Mental Health 30-Day Challenge In 2023

Does your life feel out of order? Or do you need guidance to make a good schedule for your mental health? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have the best mental health 30 day challenge planned just for you.

Sometimes we are so caught up in dealing with the stress of daily life that we forget to care for ourselves, and that’s when things start to feel out of order. If you feel like you are spiraling down in stress, don’t worry. We got you.

This blog post talks about a mental health 30 day challenge. Instead of setting long-term goals, several therapists recommend setting small goals. Out of all the 30 day challenges, we have the best one for you. 

30 Days Mental Health Challenge

mental health challenge

30 day mental health challenge

Day 1: Plan the schedule that you desire

a lady Planning the schedule

We all hope to have a well-productive schedule, but we often fail to do so. This 30 day mental health challenge will help you mold yourself into that schedule; thus, list the changes you want to see in yourself. It could be as small as waking up early or being productive at work.

Day 2: Plan a meeting with your Friend

Some friends laughing together

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” You do need a friend to share some happy memories. The day 2 challenge is to call or visit your friends. Make this day all about positivity. Share old memories, photos, and fun times. Have a nice meal, go for a movie with them, or just a short walk nearby. Try to have a positive interaction with your friends.

Day 3: Plan a healthy meal

Healthy meal

If you have derailed your meals, this is the chance to get them back on track. Cook your favorite recipe or enjoy one at the restaurant. Relish this moment with your near and dear ones. Make a habit of eating healthy even after this challenge is complete.

Day 4: Plan a date with music

a cup of coffee with a mobile playing some music

Everyone has a playlist of their favorite songs. On day 4, listen to the music that drives you. Don’t do this during your rushing hours, such as the time when you are leaving for the office. Take a free self-care time. In which nothing will be there between you and the music.

When we talk about mental health and music, how can we forget about music therapy? This treatment works best for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Day 5: Plan to get to bed earlier

woman sleeping on a white bed with her mobile next to her

If you’re going the extra mile, it’s important to take a rest. On day 5, go to bed early and give yourself the rest you deserve. Take time to slow down before bed and get those extra minutes in. Avoid screen time an hour before you go to bed; this way, you will feel rejuvenated by those additional minutes of good sleep.

Day 6: Plan something to anticipate

Mental health challange

Sow some perspective plans and get the fruits in the future. Staying ahead of time is an excellent choice for planning small things like a birthday party, a free seminar, or just a cup of coffee with a friend. The essence of life is to enjoy the future anticipation. Keeping an intention of spending a positive day can help you improve your mood.

Day 7: Plan to help others

a lady helping a homeless man

Helping others makes us feel happy. The help can be large or small but doing something for someone is important. Help someone elderly cross the road, give a free coffee to someone, or buy some food for the homeless. Boost your spirits by helping someone small or big.

As the first week is done, take this challenge forward with the same spirit and continue this trend for the next 30 days for better mental health.

Day 8: Plan to finish the awaiting tasks

Someone working on a laptop with a cup right next to the laptop

Suppose you are extremely busy with work and have an unfinished task. Then pen it down and bump it off your to-do list. It will help you build a habit of accomplishing small tasks and, finally, a big one.

Day 9: Plan an outing

Planning an outing

Plan a day out as a form of self-care, it will help you clear your mind and relieve the stress. It could be spending all day in a garden or hanging out with your friends, but it will provide you peace.

Day 10: Water over beverages

a short haired white woman drinking a glass of water

Most of us sometimes develop a habit of replacing the need for water with other drinks, such as soda, alcohol, or caffeine. Doing so creates a lack of water in the body and overconsumption of beverages, which could cause several issues. According to an article by Havard Education, excess beverages and drinks can lead to the risk of heart issues, diabetes, and anxiety.

Thus, drinking water is always the best option since it works as a great cleaner. Water detoxifies the body from toxins and caffeine that can increase anxiety levels. On day ten and onwards, try to drink at least 8 glasses of water and avoid taking liquids. A cup of coffee for morning refreshment is okay! But for the rest of the day, try to keep yourself hydrated.

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Day 11: Plan a phone detox

Phone detox

We have calls to attend, many notifications to answer, and whatnot. It makes this one difficult for most of us. 

If it seems impossible to turn off your mobile for a day, try to turn it off for an hour. It will also help boost your mood and mental health.

Day 12: Plan to spend some time alone

A girl sitting on a seashore alone

Spend some time alone with your mind, body, and soul. Practice some self-care in solitude by taking a relaxing bath, reading a good book, and spending time with your pet. Provide yourself some time to loosen up and de-stress after a long working week.

Day 13: Plan for a movie

people watching movie in a theatre

Movies can be inspiring, fun, and a great escape from work. The film can be of any genre, from old-classic to thriller to comedy. Just delve into the depth of the story and forget about the stress.

Day 14: Plan a hobby

Planning a hobby

We all have hobbies such as reading, writing, cooking, singing, and many more. Thus, engage in the hobby for at least an hour or so. Doing this will undoubtedly clear your mind of stress since hobbies are an excellent way to release negative energy.

Day 15: Treat yourself to the spa

mental health spa

Pamper yourself by making a trip to a spa or a massage center. You can get a haircut, enjoy the spa treatment, get a massage, or watch your favorite show as you do skin care. You can also have a spa day at home!

Day 16: Plan to declutter your space

Someone folding the cloths

If your space is cluttered, you can have a cluttered mind. Clean your room, rearrange your files, declutter your laptop, and cleanse your area to get a cleansed atmosphere.

Day 17: Plan to listen to a TED talk

People listening to a lady giving a speech on the stage

Ted talks are inspiring and have a lot of information that could help you better understand the world around and inside you. In simpler words, they can motivate you to overcome procrastination and take steps toward your dreams. Motivational podcasts and positive Ted talks help you stay charged and de-stress yourself.

Day 18: Plan to draw a line

Colorful chalks lying on the floor with some lines drawn around

Everyone and everything tries to step into our set boundaries, whether it is a friend asking for money or our boss moving into our family time. Set limits for everyone and defy them not to make you extend your set boundaries.

Day 19: Plan to appreciate yourself

30 days Mental health challenge

Yoga is not just about improving flexibility or decreasing weight. Yoga enables you to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

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Day 20: A day for some yoga

a lady doing yoga near a sunset point

Go to a massage parlor, get a haircut, browse the internet or browse your favorite show. Do whatever you love to do and give yourself a feast.

Day 21: 5 mins Meditation

a lady meditating in a field

Spend 5 minutes daily to meditate. You can join online meditation sessions or do it yourself. The best times you can meditate are at the beginning of the day or right before going to bed.

Along with this, practice silencing your negative thoughts. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, shut it down instantly. Practice this daily until it becomes a habit.

Great work, you have crossed two-thirds of the way. This last week we are going to solidify the first three weeks.

Days 22-25

Solidify your habits from weeks 1-3. Get more sleep, eat healthier, connect with friends, go outside, meditate, and appreciate yourself.

Days 26-30

Use this week to modify your thoughts. Start writing down positive declarations, listen to motivational talks, and learn to draw a line. 

Reflection of the 30 day mental health challenge :

  • Did you attain the goals you wanted?
  • Which was your favorite challenge from these 30 days?
  • What did you plan to do next month to help your mental health?


Mental health should be considered a priority and not a luxury. But we often forget to care for it due to our busy lifestyles. This is why we insist you start this simple and efficient mental health 30 day challenge today itself!

You can revisit this challenge to make it a habit. And let us know in the comments if you notice any improvements in yourself. 

This challenge is sure to bring you great results. If you are planning on further improving your mental health, click here to check out ten short-term goals that will change your life.

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