15 Effective Ways On How To Be A Nice Person 

Have you witnessed some people being easy to be with, and you feel happy when they are around? 

Well, these people have specific characteristics that make them lovable. These people treat everyone nicely and are honest, selfless, empathetic, caring, helpful, humble, optimistic, and open-minded. These people help bring a positive atmosphere and keep negative thoughts away. These are the traits of a nice person. The first question is, ‘how to be a nice person?’ 

 Everyone wants to be a nice person. But it isn’t easy. To be a nice person, one must develop many different traits and characteristics.

Before knowing how to become a nice person, let’s understand the meaning of being nice. 

What does being nice mean?

The dictionary meaning of being nice is someone who is ‘ pleasing, agreeable, delightful, amiably pleasant and kind. Being nice means developing an attitude of “agreeableness.” 

People generally ask, ‘how can I be nice’ or ‘what is being nice’?

There is no particular definition of being nice. Being nice is different for different people. Some characteristics of being nice are honesty, kindness, helpfulness, empathy, fairness, etc. Being nice includes feeling compassion for others.  

So let’s learn some of the ways on how to be a nice person.

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15 Effective Ways On How To Be A Nice Person

15 Simple Ways On How to be a nice person

1. Be Punctual

Want to know how to become a nice person that everyone likes? 

Then start being punctual.

Whenever people wait for you, it should be your duty to arrive on time without fail. Being late shows disrespect. Everybody’s time is valuable; therefore, being punctual is a must. Being late creates a bad impression.

2. Be helpful

Try being helpful in any way possible. Small gestures are also enough. Helping someone cross the road, holding the door for someone, etc., are examples of how you can be helpful to the people around you. You can help someone by listening to them and being there for them. Helping someone can also make you happy.

Don’t think of acknowledgment. Treat people nice. Even if you don’t get a ‘thank you, continue being helpful.

3. Be grateful

You can become a better person by being thankful for everything. Nice people are thankful for their surroundings, food, health, and everything. If someone is helping you, show them that you are grateful. You can give thank you cards or notes. 

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4. Be thoughtful

Being thoughtful is about paying attention to what people around you need and then reacting wisely and purposefully. 

Whenever we are conversing with someone, we must remember what they are saying. Remembering the names of people who we are talking is very important. 

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5. Be Polite

Being polite holds great power. Sometimes if you want to control a rude, abrupt social conversation, try talking politely. This will change the direction of the conversation.

 A nice person doesn’t believe in the concept of tit for tat; you don’t have to be rude to someone rude to you. If you treat people nice they’ll understand and step back. 

It is really hard to learn how to be nice to someone you hate, but in the end, you’ll stay at peace.

6. Be Humble 

Being humble is one of the biggest traits of a nice person. Being humble means putting others first. A humble person listens, understands, and is aware of their surroundings. They are curious about new things and speaks their mind. A humble person doesn’t think that they are better than everyone else. They accept disapproval

7. Be Honest

If you want to be nice, follow the path of honesty. Don’t try to deceive others for your gain. Sometimes honesty might seem the hardest thing to do, but as the saying goes, ‘ honesty is the best policy. ‘ People love those who are honest because they can easily understand you. Nice people are also open about their feelings, even if it is constructive criticism.

8. Be Optimistic

Having a positive thought process is an essential characteristic of a nice person. A nice person has positive thoughts and looks at all situations positively. If you want to be a nice person, try being optimistic. If you are optimistic, you will keep others motivated and help them overcome their negative thoughts.   

9. Be open-minded

If you want to be nice, try having an open mind. Try accepting the beliefs of others.

 Give others a chance to give their views. Don’t be judgemental towards others without listening to them. Be open to change. 

10. Be empathetic

A nice person can understand your feelings, and they can do anything for anyone at any point in their lives. They have a selfless attitude, care about people more than themselves, and listen and help others solve their problems. They try to remove any kind of negative feelings from others and make them feel better.

11. Be kind

Act of kindness is a daily habit of a nice person. They act kindly with others without expecting anything in return. If you want to treat people nice, try finding small acts of kindness throughout your day. It can be helping the poor, helping someone sad, volunteering for a good cause, etc.

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12. Be a listener

Listening is the best trait of a nice person. If you want to be nice, start listening more and saying less. Give people the time to express themselves and mindfully listen to them. If you listen properly, you will be able to help them out. Don’t advise unless you are asked. Sometimes people only want to be heard and don’t want solutions. Develop patience

13. Be affectionate

Nice people are affectionate. They give time to people, take care of them, and give occasional hugs to cheer the people around them. They listen and constantly ask whether someone is okay or not.

14. Be encouraging

If you want to be a nice person, try encouraging someone when they have some problems. Make them focus on their issues and keep them calm. Motivate them to follow positive thoughts and reframe negative thoughts.

Sometimes a bit of encouragement can make somebody tackle their problems and help them genuinely at an emotional level. Therefore, encourage people to try boosting their self-esteem by saying positive affirmations. 

15. Be Forgiving 

To be a nice person, start to forgive people for incidents in the past. Try moving forward with a positive attitude. This will help you drain your anger and positively approach life. If you are positive, you can only be nice to the people around you. Even if a person mistreated you in the past, be nice to them.

Takeaway on how to become a nice person:

So these were some of the ways on how to be a nice person.

Being a nice person is also helpful for your mental health. It keeps you in a better mood and reduces stress and anxiety. There are various ways to incorporate the characteristics of a nice person. It’s okay to take time to be a nice person. It’s normal to think about yourself before thinking about others because, in today’s world, survival is the first thing everybody wants. 

But it is equally essential to be a nice person. You should treat people nice. Being a nice person will help you stay happy and satisfied. More importantly, being a nice person will help you grow in your life. Try being happy for someone else, and then you’ll realize the pleasure. 

Being nice means doing or saying the right thing to help someone. If you are confused about what to say to someone who is depressed, we have something for you; click Here

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