The Best Healthy Boundaries Worksheet To Reclaim Your Life

Are you a constant ‘YES’ person who struggles to ever say no to the intruding and overwhelming requests that come your way?

Are you on the constant treadmill of over-commitment and exhaustion?

Are you the quintessential people-pleaser who just can’t voice their needs assertively?

If any of these situations resonate with you, we have the perfect solution for you – ‘healthy boundaries worksheets!

Hear us out once before completely dissing the idea.

We all know how hard it is to put healthy boundaries in place. Social conditioning, upbringing, the need to be perfect, and FOMO (fear of missing out) can make changing our default ‘yes’ modes in life harder. 

But this constant over-commitment will eventually wear you out mentally and physically, which is why boundaries are important. 

And having a ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet is the perfect starting point for you. 

But how do you find the best worksheet for yourself?

Well, we have got you covered!

In this post, we will dive into the best ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet for adults, youth, parent-child relationships, and much more. In short, if you are looking to set positive boundaries in any sphere of your life, there’s something for you here. Let’s dive in!

healthy boundaries worksheet

The Best ‘Setting Healthy Boundaries’ Worksheet

1. Healthy Boundaries Worksheets By Carepatron

Cost: Free

Best for: Personal boundaries, relationship boundaries, self-improvement goals, trauma, and recovery. 

If you are looking for free ‘personal boundaries’ worksheets, Carepatron is your go-to platform. It offers a variety of worksheets, each with different tips and techniques to assess your life and place healthy safeguards

The best part of Carepatron’s worksheets is that they offer valuable advice and the basics about boundary setting before getting to the actionable part. Using these, you will get a clear idea of the different types of boundaries and how they affect every aspect of your life. 

Additionally, the platform offers specialized worksheets depending on your goals. Therefore, you’ll find worksheets about personal boundaries, trauma and recovery, and multiple other specific issues. 

2. Teaching Kids About Healthy Friendships & Boundaries Worksheet By PESI

Cost: Free

Best for: Initiating conversations with kids on the topic of boundaries

As humans, our fundamental need is connection. We learn to build these connections right from our childhood. Therefore, if there’s a perfect time to start conversations about putting healthy boundaries in relationships, it’s childhood.

PESI – a non-profit organization – offers a simple and carefully created ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet for the youth. Parents can use this worksheet to help their children decipher the complex topic of relationship boundaries. 

Starting from the concept of friendship, this worksheet allows children to decide who their genuine friends are. This age-specific worksheet can help them learn about the definition of boundaries and friendships in simple terms. 

Pro tip – Pair this healthy boundaries worksheet with a coloring kit, and you will get the perfect results. 

Best Healthy Boundaries Worksheets

3. Understanding Healthy and Unhealthy Boundaries Worksheets By Twinkl

Cost: Free

Best for: Gaining information about the whole concept of setting boundaries.

When you are learning to set boundaries in life, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the whole process and make the wrong choices. Sometimes, you might create lines that are too rigid or too flexible. You might try to mask your controlling or obsessive nature using your boundaries. All this is counterproductive to the self-improvement goals you are trying to achieve using your boundaries.

This is where Twinkl’s healthy boundary worksheets come into play. Apart from actionable sheets, the platform also offers worksheets to help users understand the signs of healthy boundaries. Using these ‘signs of healthy boundaries’ worksheet, you can assess the quality of your boundaries and determine whether they serve your purpose. 

Additionally, Twinkl also offers ‘tips for healthy boundaries’ worksheets that can help you reinforce positive feedback in your boundaries. 

4. Setting Boundaries Worksheet By The Bear Journal

Cost: $ 3.20

Best for: Setting healthy personal and relationship boundaries for adults 

Trying to navigate your relationships (romantic or otherwise) can be tricky as an adult. There are always chances of over-extending yourself and losing your self-worth in relationships. Toxicity can creep up, and you can end up hurting your self-esteem

This is precisely where The Bear Journal’s ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet for adults comes into play. It will help you define what’s okay for you and help you effectively convey it to people around you. 

This practical and helpful ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet will help you identify what’s essential for you. Equipped with this knowledge, you can easily set suitable safeguards. 

5. Unhealthy Boundaries Worksheet By Happier Therapy

Cost: Free

Best for: Identifying and fixing unhealthy boundaries

Wondering how can you identify unhealthy boundaries? 

Happier Therapy’s worksheets are here for your rescue.  

This ‘unhealthy boundaries’ worksheet aims to help people understand issues with their boundaries and work toward establishing healthier ones. The following process is achieved in three steps:

6. Setting Boundaries Worksheets (Editable Fillable Printable PDF) By Therapy By Pro

Cost: $ 12.99 

Best for: A complete guide for navigating the process of creating healthy boundaries.

Setting healthy boundaries is a critical part of your sense of self. It defines you, your needs, and your relationships. This ‘setting healthy boundaries’ worksheet bundle is your complete guide and companion through this tough process.

Recommended by therapists and personal coaches alike, this worksheet bundle is everything you’ll ever need to create healthy boundaries and assess them periodically. 

7. Boundaries – Self-Monitoring Record Worksheet By Psychology Tools

Cost: Free

Best for: Monitoring people overstepping your boundaries and your response to it. 

There are so many instances where people would refuse to respect your boundaries and overstep them constantly. Learning how to deal with this is as crucial as setting boundaries in the first place.

This is why Psychology Tools’ self-monitoring worksheet is our favorite. It helps you record the times when someone has overstepped your boundaries and your response to it. It also enables you to devise ways to manage such instances in the future.

8. Assertive Communication Worksheet By Therapist Aid

Cost: Free

Best for: Practicing assertive communication in various aspects of life.

Assertive communication is the key to setting healthy boundaries. It gives you a voice of reason and helps you effectively communicate your concerns and needs to people. And the best part – with assertive communication you can do it while being completely respectful to people around you. 

This ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet by Therapist Aid contains two sections:

  • a psychoeducation page that helps you understand what assertive communication is, and
  • a practical-exercise-based page that allows you to practice what you have learned.

9. Types Of Healthy Boundaries Worksheet By Creative Claire

Cost: $ 1.21 

Best for: Understanding the various types of boundaries.

If there’s one worksheet we can suggest to help you get an idea of all the types of boundaries that exist (trust us, there are many), it’s this one by Creative Claire.

This ‘types of healthy boundaries’ worksheet allows you to understand the nitty-gritty of various types of boundaries. It also offers practical advice on introducing these boundaries in your daily life. 

How do you use these ‘Healthy Boundaries’ worksheets for the best results?

healthy boundaries worksheet

Now that we’ve ventured into our list of the best ‘setting boundaries’ worksheets, it’s time to help you get started. While these worksheets can serve as great tools for self-reflection and awareness, their efficacy depends on how well you use them. 

Here are some tips on how to use these ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheets for the best results:

1. Decide a dedicated time and space.

We all have countless things to look into every day. And therefore, we get how busy you are. But when you are working on a ‘setting healthy boundaries’ worksheet – that is priority 101. So, find a set time and place to complete the worksheet daily. Make sure you are unbothered by everything else during this time. 

2. Start with an open mind. 

As we’ve mentioned before, setting boundaries is tough. And self-monitoring the whole process is even more challenging. But you must approach the worksheet with an open mind. If things get overwhelming, take frequent breaks. At the same time, be ready to push out of your comfort zone. 

3. Be honest with yourself.

While filling out the worksheet, you will need to self-assess your boundaries and their impact on your life. Therefore, it’s paramount that you are honest while filling out the details. Moreover, setting clear and realistic expectations with the whole process will also help you in the journey. 


Boundaries are an essential part of every human relationship. If you don’t have healthy boundaries in place, you will eventually feel overwhelmed by constantly over-extending yourself. But the whole process of putting the right safeguards in place can get complicated.

This is where a ‘healthy boundaries’ worksheet comes into play. It allows you the right time for self-reflection, awareness, and problem-solving to pursue your priorities and set clear boundaries. We hope this list of the best ‘setting boundaries’ worksheets will help you get started right away. 

Looking for more tips on how to create boundaries? Click here.

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