Beat The Slump: 9 Effective Tips On How To Overcome Laziness

Struggling to conquer laziness? Here’s a complete transformation guide on how to overcome laziness and kickstart your productive era.

how to overcome laziness

We have all been stuck in those excruciating bouts of laziness (unfortunately), and sometimes they occur in the most unfortunate circumstances. You find it hard to get interested in anything. Your concentration and productivity levels are at an all-time low. You constantly undercut your ambitions and deadlines with excuses. You don’t have the motivation to do anything even though you have endless deadlines and an over-flowing to-do list to attend to. 

And yet here you are  – constantly hitting the snooze button, struggling to get any work done, and completely lacking the will and motivation to feel interested in anything ever again!

While this attitude might be feasible on weekends, life doesn’t wait for us to get done with our shenanigans. So, how do you get moving? How do you get out of this slump and start feeling motivated? How to overcome laziness? 

We have got you covered! Here are nine tried and tested tips on how to stop being lazy and inspire yourself to feel motivated for the next task at hand! Let’s dive in. 

How Do I Overcome Laziness?

how to overcome laziness

1. Understand your laziness. 

One of the first and most important tips on how to overcome laziness is to understand the root cause behind your actions. 

Now, you might feel that most of the time, you have no reason for your laziness. There’s no scientific explanation to explain your motivations. You just didn’t feel like getting up. It’s that simple. And to be honest, it’s entirely fair. 

However, if these bouts of laziness occur too frequently, you must take a step and clearly look at what’s happening. This will allow you to analyze your laziness and understand what reasons are fuelling it in the first place. 

Understanding your laziness is one of figuring out how to stop being lazy and unmotivated. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of your schedule, plagued by the fear of failure, or don’t find the task enjoyable. Knowing these reasons is the first step in learning how to conquer laziness eventually. 

2. Focus on the bigger picture associated with all your tasks. 

If you are struggling to learn how to combat laziness, look at the importance of the task in your life. Most of the time, when we feel lazy or unmotivated to do anything, we overlook the impact of the task. Therefore, focusing on the bigger picture associated with your tasks is an excellent tip on how to get rid of laziness. 

When you actually look into the details, you will understand the necessity of the task. You need to study for a test because it will boost your overall GPA. You need to finish the presentation because it will help you progress at your job. You get the gist, right?

Simply put, to figure out how to conquer laziness and get off the couch, make yourself focus on what getting the task done will mean for you. 

How to beat the slump and overcome laziness

3. Work through the shame of being lazy. 

‘Laziness’ has an inherent shame attached to it. It comes with a lot of judgment and stigma. It can significantly affect your self-esteem and make you question and loathe yourself for not being better. This, in turn, creates a vicious cycle that pushes you further down.

To break the rut and learn how to overcome laziness, it’s essential that you work through this shame and self-loathing. Self-compassion is integral to learning how to stop being lazy and unmotivated. 

So, instead of being judgemental, start getting the small things done. Once you focus on getting to the next step, everything will fall into place eventually. 

4. Be specific about what you want to stop being lazy about. 

You are not lazy about everything in your life. 

You might be motivated to reply to your work emails, clean the house, and get the laundry done. You are only lazy when it comes to washing the dishes or probably doing some other task. 

Therefore, another effective tip on how to overcome laziness is to pinpoint precisely what tasks you are lazy about and then work on changing your habits

Get specific on what exactly you want to commit to working on. It can be as simple as putting the dishes in the dishwasher right after using them. The major part is to be consistent and act on the issue rather than let it become a big deal in your head. 

5. Make sure you’re not overwhelmed by your tasks. 

When you are overwhelmed by the burden of too many things at the same time, you might freeze or get stuck in the stage of analysis paralysis. This way, the tasks keep piling up, and you continue getting stressed. Yet the frozen state means that you get no work done whatsoever.  

Therefore, an excellent tip on how to overcome laziness is to make sure that whatever tasks you have at hand are manageable. If you try to do it all at once, you might not get anything done.

Before asking ‘how do I overcome laziness,’ question whether you are lazy or overwhelmed. This will clear up half of the confusion. If you’re overwhelmed, try to divide your tasks into smaller portions. 

6. Figure out your motivation. 

A persistent lack of motivation is one of the primary reasons for your laziness. Procrastination enters your life once you fail to figure out a substantial reason for getting started. Therefore, figuring out what motivates you is essential to learning how to overcome laziness. 

To get started, make a list of things that motivate you. Now, use this list whenever you need a little push. Using your motivation to conquer your laziness allows you to capitalize on the age-old reward mechanism, giving you significant reasons to get going. 

Pro tip – While creating the list, make sure that you take the time to figure out what motivation or reward strikes your mind the moment you think of the task. Using the same motivation will boost your productivity rate. 

7. Plan and set manageable goals. 

The next tip to figure out how to fight laziness is to take time out to plan out your goals. Focus on your desires and needs. Imagine the bigger picture of things and think of the long-term goals that motivate you. Now, write down the smaller steps that will help you attain these long-term goals. If required, break these smaller steps into even smaller parts.

The challenge is to make the first step as measurable and easy as possible. Additionally, it would help if you created your goals in a way that they are motivating and attainable at the same time. 

Vying for long-term success is great, but if you don’t see results early on, you will feel unmotivated and eventually give up before you make substantial progress. Therefore, to learn how to beat laziness, focus on baby steps. 

8. Let go of perfectionism. 

As mentioned above, being reasonable and pragmatic with yourself is the only way to learn how to overcome laziness. 

Now, it’s natural that you might want to finish all the tasks from your to-do list. But don’t expect to be 100% perfect at each. Ultimately, we are all humans and are bound to mess up at some point or the other. The end goal is to minimize the mistakes but not eradicate them. It’s not possible. 

Therefore, if you focus on perfection, you will be scared to start. This way, you might lose the courage to make the first step. Expecting perfection will once again freeze your progress.

So, wondering how to stop being so lazy? Ditch those perfectionist tendencies first. 

9. Celebrate small victories. 

We are all used to having a harsh inner critic who’s always focusing on our shortcomings and flaws. During a bout of laziness, this inner self-critic might get louder and drown the sensible voice in your head.

If this is something that resonates with you, it’s time to make an inventory of your strengths and successes. Think of all the challenges you have faced and list the skills (personal and professional) you’ve used to get through them. These will help you fight the inner critic and motivate you to learn how to reduce laziness.  

Additionally, once you start working on the smaller goals we talked about earlier, it’s necessary that you celebrate your accomplishments. The pride you take in meeting these smaller goals will work as a compelling motivation for positive self-talk and help ward off future bouts of laziness. 


We have all struggled with laziness at some point in our lives and desperately searched for an answer on how to avoid being lazy and unmotivated. Laziness can significantly affect your self-esteem and begin a vicious cycle of stigma and shame. It can also restrict your personal and professional growth by stunting your productivity.

This is why learning how to overcome laziness is important. We hope these tips on how to stop being lazy and unmotivated will help you get started in the right way. 

Feeling lazy and unmotivated for two or longer? There might be serious factors at play. Laziness and lack of motivation are associated with depression and a slew of other mental health conditions. Therefore, seeking professional help is an effective way to gain clarity and the right support. 

Access to professional help is now easier than ever with the advent of online therapy platforms. To learn more about the most affordable online therapy platforms, click here. To continue learning about mental health daily, subscribe to Your Mental Health Pal.

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