Top 11 Powerful Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation techniques have been on an uprise, and now a lot of people are practicing different techniques to manifest their dreams.

Practicing manifestation techniques can be one of the many stepping stones toward achieving what you desire. Before learning more about the methods, let’s back up and brush our basics.

Manifestation, in general, refers to an indication of the existence or presence of something. 

Manifestation requires one to be clear on what one wants to achieve in life. The process starts with realization, and then all you need is to ask, believe and receive. Subconsciously we always manifest things that we want in life. Still, when you consciously acknowledge it, you start manifesting your desires.

A theory known as the law of attraction says that “like attracts like.” It means that you attract whatever you put your focus on. It is a universal theory that is always in process, even if you are not thinking about it. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive things will get attracted to your life. Similarly, more negative thoughts attract negative things in life. 

A manifestation is simply a form of action that bends the law of attraction in your favor.

All the law of attraction techniques work on a simple principle: ask, believe and receive.


To achieve what you desire, you must first know what you truly want and then ask for it!


The most difficult but essential step of the process is to keep faith that whatever you asked for is on its way and that you will surely get it. It is very easy to give up and stop having faith, but once you resist the temptation of quitting, you only need to reap the benefits.


Always keep yourself open to all that life offers, and then you will realize whatever you asked for is now at your disposal.

Why manifest?

There are numerous reasons why you should start practicing manifestation techniques, which help you achieve your goals and also help improve your mental health.

Practicing manifestation: 

  1. Makes you more optimistic

The basic definition of optimism is looking at the bright side. By practicing manifestation, you look at the positive and bright end of things instead of the dark side. You start focusing on the positive result and stop thinking about the negative impacts.

  1. Reduces stress

When you stop worrying about failure and start working on yourself for success, it helps in reducing your stress and makes you happy in life.

  1. Makes you more grateful.

Some manifestation techniques, such as scripting, and others involve writing. They encourage you to write positive thoughts and help you focus on the good in your life instead of the bad, make you more grateful for your existing life, and help create a positive mindset.

  1. Makes you self-confident

The basic concept of manifestation is to have faith that you will achieve your goal. When you start having faith in yourself and the process, this simple faith helps you a long way by boosting your confidence and removing the fear of failure within you. 

Mental health awareness is an important concept for everyone, and these benefits mentioned above have a common end result: to make you more positive in your life. This newfound positivity helps you in developing your mental health. As mentioned, manifestation reduces stress which thereby helps in improving anxiety and other mental illnesses. Similarly, becoming more grateful can help improve your depression and lead a happy life!

manifestation techniques
7 Powerful Manifestation Techniques To Change Your Life

Most Powerful manifestation techniques for beginners

If you have reached this point in the article, then you must be wondering how to start manifestation. 

There are numerous ways you can manifest! 

Here, we have mentioned the top 11 most powerful manifestation techniques, and the one with prior experience in manifestation can perform with ease!

1. 369 manifestation technique

The 369 manifestation method is a writing-based method that has recently gained popularity from social media and has worked like a charm for most manifestation practitioners.

The process:

  1. You need to start your day by writing what you desire in a journal three times, which should take 17 seconds at the very least. As per Ester hicks and Abraham hicks, it takes 17 seconds to realize and affect your mind about the things you desire.
  1. In the afternoon, take out your journal and write down your desired things six times. This increase in number is to draw your focus back. After the start of your day, sometimes things go sideways, and you forget what you need to focus on. So, this helps you stay on track.
  1. By the end of the day, preferably before sleep, start writing the same thing you desire eight times. This phase is helpful because it affects you, making you super focused for the next day you start.

2. 5×55 method

This is a straightforward exercise mainly based on numerology’s spiritual importance.

The process:

  1. Start by journaling and writing the things that you want to manifest 55 times
  2. All those phrases should be in an affirmation form, representing that you have achieved it.
  3. Continue this for the next five days. 

This is one of the most powerful manifestation methods to help you in developing a positive attitude toward the day. 

3. 2-cup method

A method based on visualization and acceptance is the two-cup method. 2 cup method can be used to help you if you feel demotivated.

The process:

  1. Take two empty cups.
  2. Fill them with drinking water.
  3. Label one of them as your current situation and label the other with what you desire. 
  4. Now fill the cup labeled as your current situation. 
  5. After filling it, take some time and think about it and then transfer the water into the empty cup. 

Using this method is like changing your realities. It helps you keep motivated by making you feel that everything is possible and can be achieved with time.

4. Worry box

Out of all the manifestation methods, this one is the simplest method. The worry box method is widely used as a stress-relieving exercise for children. Still, in our opinion, every individual can try it.

The process:

Start by writing down all your negative emotions, folding them, and inserting them in a box labeled worry box. 

This helps free your mind from negative types of emotions and allows for more positive thoughts.

5. Sleep manifestation method

It is a manifestation technique that focuses more on your subconscious mind than your conscious mind. 

The process:

  1. First, you need to go and lie down
  2. Put on some affirmation phrases that you wish to have in life
  3. Sleep to the sound of those phrases.

This method makes your subconscious mind more active and thinks of those positive affirmations as a property of your personality. This can give you a more positive outlook toward your goal.

6. Focus wheel

The pillow method uses both visualization and writing forms of manifestation techniques. 

The process:

Please make a small circle in the middle of a blank sheet and write your goal inside it. After that, you need to write the positive affirmations that you need to do to achieve the goal. For example: if you want to achieve financial stability, write down the affirmations that you will do, like start saving every week. Keep writing until the page fills up.

This technique is helpful for those who feel like they are not close to their goal, through which they can achieve satisfaction in life. It helps visualize the critical point they need to focus on in their daily life, as well as helps them realize that they know how big of a deal it is and even know the entire plan to achieve it. All that they need to do is believe in themselves. 

7. Dream boarding

Another one of the most powerful manifestation techniques that use visualzation is dream boarding. 

The process:

Get a board and pin the dream you want to achieve at the top. After that, keep adding every little picture you find that helps you visualize and connect the dots for your vision.

This technique is one of the most widely used manifestation techniques. 

Dream boarding helps you map the way you want to work for your goal and, at the same time, keeps you motivated for the result that you will accomplish.

8. The pillow method

The pillow method uses the concept that while sleeping, our conscious mind is replaced by our subconscious mind and controls all our emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

The process:

Please write what you desire on paper, keep it under your pillow, and then go to sleep. This will lead to better visualization of your goal by the subconscious mind and shape your mindset accordingly.

This method is helpful for us to change our mindset and help us be more focused on achieving our goals.

9. Subconscious reprogramming

Subconscious reprogramming, unlike it, sounds is quite a simple exercise.

The process:

Whenever you fear something, start analyzing and ask yourself why do I fear this thing or situation. You need to analyze it like a puzzle you can’t solve and then look at things with a new perspective.

This method is beneficial in ridding yourself of fear, which can lead to anxiety and stress.

10. Scripting

Ever heard a painting can speak a thousand words? But there’s a twist here! You need to paint a picture through your words here.

The process:

Start by picking up a journal and scribbling away the entire dream that you want to achieve. Spare no detail; it should include what you are wearing, what time it is, and what you say. Write it as if you are writing a novel and are the lead character. Write down everything, and this simple yet effective exercise can help you in the future.

Scripting is a form of manifestation technique that uses writing as well as your visualization. This makes you more positive and gives you more motivation to build your future like you wrote the story.

11. Mirror method

It is one of the most challenging methods to do. Once you can complete the mirror method technique, it won’t just help you manifest your goal but also help you achieve better mental health

The process:

Stand straight in front of a mirror, look at the image of yourself and say five things you like about the image in front of you. Continue this for the next ten days and watch the development.

Always consider the mirror as a boomerang. If you look at it with negative thoughts, it will give you a negative outcome. Whereas looking at it with a positive perspective will provide you with all the positive results it can! 


Manifestation techniques are very effective only if you take the necessary actions. It is impossible to reach your goal just by thinking about it. These techniques help you by creating a mindset that enhances the process of achieving your goal. 

Practicing manifestation will not only make you have a more positive outlook but also helps increase your focus. All you need to do then is work hard to achieve your goal.

One of the significant aspects of manifestation is to make you motivated. Everyone needs to analyze why they lack motivation and work on it to lead a better and more fulfilling life; here are some reasons why you might be lacking motivation in life.

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