Sleep Like Tim Ferris: Sleep Hacks For Quality Rest

Author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris is an online sensation in today’s world. He is the talk of the town for the way he experiments with almost every aspect of his life and topics that you might never have thought about. 

In doing so, he has amassed millions of followers and created a fan-favorite podcast, the Tim Ferris Show, that has won several awards over the years. He now runs a business and is one of the most successful personalities in the field of Internet podcasting. 

While being all these great things, Tim has been pretty vocal about his struggles with finding good sleep and being unable to rest well. His ‘monkey mind’ (as he likes to call his racing thoughts) just won’t stop running at bedtime, thereby significantly affecting his sleep. 

He finds it extremely difficult to shut down his problem-solving attitude even at night, and this is why learning how to sleep better was one of his favorite things to research. Over the years, he has created a ‘Tim Ferris sleep hacks’ repository that helps him consistently get the right amount of sleep. 

In this post, we will dive deeper into these Tim Ferris sleep hacks to help you understand how to incorporate them to get the sleep of your dreams. Let’s dive in.

Tim Ferris Sleep Hacks

The Best Tim Ferris Sleep Hacks Of All Time

1. Say goodbye to caffeine.

One of the best Tim Ferris sleep hacks is his idea of replacing coffee with tea eventually. You don’t need to do it in one go. Instead, you can ease yourself into the process by moving from normal coffee to decaf and, finally, herbal tea. 

He recommends not indulging in any form of caffeine after five in the evening. If you are one of those avid coffee drinkers, you can begin by drinking coffee in smaller cups to reduce your overall intake of caffeine. While it doesn’t have a scientific basis, it will make you feel less jittery at bedtime because you have less caffeine in the system. 

2. Meditate every morning.

Tim is a big-time meditation believer. You will find him regularly promoting meditation techniques like Transcendental meditation and useful apps like Headspace that provide guided meditation sessions. 

Tim recommends meditating for around 20-30 minutes every morning. However, he believes that even 10 minutes can do wonders for starters. 

If you have trouble meditating, here are the top meditation apps to help you get started.

3. Read fiction books in bed. 

This is one of the best Tim Ferris sleep hacks; if used correctly, this can potentially change your life. 

To help you calm your monkey mind, Tim recommends reading fiction books that help you switch from the problem-solving to the creative mindset. We all love a good story. Research by the University of Sussex found that reading fiction can effectively reduce stress and anxiety. It helps you move away from your triggering thoughts and allows calmer ideas to flow freely in the mind. 

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4. Sticking to a good bedtime routine. 

Like most wellness experts, Tim also recommends having a bedtime routine as one of the best ways to keep your sleep cycle consistent. 

He believes in prioritizing your sleep every day and making it an important part of your daily schedule rather than just fitting it in between breaks. Sleeping and waking up at the same time can help you align your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality. 

Since every person has different preferences, their bedtime routine is something that they have to figure out themselves. This involves experimenting with different techniques and determining what suits you the best. 

Once you have decided on your routine, it is time to make it a habit. The more you practice this routine, the more internalized it gets. The better you get at this routine, the better will be your sleep cycle.

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Just like one-third of the American adult population, Tim Ferris also deals with a lack of proper sleep. His ‘monkey mind’ just doesn’t switch off at the end of the day, thereby reducing the duration and quality of his sleep.

He suggests following Tim Ferris’s sleep hacks to combat this lack of sleep, like following a bedtime routine, decaffeinating yourself, and meditating every morning.

We hope this post will help you figure out the best bedtime routine for yourself.

If you have been struggling with irregular sleep for a long time, it might indicate something more severe. To learn more about the signs of sleep disorders, click here.

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