. You must understand how to stop being anxious and having negative thoughts.

4. Try Some Anger Management Meditation 

Anger management meditation techniques are also helpful in coping with your anger. Focused Meditation is the act of concentrating your mind on one particular thing. It helps the mind to focus. Anger causes our body and mind to get instantly aroused, which causes a chemical reaction resulting in mental breakdown. As soon as we are triggered, our minds go into fight or flight mode, making us react. Guided meditation helps regulate stress and anxiety, calming our bodies and minds.
Meditation helps break this cycle by promoting emotional self-regulation. It allows us to remain focused and not stuck on negative thoughts, makes us aware of our thoughts, motivates us to cope and tolerate distress, and clears our minds. Learn about different meditation techniques to achieve your desired goal.

5. Try Listening to Some Music

Music works wonders in case of managing anger, and yes, music therapy exists. Some cases have proved that music can help you calm down, release emotion and decrease anxiety. Listening to music can make you feel more active and inspired. 

 6. Try Doing Some Craft Work

You can also regulate your anger through art therapy. Drawing, Painting releases dopamine hormones that make us happy. So if you are triggered or angry, you can start Art Journaling.  Just take a drawing book and scribble your emotions. You can also use it to express anger and rage. Journaling can also help you deal with stress and anxiety. 
Anger issues are also growing among kids who need to be controlled in a positive, friendly way. Certain anger management activities can help you with this.

6. Blow Off The Steam 

Sometimes nothing seems to work better. You can’t take deep breaths or think of any positive thoughts. Frustration is the worst feeling ever. In such a case, you have other coping mechanisms for anger to calm yourself.

1. Pillow Punching

Have your anger pillow. Punch it. Take out all your anger and clear your mind. But after you clear your mind. Go through your feelings again and find logical solutions for how you were feeling things.

2. Screaming

Some people just want to scream their emotions out. Go to a secluded place and cream into a bag or just scream; you will feel very light, and your stress will also be reduced. Scream clubs are a great initiative to manage anger, tension, and frustration.

7. Change Your Perspective

Whenever we are angry, our thought process shifts towards all negative thoughts. We think of things that are extreme and sometimes unrealistic. We make scenarios in our heads and get angry over nothing. Well, that needs to stop. Try thinking positive thoughts. Try to listen and change your mind over something that is upsetting you. Go towards a solution. Moving on is an essential requirement while dealing with anger management. These techniques for anger management will only work if you have a positive outlook towards

8. Talk To A friend 

It is essential to communicate. Talk about your feelings to a friend, a guardian, or a person close to you. Venting is an effective way to regulate anger. Complaining about what is causing you distress will help release emotion, and all that anger will not bottle up. Your friends might help you through your meltdown and advise you. 

9. Don’t Dwell

Even after our problem is resolved, sometimes we don’t let things go. We continuously think of the same scenarios, making the anger last very long. Try moving past all these thoughts and think about all the positive aspects of the situation. 

10. Try Avoiding Your Triggers

Well, this is tricky, but you have to do it. Sometimes you have to avoid situations that will likely trigger and make you angry. Imagine you are having a conversation, and someone comments on you sarcastically. You have two options; to start a fight there or walk away. It is tough to avoid, but it is not impossible. By preventing such situations, you are keeping your mental health better. Always ask yourself, is it worth your peace of mind? If not, then you know what to do. 

So these are some of the anger management tips and tricks that can help you manage your anger.

Seek Help

Anger regulation differs for everyone. Some people can easily manage their anger, while others can’t. There’s nothing to worry about. If you feel you cannot control your anger and are hurting yourself, you can talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist, as they are trained. They can easily teach you techniques for an anger problem. You can also find some best Online Therapy Platforms for the same.  Cognitive Behavioral therapy is one of the standard treatments.

How to deal When Someone is Anger

Understanding the proper way of dealing with someone who is angry or melting down is also essential. 

1. Active Listening 

One important anger management technique you can use to calm someone down is active listening. It is essential to listen to someone who is venting to you or is angry and to say things to you. Don’t give in to your judgments; try to listen to them and their grievances calmly. Try to understand where all the anger comes from and then give them the required advice.

2. Create Personal Space

Be there for them but give them space. Especially if you find someone physically violent in anger, stay away and give them space. Sometimes giving them space calms them down.

3. Help Them Recover A Sense Of Control

If they are listening to you, try calming them and getting their minds off the situation onto positive things. 

4. Support Them

Above everything, assure them that you are there for them and trying to understand their anger. Support is a very essential as it ensures that you are not alone in this. These anger management tips and tricks will only be effective if you are supported in this journey.


According to a new research study from Harvard, Colombia, and Duke University, Around 22 million Americans have anger issues, and very few take mental health therapy. Techniques for anger management are simple but require a lot of time to sink in. Never give up. Keep practicing anger management exercises to achieve your goal. Take sufficient time, and never be hard on yourself.

You can manage your anger positively with these anger management tips and tricks. Emotional Growth is a slow process, but eventually, you will achieve it.

You can also read some books on anger management. Click here.

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