21 Signs Of A Creative Person

When someone asks us, are you creative? We get stuck. And have no answer to it. We start thinking of ‘ what is creativity?” or ‘am I a creative person?’ Well, it’s very normal to feel that. In fact, many of us might be creative and not know it. Creativity isn’t just about crafts and painting; it is so much more. So the first thing that we need to know is what creativity means and how to attain it. 

So are you creative? To answer this, we present here 21 signs of a creative person. Here we will learn  21 signs that will help you understand a creative person’s personality and the traits of creative thinkers. Before that, let’s understand what creativity is. 

What is creativity?

According to California State University, creativity is the process of generating new ideas that can be used to communicate, entertain, or solve problems. Creativity is the process of developing something new. Creativity is thinking out of the box and giving the world something extraordinary.

So do you have the characteristics of a creative person? 

Benefits of Creativity On mental Health

Being creative can help our mental well-being by keeping us happy and satisfied. Creativity is said to reduce depression and anxiety and also boosts our immune system. If we keep practicing creativity, we will have a beer imagination and express ourselves better. Being creative will help us let go of toxic and negative thoughts and thus increase our confidence and self-esteem. 

signs of a creative person
21 Signs Of A Creative Person

When Can You Say That A Person Is Creative? 

Sometimes you might be a creative person and not know it. Various traits describe a creative person. Individualism and daydreaming are some signs of the creative mind. So here are 21 signs of creative person that we will help you find out whether you are a creative person or not. 

1. Curiosity Flows In Your Blood

When can you say someone is creative? When you find them curious about everything. Curiosity is your drug. It triggers you to think of every possible thing, and you love it! Curiosity is a source of your new Idea.

2. Experimentations Make You Happy Like A Child

Experimentation is an important sign of a creative person. Trying new things is your hobby. And this nature increases your creativity. Experimentation brings joy to you that no one can.

3. You Make Friends Effortlessly

Connecting with people is the easiest thing for you. You love making friends and companions. You always have something new to discuss, and people find you engaging. It is one of the habits of the creative mind to engage with many people and make connections with them.

4. You Are Your Own Boss

You hate when someone orders you around and doesn’t like authority. Working on your terms is what you like, and you don’t want anyone hovering over you. 

5. Inspiration is your fuel

Wherever you are, your eyes catch something that inspires you for your next project. You always try to see things from a different perspective. You try to find daily inspiration through different sources. 

6. Listening and Watching People is One of your Hobby

You are a good listener and observe people learn their patterns to understand their behavior.  You are the one who sits around and watches passersby and gets inspired by their attitudes and behaviors to learn about different emotions. All this becomes a source of inspiration for you.

7. Daydreaming Is One Of Your Strengths 

Yes, right! Daydreaming isn’t bad; it is a sign of a creative person. Mainly creative people tend to daydream more. All creative people tend to daydream. It helps the brain think of things that don’t come right straight up to you. You visualize things and then make up a plan.

8. Inventions Are Your Specialty

You like creating new things and copying stuff from elsewhere. You make things from scratch using your ideas and innovation. 

9. Dedicated To Finding Solutions

One of the characteristics of a creative person is problem-solving.  You cannot just sit around and do anything if a problem arises. You are always urged to frame a solution and start working on it. Your approach is always solution based. You look at the difficulties beforehand to avoid any kind of crisis. 

10. It’s All Emotions In You

You are full of different types of emotions, and you express them through your creativity. Emotions in creativity help invent new things because emotions contain all personal experiences. 

11. Patience Is One Of Your Best Traits

If you are creative, you will have patience. Why? Because you know you will give in a lot of work in your creativity for LONG HOURS! 

12. Solitude Is Sometimes Very Appealing To You

Okay, this trait might differ among people. Some creative people love solitude because that helps them in their creative process. While some creative people love being social and between people as that inspires them. 

Solitude calms your mind, and all the ideas easily flow, which helps a creative person to work on something new and innovative.

13. Being Independent Is One Of Your Traits

If you are creative, you will love working alone with complete freedom. A creative person usually works independently to understand the work better, to give their entire focus, and to work at their own pace. They prefer working on their projects alone rather than collaborating. 

14. Sticking To Your Ideas Makes Everything Best 

When you decide on a particular idea, you are sure about it. Indecisiveness is not a quality of a creative person. You stick to your vision no matter what.

15. Open-Mindedness Makes You More Creative

Yes, creative people are open-minded. They always welcome different kinds of Ideas from people and also use them as inspiration and are opinionated. They keep their minds open and let all sorts of beliefs and ideas.

16. Working Hard Is Always A Part Of Your Plan

The creative person works harder than most people. You have to think and deliver your ideas beautifully, which will take a lot of hard work. A creative person sits through this hard work and comes up with the best result.

17. Accepting Failures Is a part of your Journey

In the process of creation, there are numerous times when you will fail. Creativity is a thought process, and its delivery can sometimes fail. Everything isn’t perfect. Failure and creativity go hand in hand. A creative person has to make decisions that might go exceptionally well or a complete shit show. A creative person accepts such failures and learns from them. You never lose hope.

18. Its Always Quality Over Quantity

A creative person will not deliver his things quickly. They will take time and work at the pace they are comfortable with. Quality is everything to them. Ten things are a waste if produced, but none is up to mark. A creative mind’s traits are creating one thing at a time and making it the best.

19. Risks bring joy to you

Signs of a creative person include taking risks. Your life is all about taking risks. You don’t think about the outcome; you just go for it. Risks only help you achieve the most extraordinary things ever. You have the self-confidence that you can handle risks and give great results. 

20. Motivating yourself is always a must

You always motivate yourself that you can do a particular task. Even after failing so many times, you stick to it unless it is complete. Giving Self Affirmations is an essential requirement in a creative person. Motivating Yourself is a vital sign of a creative person. There are also different motivational podcasts that you can listen to and boost your creativity. Creative people avoid negative thoughts about themselves.  

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21. Mindfulness Is Also One Of Your Strongest Traits.

Even if you daydream, you also focus on things with total concentration. Observation skills are a must in a creative person. You listen carefully, think and then work. You have control over your anxiety which helps you focus. 

Takeaway On Signs Of A Creative Person

So do you have any of the signs of a creative person we discussed? 

If yes, then you are a creative person. Know yourself and analyze whether you have any of these traits. Creativity is one of the best gifts one can receive. Creativity can help you develop something valuable. Creative thinking skill has become a mandate, especially if you’re looking for a job. 

Some people are born with creativity, while others can learn and increase their creativity. Being creative is a long process. You need to be consistent with many habits, and then only you can embark on the journey as a creative person. 

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