101 Guide On Chocolate Meditation

Meditation is an excellent way of achieving inner peace. It keeps our bodies and minds healthy and happy. There are many types of meditation, and one among them is chocolate meditation. 

Yup, you heard it right. Chocolate!

The best thing for most people. Well, get all ready to understand how chocolate can help you meditate. 

Chocolate has been proven beneficial for our mental health because it makes our brains happy. Have you witnessed chocolate making someone happy whenever they are sad or irritated? Wondering why? 

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, stimulates the happy hormones in the brain, which may help us lighten our mood. 

So based on this, dark chocolate is used for guided chocolate meditation. It is one of the tastiest forms of meditation. 

Let’s understand what chocolate mediation means.

What is chocolate meditation?

Meditation is a way of enhancing mindfulness. It includes steps that help us better understand our body, mind, and soul. Meditation calms our senses and brings in positive thoughts. It includes taking deep breaths, clearing the mind, understanding the surroundings, and finding inner peace. 

Many types of meditation can help your mental and physical health. One such meditation method is chocolate meditation. Chocolate meditation is a mindful meditation where the focus point is chocolate. The chocolate’s smell, taste, and feel are part of the mediation, starting from the wrapper. Here the area of mindful focus is eating. 

Mindfulness meditation is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps enhance our mental well-being. Lower blood pressure and a good sleep cycle are some other benefits of mindful meditation. 

Mediation also helps in making mindful eating. It helps our body be healthy and keeps its weight in check. If you eat chocolate mindfully, it can help you with many issues.

Benefits of chocolate on mental health

Serotonin and other neurochemicals with a psychotropic and euphoric effect on the mind are present in dark chocolate. Chocolate can instantly improve your mood on a bad day, as serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and cognitive function.

Research has demonstrated a strong correlation between dark chocolate consumption and enhanced cognitive performance. As a result of flavanols. These nutrients that improve mood protect the brain and keep it healthy as we age.

When stressed, depressed, or even experiencing PMS, many take a bite of chocolate for comfort. As a result of the euphoric effects of the fatty acid N-acylethanolamines in dark chocolate, it can assist in lifting one’s spirits.

How to practice chocolate meditation?

chocolate meditation

1. Pick your favorite

All you need is a Hershey’s kiss, a square of dark chocolate, or a handful of semi-sweet chocolates. You’re seeking a few chocolate morsels. You will also receive significant flavonoids if you choose dark chocolate.

2. Find a quiet place

Choose a location where you won’t be disturbed while you’re meditating. You can sit on a yoga mat or a chair if it’s more comfortable.

3. Relax for a while

Take several long breaths. Start from the top of your head and work your way down to the tips of your toes, paying attention to each area of your body. Consciously work to relax your muscles if you feel any tightness.

4. Observe the chocolate

Make use of your senses of smell and sight. Take note of the chocolate’s hue and any imperfections in its look. Look for the sweet-bitter combination when smelling the chocolate.

5. Taste the chocolate

As you hold the chocolate in your hand, feel the texture. Then, as it meets your tongue, pay attention to how it tastes. Allow the chocolate to melt on your lips while you take your time and enjoy the taste. As it hits various parts of the tongue, note how it tastes.

6. Feel the sensation

Let your mind wander to the chocolate, concentrating on the flavors as you taste and swallow. Feel the weight of the chocolate on your palms and understand how it feels to bring it to your mouth as you prepare to take another bite.

7. Redirect thoughts

The mind is prone to wandering. Bring your focus back to the chocolate if you notice it veering off to something else. Keep your thoughts in the here and now by using the chocolate as an anchor. Give the chocolate your complete attention.

8. Continue the meditation

Continue your meditation by taking deep breaths and focusing on the chocolate. Throughout the day, you can return to your chocolate mindfulness meditation by reflecting on the chocolate sensations, flavors, and aromas of the chocolate.

Benefits Of Guided Chocolate Meditation

1. The practice of mindfulness meditation teaches the mind to concentrate or remain in the present. You can learn to experience your ideas and sensations without passing judgment on them.

2. Activities including mindfulness have long been proven successful at enhancing cognitive abilities. 

One of the best working devices that is always available is our brain. Thus, our brain frequently needs certain activities or medications for neurons to function effectively. Take better care of your brain and its functioning by practicing meditation.

3. Social media manipulation and the polluted environment of today’s society can frequently lead to various psychological problems like anxiety and sadness. Meditating can lessen the negative impacts of pollution and the digital world and retain a simple, uncomplicated life.

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So are you ready to make mindfulness chocolate meditation your favorite? It is one of the fun ways of meditation based on the sense of taste, which helps our body to fixate our minds on the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate. It is a great way to calm yourself down when you have a rush of emotions. 

Caution: Anything in excess is harmful to your body, even if it has good properties. Similarly, when you practice chocolate meditation, remember that your goal is to meditate to reach inner peace and not consume chocolate. Excess chocolate consumption can be harmful to your body. Keep a check on it. It can be helpful if you consume it right. 

Good food puts us in a good mood. Similarly, like chocolate, many other foods elevate our mood and keep our mental health good. There is a list of the food that is good for your mental health. Tap here to know more.

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