Inspiring Voices: 10 Best Motivational Speakers To Guide You

We have all encountered days when nothing makes sense. These are times when good food, coffee, the company of your friends, or Netflix binge – nothing feels good enough. At such crossroads, we often look for hope and motivation, no matter how faint they are. Just a few words said at the right time can have a transformational effect on the trajectory of our lives.

This is precisely where the best motivational speakers come into play. 

Wanting to feel motivated, inspired, or just trying to have a good old crying session – there is a motivational speaker for all your needs. Finding the right motivational speaker whose words resonate with your feelings can stir your spirits at the right moment and have you reaching for the stars.

But hundreds of speakers claim to be the world’s best motivational speaker in their own field. How do you ward off the toxic positivity and find the best inspirational speakers for yourself in the middle of this chaos?

Well, we have got you covered. We have created a list of the top ten motivational speakers in the world that have touched thousands of lives around the world. 

But what makes all of our suggestions great motivational speakers? 

No, it is not just their charisma or master storytelling skills. We love these top ten motivational speakers’ ability to empower and make people feel seen. We love them for their ability to build narratives that resonate with regular day-to-day experiences

What makes them great motivational speakers is how they showcase their struggles without ever downplaying others or making them feel bad. In a sea of toxic influencer culture, where everyone is trying to one-up others in terms of their pain and struggle, these motivational speakers are a breath of fresh air. 

So, whether you are looking to find inspiration on hard days or just looking to have a good time watching something good, here is a list of the most famous motivational speakers. Let’s get started.

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Top Ten Motivational Speakers In The World

Best Motivational Speakers

1. Elizabeth Gilbert

Best known for her novel Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert is the first one on our list of the world’s best motivational speakers. In her Ted Talk, Gilbert talks about how she overcame a paralyzing fear of mediocrity after the success of her book.

Gilbert was stuck in an extreme fear of publishing something that would not meet the expectations her readers had set for her. The situation became so dire that Gilbert felt she identified with her pre-Eat, Pray, Love self more than the version of herself that she became at present. This is because even though she struggled immensely with multiple rejections during those six years, she always had the haven of her writing to come back to.

So, when the success of her novel sent her life haywire, she once again found solace in the one thing that never failed her – her writing. 

Gilbert makes it to our list of the world’s best motivational speakers because of the simple yet extremely important lesson she teaches us. So, whether you are in your struggling phase, accomplished author phase, or wherever in between, the only way to regain balance and equilibrium is to always return to the things and people you love the most. 

2. Amy Cuddy

Much research has been done into what body language does for people in social settings. However, Amy Cuddy, the next one on our list of the best motivational speakers, stands out with her on this topic.

Amy decodes how your body language influences your attitude and behaviors. She dives into how just a few strategic changes can significantly improve your self-confidence and esteem.

Amy makes it to our list of the top motivational speakers in the world because of her story of adversity and transformation. She isn’t one of those preachy influencers who do not believe their own words. She walks and talks the confidence she preaches in her motivational speeches. 

Having faced a life-threatening accident at the young age of 19, Amy was told by doctors that she would never fully heal. However, with her tenacity and dedication, she decoded the power of body language and its deep impact on your psychology.

Her story reminds you of the human spirit that is always ready to bounce back, even in the face of adversity.

3. Lisa Nichols

Single moms have a tough life. Even in the 21st century, society doubts the capabilities of single mothers to raise their children. They are questioned and looked down upon at every stage of their lives. If you are a single mom, Lisa Nicholas is a great motivational speaker for you.

After coming out of an abusive relationship with nothing to her name, Lisa conquered the depths of poverty with the sheer power of their voice. Now equipped with the knowledge that helped her turn around her life, Lisa coaches thousands of young individuals, shaping their lives for the better.

If you are someone who is constantly weighed down by the difficult circumstances thrust on you, Lisa Nicholas is one of the best inspirational speakers for you

4. Garry Kasparov

Former Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov is one of the famous motivational speakers on this list. Though not a professional, the story of Garry, his resilience, and his sheer ability to talk about important issues are inspiring for all of us.

Over the years following his retirement, Kasparov has been critical of the deteriorating state of Russian politics. Apart from this, he has also used his chess skills to talk about broader topics like the incorporation of technology in people’s lives.

His Ted Talk, ‘Don’t Fear Intelligent Machines,’ talks about accepting artificial intelligence with open arms. In times like ours, when A.I. is the new buzzword for the world, Kasparov offers a unique and fascinating perspective on the topic. 

Garry also makes it to our best motivational speakers list because he never shies away from admitting his vulnerabilities and weaknesses despite his stature as a chess royalty and a public figure. 

5. Maya Shankar

An age-old saying goes – change is the only constant. However, the constant thing about change that has spanned generations is the human tendency to resist it fiercely. Whether small or big, change is tough. And sometimes, we find it so hard to cope with change and leave the safe spaces that we let go of life-changing opportunities for growth

This is exactly why Maya Shankar is next on the list of best inspirational speakers. A cognitive scientist by profession, Maya offers an insightful perspective on learning how to cope with change. 

Maya’s strength lies in simplifying complex ideas and presenting them in a way that resonates with the audience. With wit, humor, and rhetoric, Maya takes you on a learning journey to become comfortable with big or small changes. 

6. Sheryl Sandberg

One of the most famous motivational speakers on the list, Sheryl Sandberg, is the former COO of tech giant Meta (formerly known as Facebook). Sheryl is at the forefront of a multi-billion dollar business and takes on the patriarchal nature of the global business industry.

She touches on critical questions like why fewer women than men reach the top positions and why women have been taught never to negotiate or be assertive in workplaces. 

Being a role model for women in the business world, Sheryl provides advice and insights for anyone looking to venture into the domain. Her power to challenge the status quo and ask tough questions makes her one of the best motivational speakers for women.

7. Brené Brown

If you haven’t heard about Brené Brown till now, this is your sign from the universe to listen to her right away. The author of the bestselling book Daring Greatly, Brown is a researcher by profession. 

Initially, Brown was your average researcher who relied on numbers and concrete data to understand things. However, she soon learned that only by accepting her vulnerabilities will she be able to make her most important findings and discoveries

Brown’s message is simple – always stay connected with the inner, vulnerable child in your heart. You might lose your way multiple times, but by having honest conversations with yourself, you will always find the right path eventually. 

8. Malala Yousafzai

Imagine surviving an assassination attack at age 15 simply for wanting to attend your school. Malala Yousafzai was 11 when she began campaigning for the right to education for girls in Pakistan. She soon became a target for the Taliban due to her activism.

However, despite such threatening circumstances, Malala continues to fight the systematic oppression of girl children worldwide. At 17, she became the person in the world to be honored by a Nobel Peace Prize for her work.

Her tenacity, dedication, and courage to fight for a humanitarian cause even when her life was at risk inspires us all. And this is exactly why she is a great motivational speaker. 

9. Guy Winch

As a global society, we have taken multiple strides in talking about mental health. Yet, while people promptly ask for medical help for their issues, they are reluctant to do so for their mental health issues. This is exactly why Guy Winch is the best motivational speaker for you. 

Winch discusses the importance of asking for help in dealing with emotional trauma, guilt, and loneliness. In his Ted Talk, Winch discusses the importance of discussing your psychological health issues. He dives deeper into emotional regulation and the importance of managing your emotions. 

If you are someone who constantly struggles with your mental health and well-being, Winch is one of the world’s best motivational speakers for you.

10. Les Brown

The most popular motivational speaker on our list, Les Brown, has been an inspirational figure for millions. His speeches are filled with practical advice from personal hardships and experiences that Les has seen throughout his life.

Having served three times as an Ohio State Legislator, Les has been dedicated to bringing grassroots change to the community

He teaches people the art and science of self-improvement, thereby empowering them to dream big and achieve greater heights. 


We all struggle to find motivation. It could be a creative rut, a slump in your job performance, or an issue with your personal life. During such times, the right words by the right person can make a world of difference in your life.

This is exactly why the best motivational speakers are essential. We hope this list of the top inspirational speakers will help you find the one that you can resonate with.

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