13 Effective Ways On How To Feel Better When Depressed 

What do you do when you feel sad or frustrated?

You generally go for a walk, wash your face, have some refreshments, do something you love, or just sit and listen to music.

Let us tell you something; you can use all these ways to make yourself feel better when depressed. Discomfort is normal when one is depressed, and there are many ways on how to feel better when depressed.

So let’s dive into ways to make you feel better when you are depressed.

13 Ways on how to feel better when you are depressed

Ways to feel better when depressed
Feel Better Exercises

1. Show Compassion To Yourself

A person who’s depressed goes through a tough time. And finding ways to feel better when you’re depressed can become challenging.

When someone is sad, they constantly feel self-conscious. Showing compassion toward one’s sentiments is crucial. Being pitiful is not the goal of compassion. It involves taking care of yourself and expressing affection for your sentiments.

2. Exercise once in a while

How to feel better when you feel down? 

By exercising

Endomorphins are increased every day by light exercise. They are referred to as “feel-good hormones.” These hormones will make one feel fulfilled and happy.

Avoid strenuous activities that will wear you out too much. Along with other forms of therapy, exercise can aid in treating depressive disorders. Start out by going on long walks, then gradually pick up the pace.

3. Think and do the opposite of negative thoughts

When a person is depressed, they frequently think poorly of themselves and their lives. Maintaining an optimistic outlook and finding ways to feel better when depressed is difficult. When someone is depressed, it’s common for them to draw the worst conclusions.

Try to quiet your mind the next time you have negative ideas. Try shifting your focus to more constructive thought. Say encouraging things to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it will take time. You must gradually practice changing your negative thoughts to good ones. Another name for this is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy helps one manage mental health concerns by modifying cognitive processes and behavior. Exercises that stimulate the brain and lessen mental illnesses are a part of this therapy.

4. Set reachable goals

Setting goals could be difficult for someone who is depressed. They may not have planned since they believe they lack the necessary skills.

Attempting to make reasonable goals is a good idea, even if you frequently feel incapable. You’ll feel better about yourself after setting a goal. Find ways to feel better when depressed and practice them. You can easily set your goals once you have them under control.

5. Be proud of your achievements

It’s essential to feel good about oneself. People with depression have negative thoughts about themselves. You must have faith in yourself in this situation.

Every time you do anything, you should treat yourself. If you create a goal or finally have a sleep regimen or start eating well, give yourself credit. Be happy with who you are. Recognize your advancements as you work to enhance your mental well-being. Learning how to feel better when you are depressed can be challenging; start small and keep motivating yourself. 

6. Create a routine

Schedule disruptions may occur for someone who is depressed. It is typical to go through it. When depressed, a person could not have the motivation to do anything.

Setting up a routine is challenging for someone sad. But try it out. You may keep your thoughts on a constructive task by creating a routine. Consider creating simple routines that you may gradually introduce into your daily life. Creating a plan will assist you in returning to your life. It is one of the great ways to feel better when depressed.

7. Engage in something you love

Another one among the ways to feel better when depressed is engaging in things you love. 

It is important to keep doing something you love. It will help produce dopamine in your brain and reduce stress and anxiety. 

8. Spend time with loved ones

A depressed person might prefer to remain alone. While being alone is not wrong, occasionally communicating with people you love is crucial. You can deal with depression better if you spend time with your family and friends. It is one of the effective ways to feel better when depressed. 

Try to surround yourself with those who can relate to you and your feelings. It can be difficult to articulate your emotions, which is common. Take baby steps, and begin by disclosing something you are at ease doing. You’ll feel better if you talk about your feelings.

9. Write your feelings

Journaling is also an excellent approach to dealing with depression. It is not easy to talk to someone about your sentiments; in such a circumstance, you might write them down. You can better comprehend your emotions by writing them down. Also, you can write down ways to feel better when depressed. 

There are many artistic ways that you can communicate your emotions. Write, draw, or do whatever you like.

10. Go for something new

Another way to feel better when depressed is by trying something new

One can change their life and attempt new things to feel better while battling depression. It’s acceptable to experience anxiety while trying something new and to be afraid of change.

However, this is a fantastic method to let your thoughts wander. You’ll feel better and be shielded from unfavorable ideas for a while.

11. Have a proper diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial. Junk food consumption might make us dull and worsen depression. You must consume omega-3 in your diet. Omega 3 is essential for brain health. According to reports, eating more omega-3s lessens depression. It is one of the most healthy ways to feel better when depressed.

Although we all like consuming sugar, it is unsuitable for our bodies or minds. Inflammatory hormones are released by sugar, which disrupts the brain. Consequently, it’s essential to consume the right amount of sugar. Avoid caffeine as well because it lowers serotonin levels in the brain. 

Never go without food. Maintain your health. A person suffering from depression may feel like eating nothing or everything. Controlling your dietary habits is crucial.

12. Have sufficient sleep

A regular sleep schedule is the first thing anyone suffering from depression has to implement into their lives. The essential thing in our lives is sleep. A sleep regimen could be difficult for someone who is depressed. Someone suffering from depression may sleep excessively or too little. Poor sleep habits can lead to laziness, poor eating habits, health problems, and depression.

Establish a sleep plan for yourself. Take it one day at a time. Don’t sleep nonstop all day. Instead, establish a bedtime and clear your bedroom of all distractions, including television and phones. Your sleep routine will gradually get better.

13. Accept your feelings 

The first step in learning how to feel better when depressed is acceptance of your feelings. 

Yes, acknowledging your emotions might be difficult because you may feel exposed. However, give yourself some time to reflect and embrace your emotions. 

When to seek help

You can lessen depression in several ways without using medication. But this does not negate the need for medication. Although difficult to take, medications are necessary. A mental health professional can guide you through your journey on how to get better from depression and create a strategy to take your meds properly if you suffer from significant depression.

You will be helped on your mental wellness journey via various platforms. Additionally, various mental health organizations seek to assist people in resolving their problems.


These were some of the ways on how to feel better when depressed. If depression is not treated in time, it may worsen. For information on how to treat depression without using medication, speak with your therapist or psychiatrist. You can try any of the abovementioned methods to lessen depression, but you shouldn’t manage your symptoms alone. Inform your doctor of any changes so that problems don’t arise.

The thing that one needs to remember is that the recovery style for everyone is different. The type of recovery depends on the situation and requirements. For some, natural remedies can work, while for others won’t. But don’t give up. Embrace your journey on how to feel better when depressed and accept your style of recovery. These natural remedies to combat depression require consistency. 

You cannot expect results in a day or two. It will take time. You have to develop patience. Also, taking medications is essential if the condition requires it. It is hard, but it will help you. 

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  1. Those seem reeally good. Sometimes we have to push ourselves a bit if we truly want to get better. Worth it in long run. I like to switch focus from bad things to good ones in my life. Helps a bit.

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