15 Effective Ways How To Deal With Anger On A Daily Basis

So you are also guilty of shouting at someone? Or are you guilty of throwing things in anger? Or just having a complete mental breakdown? 

It is completely normal to feel that way. Anger is not a destructive emotion. We are human beings, and we cannot avoid fights and disagreements that make us angry.  The important thing we need to know is how to deal with anger.

It is very easy for anger to consume you and affect your mental health; you just need to learn how to deal with it, and you are good to go!

Why Do You Feel Angry?

Everyone displays anger differently. Some get angry easily, while some don’t. There’s nothing to worry about it. You need to learn how to deal with anger. The feeling of anger comes when we feel attacked, powerless or when something unfair is done to us. Anger can also come from jealousy. Some people express their anger the moment they feel it, while some cluster it up and burst together at their last nerve. Stress and anxiety are the main factors that affect you and can make you angry. 

Sometimes anger can motivate you and inspire you to make things right. But if you cannot control that anger, it will ruin relationships and cause health diseases like hypertension, depression, anxiety, etc.

Grief is also a factor that can be responsible for your anger. In short, you must understand your anger and find its source, especially in children. Then you can learn some simple yet effective anger management coping skills on how to deal with your anger issues. 

how to deal with anger
15 Effective ways on how to deal with anger on a daily basis

15 Effective Ways How to Deal With Anger

1. Know Your Anger Signs

Understanding how your body works when you are angry is crucial. You can tell you’re angry by these signs. Different signs will help you understand how to manage anger. Some can be physical signs, while others can be emotional.

If you are clenching your fists, cupping your hands, sweating, experiencing stomach aches, feeling hot and dizzy, or grinding your teeth, you are showing physical signs of anger. Emotionally, you might feel sad, frustrated, wanting to run away, or very anxious. You need to know these anger signs to cope with anger issues. 

2. Change your Surroundings

If you find your surroundings frustrating, making you angrier, you can change your surroundings. Go to a calm place, let yourself cool down, and give yourself time to think. Changing your surroundings will help you better understand where your anger is coming from and give you a clear mind to think about how to deal with it, and you will not have sudden angry outbursts.

3. Take Deep Breaths

How to handle anger by breathing exercises? Taking deep breaths is one of the popular relaxation techniques that one can use to calm yourself down. You take slow deep breaths and let your body relax. You need to focus on relaxing, close your eyes, take a deep breath to your gut and then exhale it. You need to feel the airflow in and out of your lungs, also, Counting while breathing will be helpful.

4. Vent Your Anger Out

You might think people will judge you if you vent your anger or feelings. But don’t think about it. Vent as much as you can. Venting is a healthy attitude. Talk to a trusted friend who will understand your mental health needs for support. Tell them how you feel and how you plan to deal with anger. Ask them for their advice on how to deal with anger. This process helps reduce anger problems.

5. Write Down Your Feelings

Writing your emotions down can never go Wrong. Write everything down when you are feeling mad. Your anger transfers to the piece of paper, and you don’t have to hurt yourself by repeatedly thinking about the situation that made you angry. Journaling helps a lot. You can ask yourself how to overcome anger and find peace.

6. Go for a walk or A run

Any physical work tremendously helps in the regulation of anger. If you are angry, try walking for a while. Exercises help you have clear thoughts, reduce anxiety and negative thoughts, and get calm. Running goes into a more hard physical activity, but the rush of hormones because of running minimizes a lot of stress and anger.

7. Sing your Emotions Out

This is a fun way of managing your anger. Whenever you feel like you are angry and sad, sing to yourself. You can sing either loud or slow but let your emotions out. You can also listen to music and let your anger go. Singing reduces Cortisol levels making you feel relaxed. You can also listen to songs to take your mind off all the negative thoughts. 

8. Dance your Emotions Out

Dancing is also a fun way of managing anger. If you are frustrated and are about to melt down, you can dance alone and relax your body. Dancing has a positive effect on your mental health.

9. Do some Yoga

Yoga is the best remedy for all kinds of problems. It can deal with your anger very efficiently. There are different types of yoga from which you can find the most suitable one to deal with your anger. 

10. Start Meditating

Meditation to cope with your anger is also the best way out. There are different types of meditation that might help you in coping up with your anger. 

11. Take Rest

Taking rest or sleeping is one of the most underrated methods to manage anger. Whenever you are angry, you should try to sleep it off. You will wake up with an open mind, and then you can deal with the situation calmly. Sleeping relaxes your mind.

12. Drink Water

How to deal with anger by drinking water? Most of us skip this method because it could be less effective. But water can help cope with stress and anger as it contains calming properties. When you are furious and frustrated about something, sit down. Take a full glass of water and drink it. You will see a bit of calmness developing in you. Water acts as a primary method for anger management. 

13. Try Relaxing

When you get angry, your muscles get tensed up, which causes a lot of discomfort. You can relax your muscles, especially the ones near your neck, and then slowly relax the whole body. Progressive Muscle Relaxation can also work, where you tighten the tensed muscle and then release it. Keep doing it until you are completely relaxed. 

14. Practice Forgiving

How to deal with anger issues just by forgiving?

Forgiving is not easy. We tend not to forgive because we might lose the only excuse for our anger. But if you want peaceful mental health, you should start forgiving. Take one step at a time. Think. Let yourself calm down, and then try forgiving the person who triggered your anger. Sometimes when you don’t forgive, the anger lasts longer. Forgiveness is a long-term method to deal with anger issues. 

15. Laugh it out

Laughing is the hardest thing to do when you are all fired up. But laughter is the best medicine, then why not try it? When you want your negative thoughts to disappear, think of the good situations and add humor to your anger. 

When to seek help

Always keep one thing in your mind, you are not alone. You don’t have to deal with your anger issues alone. Professional psychiatrists and therapists can help you when facing any severe problems and plan out a proper program to make you understand how to deal with your anger. Talk to them about how to overcome anger and about all your emotions. They will help you develop healthy ways to deal with anger.


So there you have it, some simple ways of how to deal with anger. Don’t worry about your boss’s yell; you’ll sip your coffee in peace right afterward. Just keep in mind to inhale and exhale. And everything else will fall into the correct places. 

Don’t stress; everything has a solution, and you can easily control your anger. You must be consistent with all the anger management and anger coping skills. 

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