Best Earplugs For Sleeping: Block Out Noise & Get Your Zzz’s

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t be reading about the best earplugs for sleeping to get those non-negotiable seven hours of sleep

But sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world!

So, anyone who has ever lived and tried to sleep in an apartment in any part of the world knows that while you are trying to sleep, the whole world seems to be waking up! This means construction, noisy pub-goers, or loud neighbors who seem to make it their mission to stomp the floor as hard as possible. 

And that’s before we count snoring or sleep-talking partners. Because, even though we love them, it’s pretty hard to sleep around them. As per Yale Medicine, around 37 million people in America snore regularly. That’s as many, if not more, partners facing the same issue. Every. Single. Night.

This is precisely why the best earplugs for sleeping are the perfect arsenal for your nights. They are like a game-changer for all your sleep issues, providing an easy, accessible, and affordable solution. But it’s investing in the right earplugs that makes all the difference. 

But how do you find them – the best earplugs for sleeping?

Well, we are saving you the multiple trials and errors and loads of money. In this blog post, we will dive into how you can find the best noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping. We have also sifted through Amazon product galleries to find you the best earplugs for sleeping. Let’s dive in!

How To Shop Earplugs For Sleeping From Amazon Like A Pro?

earplugs for sleeping

What are the most important things you need to keep in mind when choosing the best earplugs for sleeping from Amazon?

Right at the top of the list is, of course, noise reduction. Closely following that is comfort, the material used, quality, and the intended use of earplugs (for instance, to block snoring, background noise, etc.)

Let’s look at all these metrics in close detail.

1. Noise Reduction

The best earphones for noise cancelation depend on how much noise reduction you are after. Earplugs have their own unit to measure noise reduction. The American unit is Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), whereas it’s Single Number Rating (SNR) for Europe. 

Both of these are essentially the same things.

The higher the NRR or SNR, the more significant the noise reduction. Most earplugs lie between 18-35 decibels. For more specialized noise-canceling earphones, you can go to a hearing clinic. 

2. Material

Most earplugs available in the market are made of the following materials:

  • Soft foam earplugs are some of the most affordable earplugs on the market. They work by entering your ear canal and expanding to take the canal’s shape to reduce the noise’s intensity. These are your go-to options if you are looking for higher-range noise-canceling earphones for sleeping. However, they aren’t generally reusable and must be renewed every night.
  • Silicone earplugs are the most comfortable and costliest earplugs on the market. They offer a sustainable alternative to non-reusable earplugs for sleeping. Silicon earplugs are highly effective if you are looking to block out noisy neighbors or reduce background noise. However, they don’t provide complete silence. The good part is that you’ll still be able to hear your alarm.
  • Wax earplugs come in the form of a small ball that you can mold in your hands like putty. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for smaller or larger ear openings. They work the same way as silicone earplugs but are non-reusable. 

3. Purpose of use.

The next thing you need to consider while searching for the best earplugs for sleeping is your intended purpose for using them. 

Now, how will the purpose affect your buying decision

For starters, if you are looking for earplugs for sleeping, you might want to focus on standard and comfortable earplugs. Having reusable ones is an added benefit. These are good for saving your sleep from the occasional sounds of a snoring partner or background noise. 

Many over-the-top earplugs are made to protect your ears while swimming or block out background noise. But they might not be as effective for louder noises. 

Best Earplugs For Sleeping

Here’s Our List Of The Seven Best Earplugs For Sleeping

1. Loop Quiet – Ear Plugs for Sleep

best earplugs for sleeping

Price: $ 21.70

Type: Silicone

NRR: 27 dB

Our first choice in the list of the best earplugs for sleeping from Amazon is the silicon earplugs from Loop Quiet. With a 27-decibel NRR, these reusable earplugs are designed to keep your comfort in mind. The best part – they can effectively mask background noises like traffic or snoring but will ensure you can hear your alarm clock


  • Reusable for up to six months.
  • Come with a sturdy case.
  • Made from 100% hypoallergenic silicone.


  • High cost.
  • Higher NRR at a similar price range is available. 

2.  Flents Quiet Please Earplugs

best noise canceling earplugs for sleeping

Price: $ 19.99

Type: Foam

NRR: 29 dB

Even though there are multiple high-technology options in the market, low-tech foam earplugs for sleeping still remain one of the best solutions. The only thing you need to take care of while using these noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping is correctly positioning them. It’s the proper position that makes them most effective. 

Flents earplugs are cylindrical in shape with flattened sides. This makes them a comfortable choice for all the side sleepers. They are also highly malleable and flexible, making them the perfect fit for ear openings of all sizes. 


  • Comfortable for side sleepers
  • Economical


  • Non-reusable

3. WUTAN Ear Plugs for Sleeping

noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping

Price: $ 18.45

Type: Silicone

NRR: 14-38 dB

One of the best noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping from Amazon, WUTAN Ear Plugs score impeccably high on comfort. Their curved tips keep them in place throughout your sleep. To top it all off, they are available for a wide range of NRR with an impressive 38 dB at the higher end. 

With this range, they are one of the best earplugs for sleeping from Amazon for all light sleepers or those who have particularly noisy partners



  • Might be uncomfortable for some users due to the design
  • Size-range is limited. 

4. Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs

noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping

Price: $ 15.00

Type: Foam

NRR: 29 dB

If you are new to the idea of using earplugs for sleeping and aren’t sure if you want to spend much on them, Mack’s Soft Foam earplugs are your go-to option.

With this, you get a pair of 50 earplugs in a sturdy flip-open bottle. Their slim fit is perfect for all ear openings, especially smaller ones. With a 29 dB NRR, they offer excellent protection not just from snoring partners but also from construction or machinery-related noise.  


  • Affordable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Great for people with smaller ear openings. 


  • Non-reusable 
  • Not suitable for larger ear openings.

5. Eargasm Squishies

noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping

Price: $ 15.00

Type: Silicone Putty

NRR: 22 dB

Just like Mack’s Slim Flit, Eargasm Squishies are one of the best earplugs for noise-canceling. With a moldable silicone putty build, they fit a broad range of ear openings. 

But here’s the uniqueness that makes Eargasm Squishies different from similar products. If your Squishies are too large for your ear opening, you can slash off a piece from them to make it conducive. This is exceptionally beneficial if you have shorter ear openings and using a whole earplug feels too intrusive. 


  • Can be cut into smaller pieces to make a better fit.
  • Highly comfortable for side sleepers.


  • Non-reusable. 

So, Can You Wear Earplugs For Sleeping Every Night?

Mostly speaking – yes!

It’s safe to wear earplugs while sleeping. But you should be aware of a few side effects before using them. 

Firstly, if you regularly wear noise-canceling earplugs for sleeping, you might find a higher wax build-up in your ear. This can lead to the development of a blockage over time. Therefore, it’s critical to clean your ears every night before sleeping. Unchecked wax build-up can lead to severe tinnitus or hearing loss. So, if you start hearing slightly muffled voices, it is time to visit a general practitioner as soon as possible. 

Our ears are a dark, warm place. This means they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and infections. Therefore, clean your reusable earplugs regularly. Moreover, DON’T be tempted to reuse the disposable ones again!

Custom-made plugs made of more rigid materials or generic ones that don’t fit your ears properly might make the area red and painful. If not treated, it can even cause the breaking of the skin in certain places. 

Therefore, always pay attention to the instructions on the packet of your earplugs for sleeping. Moreover, don’t use them too harshly. Visit a healthcare professional in case you face any issues. 

What Are Some Alternatives To Earplugs For Sleeping (That Actually Work)?

There’s no doubt that the best earplugs for sleeping are game changers for those who face regular sleep disturbances due to noise. But, if you are looking for alternatives to earplugs for sleeping, plenty of other workable solutions are available. 

These include the following:

1. A white noise machine is one of the best alternatives to earplugs for sleeping. They can effectively block out unwanted noise. White noise is a sound characterized by equal frequencies in all directions. This way, it can mask all other sounds in that particular frequency range. 

2. Sleep headphones are another alternative to earplugs for sleeping. With soft speaker inserts, these headphones are perfect for center and side sleepers. 

3. Passive noise-canceling earmuffs do not just cancel out background noise but also protect your hearing. They are highly effective but also a lot bulkier than earplugs. 


When noise interferes with sleep, it can be pretty exhausting. Not getting enough sleep can be extremely detrimental to your overall health

This is why the best earplugs for sleeping are affordable and effective solutions. With multiple options to choose from, it can be pretty confusing to choose the right ones. We hope this list of the best noise-cancelation earphones for sleeping from Amazon will help you find the perfect ones for you.

Still struggling to find the right sleep?

Here are the best sleeping hacks to help you get the sleep of your dreams.

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