5 Effective And Empowering Tips For Raising Resilient Kids

The world around us is transitioning faster than ever. You can see the ripple effects of this change in everything around us – gadgets, ideologies, personal life, and much more. All of us are uncertain about what the future holds for us and how we will even manage to reach there. 

In the middle of it all, developing the ability to cope with extreme situations and handle life’s challenges is essential. It is important to build resilient mindsets that can thrive in adverse circumstances.

And do you know what is the best age to develop resilience? 


This is why learning practical tips for raising resilient kids and providing a solid foundation for their children is of paramount importance to parents. Children with resilient mindsets and attitudes adjust to changes better and have the inherent ability to bounce back from setbacks. While they still experience all forms of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, or heartbreak – what sets them apart is the ability to manage through the situation rather than give up altogether. 

They are better prepared to deal with life opportunities, handle relationships, and head forward despite not being in the best circumstances. 

So, raising strong and resilient children is essential. But how do you do it? How do you develop this strength and confidence in your child and prepare them to face life’s challenges? 

Well, we have got you covered. Here are five effective and empowering tips for raising resilient kids. Let’s get started.

Tips For Raising Resilient Kids

5 Excellent Tips For Raising Resilient Kids

1. Help them learn about empathy by practicing it while dealing with them. 

Our children live in a tumultuous world that makes them anxious at every step. We can make their journeys easier by empathizing with them, listening and understanding their problems, and offering them insights about the world. This way, they learn to validate their concerns and find solutions rather than letting negative emotions overwhelm them. Empathy and nurturing care are two of the best tips for raising resilient kids.

2. Allow your children to deal with their struggles.

One of the most challenging things for a parent is to see their child struggle. This is why they jump on the first opportunity to get them out of trouble. However, in this way, you obstruct their learning process and make them dependent on others. 

Therefore, one of the most effective tips for raising resilient kids is to allow your child to sit with their struggles for a while. When they eventually find their own solutions, they gain confidence and mental strength to navigate through tough times in life.

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3. Be their strongest support system.

Now, this point might be contradictory to what’s been written above. But hear us out for a minute.

You see, letting your children navigate through their life situations and problems alone is important. However, equally important is to allow them to fall back on you when they need support. When they have your continuous support and backing in their mind, they are more equipped to fight adversities heads on. 

Therefore, try to be present in your child’s life. Engage with them regularly. You don’t need to overdo it and become helicopter parents. Just letting them know that you are there is enough.

4. Help them learn how to handle their emotions.

While kids might not be able to name their emotions, they experience the same feelings as adults. This is why it is important to help them understand how to handle and cope with different emotions. This means having safe outlets for their feelings, like journaling, dancing, meditation, etc. It also means helping them understand how to navigate through negative emotions. 

To help your kids with emotions, start by helping them identify their feelings through physical signs. For example, a frown signifies anger or irritation; a smile shows joy, and so on. From here on, you can move on to safe coping mechanisms.

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5. Be good role models.

Parents are their children’s first and most important role models. This is why how you cope with the challenges in your life becomes a standard and path for your children to follow. Therefore one of the most important tips for raising resilient kids is to embody self-confidence and resilience in yourself first. 

When they see you making important life decisions and navigating challenges without losing your calm, it also sets the tone for them.


Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges and adversities in life. It allows people to self-adjust, conform, and manage difficult emotions and circumstances. Teaching resilience to children is, therefore, of paramount importance for parents. We hope these tips for raising resilient kids will help you get started on this journey. 

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