5 Friendship Red Flags That Need Your Attention Right Now!

Having good friends in life is important. They make life more meaningful and help you get through some of the most challenging times in your life. Real, genuine friendships are families outside of blood relations. They give you a sense of ‘home’ and support whenever you feel lonely and alone. 

But not all friendships are healthy or good for you. Just like romantic relationships, friendship bonds can be toxic too. Toxic friendships are mentally and emotionally draining and can pull you down instead of supporting your growth. 

Now we all forgive our friends for some things – be it when your best friend forgets your birthday or when your college pal ditches you for a dinner plan. 

However, there are some friendship red flags that deserve your immediate attention and should never be ignored. To help you pinpoint these toxic traits, here is a list of the most glaring friendship red flags you need to address immediately. Let’s get started. 

Friendship Red Flags

5 Most Glaring Friendship Red Flags

1. They are extremely quick in pulling you down.

No matter what you do or say, it will never be enough for these friends. They will find some topic to discredit you and your achievements.

Additionally, they will not just discredit you but also make you feel unworthy and unwanted in several situations. They will hijack the good days and conversations and make your mood go downhill. 

2. Having a conversation or encounter with them makes you uneasy.

Have you ever felt a feeling of dread and discomfort the moment you saw someone’s name in your notifications? If yes, that is one of the most significant friendship red flags for you.

Good friends are supposed to make you feel good and comfortable. They shouldn’t freak you out or make you feel miserable whenever you hear from them or meet them.

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3. They are constantly negative in their thoughts and opinions.

Now, we all have those hard days where nothing seems to be going our way, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. On those days, it is okay to lend an ear to your friend and listen to them crib about their life.

But if they are constantly negative about things almost all the time and refuse to find positivity in any situation, it is a sure-shot friendship red flag. This is because we all need people around us who give us a positive or fresh perspective. However, if someone is constantly obsessed with negativity, they will never be able to provide you with anything else.

4. They are mean, misogynistic, and disrespectful to others.

If someone passes misogynistic, culturally-insensitive, or mean comments to someone, they are a walking example of friendship red flags. Making fun of someone for how they look, dress, or behave are some of the commonly accepted jokes in our mainstream society. However, this does not mean that they are normal or okay.

Additionally, you can tell a lot about people by how they treat or talk about others. So even if someone is nice to you but hurtful to others, it is important that you cut them off immediately and call them out of their disappointing behavior. 

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5. They refuse to apologize, like ever.

Another one of the glaring friendship red flags is when people refuse to apologize for their mistakes. The thing is, friendship is a very forgiving relationship. We all tend to mess up continuously, and it is our duty to forgive each other and understand different perspectives when dealing with our friends.

However, if someone doesn’t make an effort to apologize and make up for what they have done, it is time to call them out. If they cannot accept their mistakes or continue justifying their actions, that’s a toxic connection right there. 


Friendship red flags, just like relationship red flags, are toxic behavioral traits that showcase that you are in an unequal connection. We hope this list of friendship red flags is going to help you navigate the tricky landscape of toxic friendships. 

When you spot any of these red flags in a friend, that does not mean you should immediately break things off. Instead, this revelation can help you strengthen your friendship if you communicate properly with your friends.

That said, not all friendships are worth putting in an effort and saving. If you feel someone is not responding well enough to your disclosure, it is best to let them go.

Now that you know of friendship red flags, let’s move on to relationships. Here are the top signs that your relationship is in trouble and needs help.

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