Therapy in Your Feed: Best Instagram Therapists To Follow

Nowadays, Instagram has become a platform for literally everything. You can find anything to everything you want here. So, if you can find something meaningful here, then why scroll over random things? 

Instagram has become an important tool in the mental health niche too. You can find posts, reels, and videos about mental health. In addition to that, you can also find your therapist over this app for your mental well-being. 

With the rise of Instagram therapists, you can now access professional mental health support, guidance, and inspiration from the comfort of your phone screen. 

So, if you are ready to start investing in your mental health, keep reading to discover some of the best Instagram therapists out there. 

Best Instagram Therapists That You Need To Follow Right Away!

Therapy in Your Feed: Best Instagram Therapists To Follow

1. Nicole LePera

  • Instagram Handle:  


The contents in Dr. Nicole LePera’s Instagram account are written on solid backdrops and are in the form of lists and comparisons, and she is one of the best Instagram therapists. An infographic-style data visualization can be found in the mix. The captions of almost all postings include a microblog of 2-3 paragraphs.

All the psychological ideas are broken into manageable chunks that are easy to read and understand. Nicole’s writing resembles how we speak to one another and with ourselves in many ways.

2. Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC

  • Instagram Handle:


Another of the best Instagram therapists includes Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC. Sara’s articles typically consist of writing over solid dark, mid, or light blue backgrounds with lists, reminders, or both. Although captions are just a single line long, images contain a lot of valuable content.

The visual identity of the page gives a feeling of safety, calmness, and stability. In addition, the informational content encourages readers to think about their own experiences, feelings, and opinions.

3. Nedra Glover Tawwab, Therapist

  • Instagram Handle: 


The page contains contents in the form of phrases and lists, and Nedra Glover Tawwab is one of the best Instagram therapists. The posts are generally with a white background and yellow graphic decorations. In addition, short videos on subjects like learning to be comfortable with failure and how to stop overthinking are posted approximately every ten posts.

Despite being bright and visually colorful, Nedra’s work heavily focuses on empowerment. These posts encourage you and make you feel more secure. 

4. Vienna Pharaon

  • Instagram Handle: 


Another best Instagram therapy account is of Vienna Pharaon. The author writes about relationships and myths about relationships and gives advice. All her content is written on plain, simple solid black or white backdrops. Vienna has a checkerboard pattern made of light and dark sections that alternate. They also toss in the odd picture of themselves now and then. Most captions are lengthy and have the sense of a short blog entry.

Although it isn’t stated in her bio, Vienna places a lot of emphasis on offering relationship advice to her followers. 

5. Lisa Olivera

  • Instagram Handle:


The contents are on a plain, colored background on Lisa’s Instagram page, which is the best Instagram therapy account. The visuals are earthy, present, and cozy. There are occasional pictures of Lisa. Lisa is utilizing Instagram’s galleries function, which stops each image from being overcrowded and lets followers swipe their way through.

Lisa’s content is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable and calm, and that’s what makes her one of the best Instagram therapists. Her words encourage you to become more self-aware by making you feel secure and helping you perceive things more clearly. Every post oozes with thoughtfulness and generosity. 

6. Sarah Crosby

  • Instagram Handle:


Another best Instagram therapy account is that of Sarah Crosby. The contents are in the form of infographics and illustrative-style graphics. In addition, posts are typically accompanied by lengthy subtitles packed with information.

Sarah is “the mind geek,” as you can see by her page, where she demonstrates her interest in and knowledge of issues related to mental health and personal growth, making her one of the best Instagram therapists. Sarah makes information about mental health understandable with gorgeously designed images and captions packed with helpful information.

7. Allyson Dinneen

  • Instagram Handle:


Another in the list of famous psychologists on Instagram is Allyson Dinneen. Photographs of actual notes from Allyson Dinneen’s therapy Instagram account include crumbled, creased, and scrawled notes on notebook paper. Short captions are usually just a few sentences long.

The account literally does justice to its name and is thus the best Instagram therapy account. The posts make you feel like they are real handwritten notes from your therapists. The words, textures, and pen’s genuineness on paper convey each note’s sincerity.

8. Whitney Hawkins Goodman, LMFT

  • Instagram Handle:


Another best Instagram therapy account is of Whitney Hawkins Goodman. The contents are shown on branded, solid white, grey, and blue backdrops on this Instagram account. In addition, a 2-3 paragraph caption that reads like a tiny blog is attached to almost all posts.

Whitney is among the famous psychologists on Instagram who discusses incredibly complex truths about mental health. Last year, one of Whitney’s Instagram posts outlining the differences between toxic positivity and validation became extremely viral and was covered by numerous publications, including The Mighty and Bored Panda.

9. Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT

  • Instagram Handle: 


Most of the Instagram posts on Elizabeth’s therapist account are their own words enclosed in circles. Instagram galleries, which allow you to swipe through a series of images to tell stories, are frequently used. Because the captions for most posts are more extended, you’ll notice that they are formatted in separate sentences to break up the longer text.

Even when delivering truth bombs, Elizabeth does so in an improv way that makes it seem like you are speaking with a kind friend.

10. Amanda E. White, LPC

  • Instagram Handle: 


Most of the content on Amanda’s Instagram account is in her own words, with brand-specific colorful posts. Amanda also publishes TikToks and videos of her.

Being a self-described retired party girl, Even though it’s challenging, Amanda fosters a welcoming and comfortable environment where essential topics are spoken.

11. Jamie Castillo, LCSW (Group Practice)

  • Instagram Handle:


The ‘findyourshinetherapy’ logo and trademark colors of white, yellow, and green are displayed on every post. Most entries include the author’s original text and a caption that expands on the idea in a few paragraphs. In addition, infographics, lists, and comparisons are used to present words.

This narrative enlightens readers on how they see the world and themselves. As trauma therapists, their posts encourage optimism for healing and normalize the post-trauma experiences of trauma survivors. 

12. Minaa B.

  • Instagram Handle:


Most of the content on Minaa’s Instagram page is on plain white backdrops, with the occasional visual element like a partial circle running along the edge of the picture. The message of the image is briefly discussed in captions, which seem to typically be followed by a question for the community that readers can answer in the comments section.

Minaa always leaves their viewers with a specific question at the end of each caption. This allows followers to think about and interact with Minaa more deeply. Therefore, Minaa has built a community in addition to just the content.

13. Lauren Fogel Mersy

  • Instagram Handle: 


The Instagram page for Dr. Lauren’s therapy practice includes their own words, anatomical illustrations, and infographics. Recently, the trend in color has been towards white, pink, and greens with lots of white space. Dr. Mersy offers a wealth of relationship advice along with sex education.

14. Jenn Hardy

  • Instagram Handle: 


The therapy Instagram account of Dr. Jenn Hardy combines handwritten post-it notes that have been captured with their own words typed on plain photographs.

The posts give short life and professional advice. These insights, which range from discussing job interview techniques to managing your relationship with your therapist, can be learned from the postings and used in actual life.

15. Irene Lyon, MSc.

  • Instagram Handle: 


Irene’s Instagram account contains a variety of material formats, from real-life photographs and writing on branded solid backdrops or photos to post-its with handwritten comments. Every five posts or so, an IGTV video can also be anticipated.

This Instagram handle focuses primarily on understanding and treating nervous system disorders and trauma. Irene is addressing a very particular type of trauma survivor: one who is aware that trauma might be to blame for their problems with their physical and mental health. 

When should you seek help?

When it comes to mental health, it’s very essential to keep track of your symptoms. Even though these Instagram handles are effective, you still need to keep a check on whether your symptoms are getting better or not. 

If you notice that your symptoms are getting worse, talk to a mental health professional and take in-person treatment as they can help you with proper plan and medication. 


So these were some of the best Instagram therapists. The emergence of Instagram therapists has revolutionized how mental health care and therapy are provided on the platform. These mental health specialists offer a unique and approachable method of treatment that can assist you in navigating life’s obstacles, whether you’re dealing with anxiety, despair, or simply need a little inspiration. In addition, Instagram therapists offer a variety of information and experience, and well-being, from self-care techniques to mindfulness advice. So instead of idly scrolling through your Instagram account the next time, take a moment to locate one of these amazing therapists. 

When it comes to therapy, it’s important to set goals. Goals are like road maps that help you achieve your desired goals effectively. To learn more, click here.

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