pictures that will make you laugh
Pictures to make you laugh

Have you lately been in a slump that you don’t really seem to get rid of? Are you feeling unmotivated and ready to climb back into bed even though the day has just started? 

Well, take a break and grab a snack as you go through our collection of pictures that will make you laugh. Seriously! This list has been curated with the funniest pictures that will make you smile and break this never-ending streak of stress.

Do you feel like we are joking when we say that laughing might help you relieve stress? 

Actually, no! Laughter can help reduce stress and anxiety, and it’s not a joke. There are several short-term and long-term benefits of laughter. So, when you laugh, you don’t just for a second shed your mental load. Laughing induces physical changes in the body like:

  • It stimulates organs: Laughing increases the intake of oxygen-rich air and stimulates your lungs, heart, and muscles. It also enhances the release of endorphins in your brain.

It soothes tension: When you have one of those rollicking laughs, your stress response fires up and then cools down. It can also increase and eventually decrease your blood pressure leading to a good relaxed feeling. Moreover, laughter aids in muscle relaxation, which might help alleviate some of the physical symptoms of stress.

So if you are looking to relieve stress, more giggles are just what science recommends. Now that we know how much we can benefit from a laugh every now and then let’s start with our personal favorite list of pictures that will make you smile instantly!

1) Just look at these cute cats. They are relationship goals, sibling goals, or best friend goals. Scratch all that… You know what, these two are everything goals.

picture that will make you smile

2) Surprise! When you are not the one who ate the nuts.


3) It is said that red-bull gives you wings! Well, it indeed does. Look at this baby elephant high on running.

4) This dog lying hilariously in the middle of the road is all of us when our wishes go unfulfilled

dog lying on road with a lady smiling

5) We don’t know about you, but this dog is definitely giving us major life goals.

6) This picture would surely uplift your mood if you had a rough day today. All you have to do is fling a tongue at all the negative people in life.

7) Okay, but this cat with a piece of bread around her face looks wholesome.

8) You know you are the most adorable creature when all you have to do is stare at the camera, and everyone goes ‘aww’ at the picture.

adorable white kitten

9) When you get to eat ice cream but only once a month.

10) Isn’t this the picture we all live for? This dog with flowers around him looks so adorable. We bet this picture has made you smile today.

11) Kittens can literally sleep anywhere!

12) Pose for the camera! This little hamster is definitely showing his skills on how to pose inside his small tiny home.

13) The reaction when somebody wakes you up early on a Sunday morning.

14) A goofy giraffe that might be asking, “Are you doing well, human? You look stressed.”

15) This calm, little doggo relaxing in the sun can make anyone’s day. 

16) Wait, did I do something again????

17) Kids always make for pictures that will make you smile instantly. This child is giving us major life goals, isn’t it? We have all dreamt of playing around a bubble fountain sometime.

18) Are you confused? Enjoy your life knowing that this is the front view of a goat. Haha!

19) The face you make when life gives you unexpected drama.

20) Feel the joy that fills your heart when you see this nerdy meerkat trying to set up high standards.

21) “Is that human clicking my pictures?’’ Cats are funny but kittens even more!!

22) Babies and dogs are a secret recipe for pictures that will make you smile. This cute duo sleeping together makes our hearts fill with joy, doesn’t it?

23) “How many times do I need to tell you to not click my pictures?”

24) Who looks more attractive? The pineapple or the rabbits? We really can’t tell.

25) Glasses really suits this dog. We are sure you haven’t seen such an adorable photoshoot before.


We hope these pictures were able to bring a smile to your face. 

If you, too, have a collection of pictures that might help bring a smile to our faces, drop them in the comment section and let the chain of smiles grow. 

After this heart-warming list of pictures that will make you smile, let’s take you to another list that might aid your happiness. To know more about the habits that can help make you happy, click here.

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