9 Mental Health Motivational Speakers

Have you ever listened to motivational speakers? 

The power their words hold is incredible! Whether changing the listeners’ perspectives or inspiring them, they can make it happen like a magic spell. It gives us the strength to keep going through tough times. 

But, sometimes, healing through mental health issues and addictions could be challenging. Due to the way people see mental illnesses, they start to identify with the issues they are suffering from. This takes a toll on people going through mental illnesses. It makes them feel as if they are losing their identity.

But always remember that people are more than what they are going through, and you are not alone on your journey to healing

To help you understand this better, this blog post talks about motivational mental health speakers. These speakers share their personal journey and expertise to help break the mental health stigma and help others in their journey to heal.

Mental health motivational speakers and speeches inspire people, enhance their creativity, reduce fear, and motivate them to hang on to their journey. So, to inspire and help you with your journey, here are the top recommended mental health motivational speakers.

mental health motivational speakers

9 mental health motivational speakers

Top Nine Mental Health Motivational Speakers

1. Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is one of the best inspirational mental health speakers. He’s the European Vice-President of Twitter. He is also the host of the UK’s number one business podcast, “Eat Sleep Work Repeat.” He also wrote the Sunday Times number one bestselling book, ‘The Joy of Work’. Bruce promotes the importance of integrating happiness into the workplace culture.

Daisley doesn’t recommend an unhealthy work-life balance as the route to career success. Instead, he uses inspiration, empirical tests, and down-to-earth, practical advice to help you optimize the way you work and ultimately find more fulfillment in your job.

2. Charlie Cannon

He is a renowned personal trainer to Oscar-winning actors. Falling asleep while driving was a near-death experience for Cannon. It woke him to the importance of living life to the full. This realization inspired Cannon to help others live up to their full potential.

Cannon provides compelling strategies for a better quality of life by helping many leaders and teams build resilience.

3. Hayley Mulenda

She was recognized as the ‘Most Influential and Most Inspirational Black Entrepreneur in Britain for Under 21 in 2016. She is just 21 and inspires young and underrepresented voices.

She has the utmost empathy for students suffering from mental health issues. After overcoming her battle with depression and nearly taking her life at 18, Mulenda has turned her pain into purpose and inspiration, and she is now empowering others to do the same. 

4. Alexander Stubb

He is the former Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and Foreign Minister of Finland. He is an expert on politics and history but talks about happiness and life. He champions the holistic approach to well-being as well.

Alexander’s rule for a better quality of life is simple, 8+8+8. That means you should follow a daily routine of 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of personal time.

5. Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin is the founder and Creative Director of ‘A Lust for Life,’ a mental health charity. Breslin is also one of Ireland’s most prominent mental health advocates.

He speaks candidly about his experiences, suffering from generalized anxiety disorder alongside his working and schooling endeavors. Breslin highlights society’s problems with diagnosis, stigmas, and general issues with perception.

6. Ian Robertson

He is a Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. He is an expert in harnessing stress and using pressure to make you sharper and more robust.

By applying his research and knowledge in neuroscience to everyday life, Ian explores how you can adapt to the right amount of stress to help you. He aims to achieve that by changing the brain’s response to pressure.

7. Brene Brown

Brene Brown is a researcher and a keynote speaker from the University of Houston. Her expertise is in the study of being vulnerable, finding courage, and embracing our flaws against today’s societal constructs.

Brene’s ability to discuss family, empowerment and other uplifting elements give her audience hope in times of darkness. She focuses on the thought that negativity must be avoided at all costs, or it will swallow us. Instead, we must fight the negativity with courage.

8. Mike Veny

Mike Veny’s mission is to support people in receiving the gift of emotional wellness. He advocates against the phantoms of stigma and encourages his audience to look at themselves as they are, not who they should be or how others see them.

Veny shares his experiences with suicidal tendencies, depression, and the brutal realities of living under a cloud of psychological distress, so his listeners may see a reflection of themselves in him.

9. Helen Fisher

One of the best motivational speakers for mental health, Helen Fisher, is considered a world expert on relationships and romantic love. She is the Chief Scientific Adviser at ‘Chemistry.com.’ She is also a visiting research professor at the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in Anthropology.

She uses MRI images as a visual tool in her motivating lectures to analyze the fleeting power of romance. In those pictures, audiences can see how the human brain is physically impacted when a person endures the heartache of lost love and the energy of a new relationship.


When you hear about people being successful even after being through tough times or situations similar to yours, you get a sense of belonging and will to hang in there. Motivational speakers help you see a different perspective on life. It can influence your views on life and help you lead a better life. 

We hope you find our recommendations helpful to complete your journey in dealing with stress and mental health issues. Let us know about it in the comments.

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