7 Best Mood Tracker Apps For Tracking Your Emotions

How are you feeling today?

On some days, this answer is extremely simple. However, more often than not, you have a whole bunch of different thoughts and feelings mashed up inside you, and it gets extremely difficult to identify your emotions

An age-old adage says you can’t manage what you can’t understand. This is true for your personal life, work-related stuff, and moods. Unless you are able to understand, assess, and process the big emotional soup inside of you, it is difficult to make sense of what you are feeling. 

This is precisely where the best mood tracker apps come in. Understanding your moods helps you identify their causes and triggers. It lets you analyze the behavior patterns associated with different moods and makes coping with all those ‘gloomy days’ easier. 

There are hundreds of different daily mood tracker apps claiming to be the best at what they do. We have sifted through the noise and compiled a list of the seven best mood tracker apps to help you get started. 

But First, Let Us Understand How Mood Tracker Apps Work.

best mood tracker apps

Moods are a part of our emotional response. They are always associated with a trigger or cause. Understanding and analyzing your moods using a mood tracker app can help you manage them easier and faster. 

If you are aware of how you react in a certain mood, you can make better life choices, avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms, and have better emotional regulation than most. 

The best mood tracker apps work on simplifying the whole process of tracking your emotions. They make it easier to keep a tab on your various moods using your smartphones. Depending on the type of paid or free mood tracker app you use, you can customize your experience.

Some apps give you reminders throughout the day to track your moods. Others provide the option of monitoring certain specific types of moods. 

Why Should You Use A Daily Mood Tracker App?

Using a daily mood tracker app can positively impact your mental well-being. While the scientific evidence behind the efficiency of mood tracker apps is scarce, they have been associated with positive benefits in several research studies. 

A study by Verónica Rivera-Pelayo and team highlighted the positive benefits of mood tracking in workplaces. It was associated with enhanced productivity and cohesiveness within the team.

Daily mood tracker apps also increase self-awareness and self-manage their negative emotions.

Here are a few reasons why using a daily mood tracker app might be beneficial for you:

1. It helps you validate your emotions.

Validating your emotions is important. It is okay to feel what you are feeling, and you should know that. Using a daily mood tracker app can help you validate your feelings by putting them in words. It gives a tangible nature to your emotions, thereby allowing you to feel whatever is going on inside of you. 

2. It helps you identify your triggers.

One of the most significant advantages of a daily mood tracker app is that it allows you to identify what triggers your different moods. This way, you can learn to avoid or better manage situations that cause your negative moods. 

3. It helps you convey how you are feeling to others.

Imagine you had a lot going on in your day. Now, when you get home, you are slamming doors, mumbling stuff, and constantly being agitated. Seeing your behavior, someone you live with – your parents, spouse, or children, asks you what is wrong. Are you able to explain to them what’s been going on with you?

Well, using the best mood tracker apps, you can effectively communicate what you are feeling and why. This helps those around you to understand you better, improving your connection in the long run. 

So, What Are The Best Mood Tracker Apps For You?

1. Daylio App

best mood tracker apps

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features. 

Available for: iOs, Android

Daylio App is one of the first suggestions on our list of the best free mood tracker apps. 

On days when you need a no-frills, straightforward mood diary app to keep track of your mood, the Daylio app is your go-to choice. It comes with a mood diary and a habit tracker. The best part about this mood tracker app – you can use it without having to type much or anything at all. Users can create their daily entries using icons that match their mood types. 

Using the Daylio app mood tracker, you can keep a tab of your moods and easily reflect on the trends that appear. Using the habit tracker, you can effectively build healthy habits, set goals, and motivate yourself

Daylio app also wins brownie points for its extremely simple and calming user interface and the PIN lock feature that keeps your mood secrets safe.

2. Emoods

free mood tracker app

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs, Android

While specifically designed for tracking the symptoms and moods of bipolar disorders, the Emoods app is one of the best mood tracker apps for a variety of mood disorders. 

The Emoods app makes for a great mood tracker because it packs a compact mix of data sets, features, and monitoring systems in an extremely simple interface. 

It is one of the best mood tracker apps for people who want to share their mood results with their therapists, counselors, or other mental health providers. It provides an efficient PDF feature that turns your results into a document form that can be easily shared. 

Emoods provides a rating-based mood-tracking system that lets users rate various emotions on a scale of four. You can rate your mood at the same time each day. Additionally, a notes section allows you to log in any additional information of use. 

3. Moodfit

best free mood tracker app

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs, Android

Another effective daily mood app, Moodfit, is one step ahead of its competitors in the market. It not only provides an exciting and effective array of mood-tracking features. It also supplements your daily mood tracking with educational tips and materials. 

When you log in your moods and daily activities, Moodfit sends you a weekly report with trends and analysis of your patterns. This daily mood app is highly customizable, with several built-in mood types along with an option to add your own moods. 

If you are someone who wants to prioritize your well-being in the long-term effectively, Moodfit is one of the best mood tracker apps for you. 

4. U OK?

best mood tracker

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs, Android

U OK? is one of the best daily mood tracker apps in the market that provides a host of different tools to monitor your mental health and wellness. The app allows you to feed how you are feeling daily actively and pinpoints important trends that are beneficial in knowing your triggers. 

Something that makes U OK? different than other options on our list of the best mood tracker apps is that it allows you to log in both physical and mental symptoms. This enables you to distinguish between your symptoms effectively. 

5. Moodflow

best mood tracker

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs, Android

Moodflow is an extremely simple and useful daily mood tracker app. It uses the year-in-pixels approach to help you analyze your mood patterns. 

It makes for the best free mood tracker app because of its unique mood-tracking approach. You can simply log your daily moods using any of the five emojis, each resembling a mood. Following this, you can add any extra notes and activities that you undertook during the course of your day. 

Additional features include a Mood Cloud that lets you add images from your gallery. This feature is available in the premium version. However, the free version of Moodflow has the best features compared to other free mood tracker apps.

6. Worry Watch

best mood tracker

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs

Looking for a data-driven daily mood tracker app for mood and anxiety management? Worry Watch is the perfect app for you.

It offers a unique data-driven approach to mood tracking. The mood tracker app lets you record your anxious mood patterns. Later, it reminds you to revisit those entries and analyze whether those moods led to adverse outcomes. For this, it uses a detailed dashboard that can generate really helpful reports. 

Apart from an anxiety and mood tracker, Worry Watch offers a daily journal, positive affirmations, and reminders. 

7. Journey: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

best mood tracker

Pricing: Free with a subscription for enhanced features.

Available for: iOs, Android

Journey makes it to our list of the best mood tracker apps because it does much more than your average mood tracker. It records your dreams, food intake, secrets, and much more. 

And the best part? You don’t even have to worry about having time to fill in all these entries, as the app provides a sync feature to merge the app across different devices effectively. You can view your entries just like your Instagram feeds and import diary entries from apps like Evernote. 


We get moody all the time. Moods are a part of our regular emotional response. Understanding and analyzing your moods gives you an opportunity to reflect on your emotions, validate them, identify your triggers, and communicate better

Mood tracker apps simplify this whole process of monitoring your emotions. We hope this list of the best mood-tracker apps will help you figure out the best daily mood-tracking app for yourself.

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