Top Anger Management Classes Explained

A customer care executive just put you on hold for the third time, and you feel a familiar heat rising in your stomach. There is a rush of emotions in your chest. And just as the executive returns, you fail to hold on. Anger cracks through you like lightning.

Later, you will sit down trying to analyze why you reacted the way you did. You might not even remember what you said, but you will have a pang of guilt within you. This is because you know the customer care rep was just doing their job. You will feel guilty, knowing that you let your anger overpower you.

Getting angry is a normal part of being human. However, some of us with ‘short tempers’ find it difficult to control them. This often results in outbursts and associated bouts of guilt. But just because you have always had a short temper or lack of patience doesn’t mean you can’t change. It is possible to address your anger issues and redirect that negative energy so that it has less effect on your daily life. But, before going on the searching spree and googling things like ‘the top anger management classes near me,’ first let us understand what anger is.

What Is Anger?

Anger is our reaction to a threat. That means it triggers our body’s fight-or-flight response. When you are angry, your body releases hormones that can impact bodily functions like heart rate and blood flow. 

Just like chronic stress, persistent anger can finally lead to hypertension, ulcers, and heart diseases. So even though harnessed anger can be a catalyst (think of activism), pent-up anger is BAD. When anger controls you, it becomes physically and mentally harmful to your body. 

Anger can often be an indication of an underlying mental health condition. You might not feel it early on. But if your outbursts have seemingly no cause and are unpredictable, it is important to dig deeper. 

So what do we do?

Try to embrace the emotion of anger, learn from it, and finally set it free. Easy right?

Who are we kidding? Absolutely not.

That is why we need experts. 

Don’t worry. We have already done the first part for you. Here is a list of the best and free anger management classes:

The Best Online Anger Management Classes:

1. Open Path

About: Open Path provides anger management classes and certifications that you can watch and complete at your own pace. Here, you can complete several courses that can satisfy courts, schools, or work requirements.

Pricing options: For any anger management course at Open Path, you need to pay an initial registration fee of $4.99. After this, you will be able to access any course. 

Besides the initial fee, you will be charged for your certificate. This can range from $17-$115, depending on the course duration.

2. The Anger Coach

About: Dr. Tony Fiore, AKA the anger coach, provides helpful anger management classes on his website, The Anger Coach. These anger management classes can help you deal with your anger issues and manage them productively and safely. Several classes are available covering various topics. You can find classes regarding changing self-talk for better anger management, managing your reactions, and much more.

Pricing options: Tony Fiore’s provides free anger management classes online. Hence, you can watch his videos for free.

3. Udemy

About: Udemy offers one of the best self-help online anger management classes. It offers a variety of courses that you can take at your own pace. These courses come at an affordable price, and you gain all-time access once the payment is made. 

Pricing options: Udemy is one of the most affordable platforms on this list. Courses start at $14.99 and go up to $84.99. New users are frequently offered discounted prices.

4. Dr. John Schinnerer

About: Dr. John Schinnerer, Ph.d. in educational psychology, has designed several courses for anger management. A part of his course is available freely on Youtube. However, in order to complete the course and get a certificate, you need to avail the paid option. Through these 12-hour extensive anger management classes, you will be able to learn how to manage anger, irritability, and annoyance. 

Pricing options: The entire anger management course by Dr. John Schinnerer costs $59.95.

5. State Welfare Agencies And Local Events

About: If you try to google ‘anger management classes near me,’ you shall also be able to find several in-person and free classes in your area. These courses might be hosted by the state welfare agencies created under the U.S. Department of Health.

Moreover, Exchange club chapters offer a variety of free courses, including anger management. Local event listing websites like EventBrite can help you locate free courses in your area.

Pricing options: Anger management classes and workshops hosted by state welfare agencies are free of cost. 

Top Five Anger Management Online Therapy Platforms:

Now that you have read about anger management classes, let’s take you a step further. Do you know that therapy is a potent solution for anger issues and you can find the perfect therapist for yourself right from the abode of your home? 

Yes! Anger management online therapy helps you find the right guidance from the comfort of your living room. It’s time to take the right step toward understanding your anger and ultimately regain control of your life. We have curated a list of the top five anger management online therapy to get you started.

Disclaimer: As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive a commission from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through our links provided on this page.

1. BetterHelp

BetterHelp therapy website logo

About: One of the best anger management online therapy platforms for private counseling, BetterHelp, was established in 2013. It offers various counseling services in live chat, online messaging, and phone and video sessions. The services are accessible through a phone, laptop, or tablet. 

The professional service at BetterHelp is provided by accredited and certified clinical social workers, psychologists, and counselors. However, BetterHelp therapy is not state-approved to provide court certificates of anger management therapy. Hence if you are under court orders to get anger management therapy, you might want to look for other options.

Pricing options: $60- $90/ week (depends on your location). The payments can be made weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Pros of using BetterHelp anger management therapy:

  • unlimited messaging,
  • bilingual options,
  • change of therapist allowed, and
  • good customer care services.

Cons of using BetterHelp anger management therapy:

  • costlier than other platforms,
  • prior approval from probation officers or the court is required to check if they will accept it, and
  • therapist chosen for you (you can choose your own therapist, but that option occurs to one after a lot of exploration).

Disclaimer: As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive a commission from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through our links provided on this page.

2. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on demand online therapy website logo

About: Doctor on Demand offers a variety of healthcare services, including anger management online therapy programs. The best part about their service is the presence of both therapists and physicians who can provide support in terms of counseling and medications. 

The anger management therapy program at Doctors on Demand offers various specialized issues that could be contributing to your anger, including:

  • trauma,
  • grief,
  • relationship issues, and
  • work problems.

Pricing options: The per session cost depends on the duration and the type of service provided. The packages available are:

  • 25-minute therapy session: $129
  • 50-minute therapy session: $179
  • 45-minute psychiatric consultation: $299
  • 15-minute psychiatric follow-up: $129

Pros of using Doctor on Demand’s anger management therapy:

  • accepts insurance,
  • medication services available,
  • seeks payment only for the session you need, and
  • and offer 24×7 support.

Cons of using Doctor on Demand’s anger management therapy:

  • no subscription plan is available,
  • costly, especially with no insurance, and
  • text messaging service is not available.

3. website logo

About: is one of the best anger management online therapy platforms offering effective care and solutions. Its programs help users identify their triggers and subsequently use cognitive-behavioral therapy to address them. The added advantage has over other platforms is in the additional resources it provides. 

Pricing options: offers different subscription plans:

1. Basic plan: $160/month. This includes regular messaging services with your therapist five days a week, i.e., Monday to Friday. It provides you access to eight different sections of the toolbox, including:

  • 25 worksheets,
  • meditation and yoga videos,
  • journals,
  • self-tests, and
  • activity plans.

2. Standard plan: $240/month. This plan provides all features of the basic plan along with a 24×7 messaging facility with your therapist and live sessions. 

3. Premium plan: $320/month. The premium plan includes all the benefits of the standard plan, along with guaranteed express replies and twice-a-week live sessions. 

Pros of using’s anger management therapy:

  • 20% discount on the first month,
  • court-approved anger management therapy program (however, it’s always good to consult with the court before), 
  • certificate of completion given upon request, and
  • subscription cancellation is allowed at any point in time.

Cons of using’s anger management therapy:

  • does not take insurance,
  • only monthly subscription plans available, and
  • does not provide services for teens and kids.

4. TeenCounseling

Teen Counseling website logo

About: If you are searching for a platform specializing in anger management online therapy for teens, look no further than TeenCounseling. The platform employs therapists that specialize in anger management therapy as well as in addressing underlying contributing issues, like:

Pricing options: The cost of therapy varies according to the therapist chosen and the user’s location. The site’s FAQs state that per week sessions of therapy cost somewhere between $60 -$90 per week. However, the service bills only once a month.

Pros of using TeenCounseling’s anger management therapy:

  • specialization in teen mental health,
  • quick sign-up process, and
  • change of therapist allowed.

Cons of using TeenCounseling’s anger management therapy:

  • does not accept insurance,
  • does not provide court-approved anger management therapy, and
  • choice of therapist unavailable.

5. Calmerry

Calmerry online therapy website logo

About: The vision behind Calmerry was the need to address accessible and affordable mental health therapy. Launched in 2020, the platform provides a variety of online therapies associated with different emotions, including:

  • emotional abuse counseling,
  • grief counseling,
  • depression,
  • anxiety, etc.

At Calmerry, you will find therapists with widespread experience in assisting anger issues. With more than one communication channel, it is touted to be one of the best among anger management online therapy platforms. 

Pricing options: Calmerry provides different pricing options for various services:

  • The Messaging Plan: $41.99 per week (or $167.96 total) for the first month, then $56.99 a week ($227.96 monthly)
  • The Messaging + One Live Video Plan: $51.99 per week for the first month, then $74.99 per week (or $299.96 monthly). This plan includes one 30-minute live video session with the therapist every week.
  • The Messaging + Four Live Video Plan: $67.49 per week the first month and $89.99 per week (or $359.96 monthly) after that. Along with this plan, you get four 30-minute live sessions every week.

Pros of using Calmerry’s anger management therapy programs:

  • individual, couples, and family therapy options available,
  • starts with $42 a week,
  • four sessions per week plan, and
  • discounted first month.

Cons of using Calmerry’s anger management therapy programs:

  • not usually covered by insurance,
  • does not provide court-approved anger management therapy, and
  • choice of therapist is unavailable– Calmerry matches you with one.


If your anger issues are intruding in your personal and professional life, maybe it’s time to talk to a professional. Talking to a mental health professional does NOT mean you have failed.

In fact, it means the exact opposite. It means you are brave enough to accept your problems and are willing to find solutions.

Owning up to your problems is one of the most challenging things to do. If you have reached this far and decided to take the first step – we are proud of you, pal. The journey is long, but we are certain you will make it to the other end.

We hope this list of anger management online therapy platforms will help you match with the help you need. Now that you have read about finding anger management therapy, let’s take you to the next step. To learn how to set realistic goals for your therapy sessions and make the most out of them, click here.

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