Accept Your Emotions

Feeling sad or anxious, or depressed is normal. Feeling heavy at heart or not feeling very good is a part of life that you can always overcome. Your mental health pal has developed some comforting activities that can help enhance your mood. 

Remember, we are there for you always. 

These self-help exercises are not a substitute for any expert care. If you require medical attention or have difficulties with your mental health, please see a doctor or therapist. If you’re in a crisis or considering self-harm, helplines can offer free, confidential assistance.

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In a crisis, text “NAMI” to 741741

Step 1

It’s normal to feel all kinds of feelings and be anxious right now. What’s not acceptable is to hold to that and never be happy. You have to embrace your feelings, good or bad, to feel better again and lean into change.

Step 2

You can try penning down your thoughts and experiences and try naming your emotions and reflecting on them.

Step 3

Now, when you know your emotions, you should avoid classing emotions, whether “good” or “bad”. Now say this out loud.

I might be feeling______ now, but I know I am ___________than this, and I can, and I will embrace all of them.

Step 4

Failures and rejections are parts of your life, not your entire life. Try to accept them and make a better change.