Puzzles Beyond Childhood: 9 Best Puzzle Books For Adults

All of us at Your Mental Health Pal are certified puzzle fanatics. And with our collective experience, we can assure you that nothing is more satisfying than solving a crossword or word search puzzle. There is nothing better than the bliss of tackling a puzzle head-on during a cozy afternoon. 

Whether it is sudoku, word search, logic puzzle, crossword, or hidden picture – the best puzzle books for adults are the perfect way out of your monotonous lifestyle

Because let’s face it – we have pretty robotic and rigid regular lives. Our demanding jobs and minimalist socializing can take a massive toll on our creativity and brain capacity. Puzzle books for adults are the best way to prevent our brains from rusting.

Moreover, in times when we can’t stay away from our phones and desktops for minutes, puzzle books for adults provide us with a safe space to focus on something that doesn’t have anything to do with technology and social media

Puzzle books for adults aren’t just all fun and games. They can literally improve your brain and cognitive skills. As per a study published in Science Direct, puzzles can improve the brain’s spatial skills and also increase focus and productivity

So, puzzle books for adults are great. But the market is flooded with such books, and finding the best ones can be a little overwhelming. That’s exactly why we have created a list of the best puzzle books. 

They are interesting, complicated, and challenging. In short, the perfect activity for you. Whether you are a puzzle enthusiast or someone looking to dive into the arena for the first time, there’s a puzzle book for you here. Let’s get started.

9 Best Puzzle Books For Adults

1. Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults 

best puzzle books for adults

One of the best logic puzzle books out there, Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults is the perfect book for seasoned enthusiasts who want to challenge their brains. It is like a full-fledged mental workout for your brain.

Being one of the variety puzzle books for adults, Tricky Logic Puzzles is not limited to one thing. It contains sudoku, masyu, nonograms, and logic grids. These challenging but intriguing puzzles will keep you entertained and invested for days to come. 

2. 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges To Keep Your Brain Young

puzzle books for adults

Looking for the best variety puzzle books for adults? 

This is the perfect go-to book for you. 

It is one of the best-assorted puzzle books for adults, with the most extensive collection of different versions of mind games.

Filled with word games, trivia, numbers, and much more – 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges To Keep Your Brain Young is an interesting blend of challenging books. However, the book never gets so tough that you can’t figure your way out.

Additionally, all different forms of puzzles are divided into sections like long-term memory, cognitive functions, and processing skills – making this one of the best puzzle books for adults. 

3. Thinking Inside the Box Crosswords

hidden picture puzzles for adults

Filled with exciting crossword puzzles and an intriguing history of puzzles – Thinking Inside the Box is one of the best crossword puzzle books for adults. Full of humor and personal insight, this crossword book for adults is a complete delight.

This delightfully surprising and deeply engrossing crossword puzzle book for adults is a pure gold mine of revelations. One of the specialties of this book is that while catering to people who live and breathe puzzles, it is extremely accessible to newcomers. 

Another unique concept of this crossword puzzle book for adults is its ability to build narratives and stories around the challenges. It sheds light on the satisfaction puzzle solving brings and celebrates the camaraderie that binds crossword enthusiasts together.

4. Coronation Street Puzzle Book

word search puzzles for adults

If you are a television show buff, this is one of the best logic puzzle books for adults. With over 200 quizzes designed around the longest-running soap operas on TV, this book is going to test your problem-solving skills. 

Can you find characters’ names hidden in extremely long paragraphs, solve classic quiz questions, fill family trees, or untangle those cryptic webs? If yes, the Coronation Street Puzzle Book is one of the best puzzle books for adults.  

To top it all off, the book is also filled with facts, details, and fun trivia associated with Britain’s longest-running soap operas.

5. Big Book of Crosswords 1 By Collins Puzzles

logic puzzle books for adults

Looking for a puzzle book to test for vocabulary and reach for your dictionaries? 

With over 300 puzzles, Big Boos of Crosswords 1 is one of the best word puzzle books for adults. Designed in a standard 13×13 format, this puzzle book will give you the comfort of traditional word puzzle solving. 

If you are a beginner looking to foray into the world of puzzle books for adults, this is the perfect book for you as it has all the answers neatly written at the end.

6. Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #19

variety puzzle books for adults

If you are looking for a good-intermediate puzzle book, this is the perfect one. 

This is one of the best variety puzzle books for adults, with puzzles created by people from diverse backgrounds. Here, you will find something for all types of puzzle enthusiasts. There are simple 15×15 puzzles, literary themes, word-finding puzzles, big-sized crosswords, and tricky rebuses. 

The best part – the puzzles are perforated. So, if you are someone who likes to solve puzzles while traveling, in college, or at work – you can easily take out your favorite puzzle and carry it with you rather than taking the whole book with you.

7. Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! (Highlights Jumbo Books & Pads)

crossword books for adults

One of the most challenging and rewarding puzzle books for adults, the Ultimate Puzzle Challenge book is a compact delight for puzzle enthusiasts. 

With hidden picture puzzles for adults, mazes, sudoku, word search puzzles for adults, logic puzzles, and old-fashioned crosswords, this book has everything you will ever want to solve. 

A collection designed for super solvers, the Ultimate Puzzle Challenge is filled with mind-bending and clever puzzles that are great for increasing your concentration and focus.

8. Challenge Accepted!: 100 Word Searches

word puzzle books for adults

If you are someone who loves to go word-hunting in the middle of jumbled letters and mazes, this book is one of the best word search puzzles for adults. This one from our list of puzzle books for adults offers 100 individual games. 

The puzzles are well-designed with a large print catalog, offering a clear and concise view. The best part – with this book, you can actually work through your puzzle-solving skills as it offers multiple games with varied difficulty levels. 

What’s better – 100 Word Searches also offers 25 clues for each puzzle, guiding you throughout your journey. 

9. Bletchley Park Brainteasers

word puzzle books for adults

Wondering if there are any best-selling puzzle books for adults?

Bletchley Park Brainteasers are your answer. 

A Christmas bestseller from 2017, this book has delighted puzzled enthusiasts from around the world with its riddles, puzzles, and brainteasers. 

This book was designed by mathematicians to assess students. It is for all the pro-level puzzle lovers who want to test their skills through hidden codes, crossword puzzles, complex riddles, and secret languages. 

Bletchley Park was united by people with immense dedication toward their love for a good puzzle game. If you are one of them, this is one of the best puzzle books for adults like you. 


As certified puzzle geeks, we can tell you that there is no better way to spend a cozy afternoon than cuddling in your comfy bedsheet and solving a good puzzle. Whether it’s sudoku, word search, crossword, or much more – there is nothing more satisfying than being able to finish a puzzle.

While puzzles are great, trying to find the best puzzle books for adults is not. The market is flooded with hundreds of books claiming to be the best. To help you choose the right one, we have curated a list of puzzle books for adults. 

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