4 Benefits Of Meditation Garden

The time spent gardening is one of calmness, relaxation, and peace. On a fundamental level, it can give us the quiet time required in a world full of technology and busy schedules. But can one meditate while gardening? Though everyone’s response to this query will differ, many will agree that meditative gardening can be a very enlightening experience. 

Meditation Garden

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What Is A Meditation Garden?

An outdoor area created explicitly for tranquility and relaxation is a meditation garden. It can be in any peaceful setting, but a private space in one’s backyard works best for many people.

There are several features in meditation gardens that facilitate entering a meditative state. Some of them are inseparably linked to being outside, like the sun’s warmth, birdsong, and the way the wind gently blows through the trees. Other thoughtful additions, such as native plants, a relaxing seating area, and a trickling water feature, can make your meditation garden even more comfortable.

If you have the room and the motivation, adding a meditation garden to your home can be yet another way to make it a peaceful haven. It can also be your go-to place when you need to unplug and find some inner peace, which we could all use more.

Benefits Of Meditation Garden 

Garden meditation can be done in a variety of ways. Bringing mindfulness to your time spent in nature has several advantages, whether you choose to meditate while gardening in your backyard, caring for indoor plants, or while sitting on a bench in your neighborhood park. Here are 4 benefits of a meditation garden.

1. Both gardening and meditation are practical stress-relieving activities

Although meditation is frequently mentioned as a stress-relieving practice, gardening has also been widespread. According to a study in The Journal of Health Psychology, gardening reduces stress more effectively than reading a book (though both activities reduce stress, so maybe a post-gardening reading session is the way to go).

2. It’s a fantastic way to re-energize and concentrate

Step outside to clear your mind if you’re having trouble thinking or being creative. Walking in nature or just glancing at pictures can increase your focus and mental energy.

3. Going outside makes you happier

The hormone serotonin, linked to improved mood, serenity, and concentration, is thought to increase with sun exposure.

4. It enables us to reconnect with Mother Earth

Being outside gives our eyes a break from the screen that occupies so much of our time and allows us to refocus on the present moment. You fully engage in an activity with a concentrated state as you cultivate and sustain life by planting, watering, growing, pruning, and caring for your plants. Gardening requires focus and attention. You can experience greater creativity, connection, and enjoyment of daily life when you spend time in the flow state. Both meditation and gardening are good practices helping you enter the flow.

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Draw a deep breath in. Smell the fresh air or the plants in your immediate surroundings. Because we breathe in oxygen with every breath, please respect our lovely life connection with our plants. Each time we live, carbon dioxide is released. In exchange for taking up our carbon dioxide, plants give us oxygen. The cycle continues. We should be grateful to nature for helping to keep us alive here. Stay as long as you like in this peaceful state of gratitude.

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