Level Up: 5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Self-Improvement

If you have been in self-doubt, rethought your life decisions, or constantly looked around for inspiration and motivation – podcasts for self-improvement are the perfect solution.

Self-improvement podcasts are growing in popularity, rightfully so, because all of us have scopes of improvement. Moreover, podcasts as means of communication and information dissemination have grown in people over the years. They are intellectual, fun, and always provide you with something to take back home. 

While self-help podcasts are great, the journey to find the good ones is not. There are more than a million listed podcasts on Spotify alone. Do you see the struggle now?

Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered, pal.  

Here are the top five thought-provoking podcasts for self-improvement that will help you kick-start the journey of self-reflection and growth. 

podcasts for self-improvement

Top Podcasts For Self-Improvement

1. Hidden Brain 

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

On Shankar Vedantam’s Hidden Brain, you will understand the reason behind how most human behavior occurs. The podcast discusses fascinating questions about God, masculinity, coping with chaos, and much more. It provides a delightful combination of social sciences, sociology, psychology, and economics. 

The best thing about Hidden Brain is that it doesn’t just try to entertain you but aims to bring actual change without being too preachy. It can help you change how you think, behave, and communicate, all in just 20 minutes.

2. The Mindful Kind 

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

The next one on our list of best podcasts for self-improvement is The Mindful Kind by Rachel Kable. While the name might sound like another one of the generic self-help podcasts, trust us when we say it’s so much more. 

At the very onset, it contains short episodes you can easily manage to fit into your schedule. Next, all its suggestions are direct, quick, and specific. For instance, she will not tell you to do something mindful or relaxing. Instead, she will tell you to read a non-fiction book for 20 minutes and also explain how you can make the most out of that. 

If you are a newbie at mindfulness, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to familiarise yourself with it.

3. Sarah & Dr. Brooke Show

If you are looking for a self-improvement podcast that inspires and helps you actually to live your healthiest life – Sarah & Dr. Brooke Show is tailored to your needs. With distinct and diverse themes from mental health to eating habits to sleep problems to pretty much everything you need – this one has an episode about everything you need to know.

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4. What It Takes

Looking for serious motivation to help you hit those big life goals? 

Tune into What It Takes right now! 

This delightful and fascinating podcast contains interviews with some of the most remarkable personalities from different fields. The main goal is to help you dissect their achievements and help you chalk out a path for yourself. 

Previous guests on the podcasts have included awe-inspiring personalities like Larry King and Judy Collins, putting it right amongst the top podcasts for self-improvement and motivation.

5. How To Fail

There is nothing more inspiring than learning from your failures. And this is precisely what journalist Elizabeth Day explains to you in How To Fail. Taking the focus away from the mindless pursuit of success, this one focuses more on how to get up and continue after failing. With honest stories and interviews, the podcast helps you accept and embrace failures – which is pretty much one of the most honest pieces of self-improvement advice. 

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Podcasts for self-improvement are a rage right now. With our ever-diminishing attention span and tight schedules, they become the best source of information and motivation. To help you navigate the sea of self-help podcasts, we have compiled this list you can use to tune in to your favorite podcasts.

Still looking to find motivation? Learn more about it here.

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