Tech For The Mind: Top 5 AI Tools To Help Your Mental Health

If you need to treat anxiety, stress, depression, or any other mental health disorder in the near future, chances are it will not just be therapy or treatments but also an algorithm. Professionals and companies across the mental healthcare industry are rapidly incorporating artificial intelligence in their products and services.

Artificial intelligence has proven to be a turning point in how the wellness industry functions. As per estimates by Nature, AI tools and technologies are set to become a 37-billion-dollar industry by 2026. 

Even today, hundreds of different AI tools are available that can help you take care of your mental health wellness. However, not all these tools are equally helpful. 

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top AI tools to help your mental health. Let’s get started.

AI Tools To Help Your Mental Health

Top AI Tools To Help Your Mental Health And Wellness

1. Headspace Health

Headspace is a meditation app that merged with Ginger and San Francisco-based AI company Sayana to form the effective and highly useful Headspace Health platform. Together the platform uses chats with an AI persona to help users keep track of their moods. Following this, it provides personalized exercises and meditation schedules based on a user’s mood trends. The platform’s sleep tracker is also catered specifically to a person’s mood, thereby assisting them to have the perfect sleep.

2. Elomia

Founded in Ukraine in 2019, Elomia is an AI platform offering comprehensive mental health solutions for people with depression, anxiety, and stress. It is one of the top AI tools to help your mental health with its effective services, including guided meditation, journal features, and progress tracking. Additionally, it also offers combined workplace stress solutions for companies. 

3. Mindsera

Deemed the world’s first AI-based journal, Mindsera provides you with personalized feedback and mentorship based on your entries to uptick your mental wellness. It helps people identify their biases, make sense of their emotions, and become more self-aware. The platform offers solutions like thought analysis, journal-entry analysis, and more. 

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4. MindDoc

MindDoc is one of the top AI tools for your mental health. It works as a mental health assistant keeping track of your moods and behaviors, identifying any worrying patterns, and helping you connect with healthcare professionals. It also gives users regular feedback to help them focus on different areas of concern. 

5. Breathhh

Breathhh is one of the most brilliant AI tools for your mental health. You can install it as an AI extension on your computer or an app on your mobile phone. Once installed, it automatically provides personalized exercises based on your web activity and online behavior. It includes features like a mood diary, warm-ups, focus control, and background noise.

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AI is changing the way the world functions. The ripple effects can also be felt in the mental healthcare and wellness industry. Many companies have ventured into affective technology and incorporated artificial intelligence in their products and services. We hope this list of the top AI tools for your mental health will help you effectively utilize the best available solutions.

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