Celebrate World Kindness Day By Being Kind Whenever Possible

Communities, society, and families are institutions that hold humans together. Because of these institutions, we can progress and discover new paths for ourselves. Kindness is one of the pillars of these communities. That’s why World Kindness Day is celebrated every year on November 13. This event has been celebrated since 1998, and it was started on the initiative of NGOs coming together to promote kindness in different countries worldwide. Besides being a principle for societal good, kindness is also linked to better mental health outcomes. But before learning about the relationship between kindness and mental wellness, let’s look at what this year’s World Kindness Day will be about.

World Kindness Day 2022: What To Expect?

The theme for World Kindness Day 2022 is “be kind whenever possible.” This theme recognizes that kindness is not just an act of service or charity performed once in a while but a lifestyle or attitude toward life. Kindness is about being friendly, generous, and considerate. Hence, understanding and wishing good for someone is being kind to them. And you can practice(and would benefit from) being kind to yourself too.

To participate in this event, you can volunteer with an NGO near you participating in the same and spread awareness through social media. But most importantly, you can incorporate acts of kindness in your daily life and try to be kind whenever possible. Your kindness can help make someone’s day a little brighter or help improve their mood. It can also improve or help you build better, healthier, and more supportive relationships with others(and yourself).

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How Kindness Leads To Better Mental Health?

The first and most apparent benefit of kindness is that it nurtures healthier and more supportive relationships. But the psychological benefits you gain from these relationships are varied. Loved ones can introduce perspective in your life and help you maintain your composure in challenging times. If you have a sound support system, you also feel more empowered to take action and live as you please. Social interaction also reduces the chances of isolation and fulfills belonging needs. Following kindness leads to better community building as it spreads from one person to another.

Self-kindness is also essential for good mental health. It can be defined as a positive and responsible attitude toward yourself. That is to say, it includes an acceptance of yourself, including your flaws and shortcomings, and the willpower to take action to achieve goals.

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World Kindness Day has been celebrated yearly on November 13 since 1998. Kindness is a significant value that holds societies and relationships together while strengthening them. It is also linked with positive mental health outcomes for the individual. Being kind whenever possible can help you improve your quality of life, confidence, self-esteem, and relationships.

However, an essential part of kindness is being kind to yourself. To practice self-kindness, you must start by accepting and becoming aware of yourself. Not sure how self-aware you are? Take this test to find out.

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