Self-Awareness Test: Find Out How Much You Know Yourself

Self-awareness is defined as the ability to understand your environment and the reason for your presence in it. When we become self-aware, we realize that we are not woven into the fabric of our world, but instead, the entire structure of our life is built around us.  

When we become self-aware, we begin to value life’s experiences. 

Now, it might seem like an easy task to become self-aware and know yourself fully. However, to be frankly honest, it is not. In order to truly know yourself, you might probably rely on a best friend’s opinion, your daily journal, or maybe a self-help book here and there. 

But, if you are still struggling, here’s a solution – a self-awareness test. 

Now we agree that this self-awareness test might not be able to compensate for a session with a therapist that you might need if you are struggling with deeper issues. But if all you are looking out for is a step on the right path, this might be just what you need. 

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Any information you get about yourself will be vital in the all-too-vague journey of figuring it all out (whatever that is). So take this self-awareness test right away. Sit down in a cozy corner and get ready for some deep self-discovery!

Self-Awareness Test

Self-Awareness Test

1. “Do I think that everything is kind of meant to be, or do I think that things just happen for no reason at all sometimes?”

2. “Do I forgive and forget or do I forgive but am never able to forget fully?”

3. “What are the things that trigger me emotionally?”

4. “What is it in my life that I attach my worth with?”

5. “What are the five things I am grateful for in my life?”

6. “Am I a religious person or a spiritual one?”

7. “What is the one thing that will always soothe me after a hard day?”

8. “What are the three values in my life that are non-negotiable in any situation?”

9. “How comfortable am I about talking about feelings with other people?”

10. “What are my biggest strengths and weaknesses?”

11. “What are things that I have been taking for granted in my life lately?”

12. “What is the one thing I would love to change about myself?”

13. “On the other side, what is the one thing I would never want to change about myself?”

14. “What is it that makes me smile instantly?”

15. “What is something that inspires me to do better?”

16. “What emotional patterns do I experience the most?”

17. “Will I be confidently and without doubt be able to say that the direction that I am on in my life right now is the one that I have (and no one else) chosen for myself?”

18. “What is my deal-breaker in relationships?”

19. “How do I show my anger?”

20. “How much would I rate myself on a scale of 1-10, with one being the lowest, if I was measuring good mental health?”

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Getting to know yourself entirely is tough, and we acknowledge the complexity of it. Hopefully, this self-awareness test will help you discover a thing or two about yourself.

If you are struggling to understand self-awareness and how to attain it, we have some suggestions. To find out the true meaning of self-awareness, click here.

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