10 Best Anger Management Workbook To Try

Are you starting your anger management journey? Do you need a plan? 

Anger is an emotion that needs proper management, or it can take over our other emotions and affect our lives—feeling confused about how and what to do to manage your anger is normal. There are numerous ways to anger management, and it can be overwhelming to understand what will be the best for you. 

Anger management workbooks are a way that can guide you in your early stages of anger regulation. Various free anger management workbooks are available online. You can print them and use them accordingly.

So here are the 10 best anger management workbooks to aid you in controlling your emotions. 

10 Best Anger Management Workbook

1. Anger Management Workbook: Institute of Mental Health (IMH) 

This anger management workbook starts by discussing what can be the causes of anger and the effects of anger issues. Then the workbook will take you to a questionnaire about your triggers and provide you with a journal to track your triggers and reactions.

The workbook also has a section that mentions the benefits of anger, how to deal with someone else’s anger, where to seek help when facing anger issues, and steps to develop an anger management plan. 

Further, it provides a section to practice positive self-talk and detailed information about conflict resolution.

So the workbook covers a broad spectrum of anger issues and how to deal with them.

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2. Anger Self-Help Guide: Moodjuice

This anger management workbook starts with a questionnaire on the acknowledgment of anger issues. Further, it discusses what anger means and what its causes are. Then the workbook has a section where you can fill in your experience and understand your anger.

The workbook also deals with negative self-talk or negative thoughts. The workbook discusses anger management techniques like deep breathing, relaxation, etc. It also encourages self-care activities.

3. Anger Management For Substance Use Disorder And Mental Health Clients: SAMHSA

This anger management workbook starts with the purpose of anger management. Then we have the meaning of anger and aggression. This workbook deals with 12 sessions of anger management.

Then it discusses myths related to anger. The workbook has an anger meter section that asks you to record your anger throughout the week. Then it moves towards anger control plans, anger management techniques, anger, family, etc.  The workbook has a series of sessions where you have to monitor every week’s anger.

When you complete the workbook, you will be given a certificate of completion.

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4. Anger Management Client Handbook Series: Carleton 

This anger management workbook starts with understanding violence, anger, and triggers. Then it will ask you to track your anger in the anger log. 

The workbook then works towards changing our thought processes by making us acknowledge our thoughts through a stepwise questionnaire. 

Then the workbook proceeds to aggression management and conflict resolution. The workbook at the end teaches different skills to cope with anger. 

5. Anger Management Course: NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health

This workbook is issued in the 6-week course on anger management. The start of the workbook is the same as others, what is anger, aggression, effects of anger, understanding anger, etc.

The first exercise is about breaking up your anger to understand your anger better through a questionnaire. Further discussions are about the triggers—followed by the second exercise, which is getting to know your anger triggers.

The workbook also mentions the benefit of anger. 

6. Anger Management Workbook and Curriculum: Rich Pfeiffer

The workbook starts with listing the desired goal we want to achieve by the end of the workbook. Then the workbook deals with anger and its different aspects. 

Further, the workbook deals with the relationship between family and the origin of anger. This workbook also directs you to keep an anger log.

The workbook then deals with stress and anxiety, the functioning of the brain and how it is related to anger, types of anger, and different anger management techniques.

7. The Anger Workbook For Teens: Raychelle Cassada Lohmann

This workbook starts with understanding anger and a section for you to write your meaning. Further, it discusses myths of anger and gives you a section to describe the development of anger and its aspects from the past by understanding the study of any philosopher.

Then the workbook makes you understand your anger profile through some questionnaires.

After you complete the workbook, you get a completion certificate.

8. Coping Skills: Therapist Aid

This small worksheet provides information about coping skills. The worksheet mentions triggers and how to deal with them.

Further, it deals with healthy anger management techniques like deep breathing, diversions, taking time out, etc.

This workbook also directs you to maintain an anger log.

9. Lemons or Lemonade An Anger Workbook for Teens: Jane F. Gilgun

This workbook also deals with anger management in teenagers. The workbook starts by analyzing reasons to be angry. Further, it has a section that directs the user to write down the list of people they respect. 

The workbook compares lemon with anger. The workbook refers to ‘ unregulated anger’ as having a sour lemon taste, whereas if anger is regulated correctly, it can be tasty as a lemonade. 

10. My Anger Workbook ( A Workbook For Parents And Kids): Sadie Smiley

This is the best anger management workbook for children. It contains various diagrams which a child can use to write their feelings down.

The workbook contains interactive drawings and questions that can fascinate a kid. Anger management for children is challenging; therefore, this workbook has included tasks for parents and kids to increase their understanding. 


Anger is an extreme emotion; it needs to be appropriately regulated. Understanding the proper way to manage your anger can be tricky. The best anger management workbook will help you with initial anger management guidance. 

These workbooks may give different results to everyone. If you need something else, try the other one. The key is to be consistent. If you are honest with yourself and understand the importance of anger management, these workbooks will do wonders for you.

These are free anger management workbooks, and you can download and print them. Workbooks are user-friendly and will help you properly deal with anger and increase your understanding of anger. Also, there are books on anger management that can aid you. Click here 

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