7 Reasons Why Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

Mental Health is one of the most neglected health domains. People fail to realize the importance of mental health at every step. They fail to seek help for their problems readily.

But, do you realize how common this problem is?

WHO analyzed the reports of psychiatric treatment across 37 different research in 2004. It came to an unbelievable conclusion. Globally, 70% of people never receive medical treatment for their mental disorders. 

It is widely proved that early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to tackle mental health. Despite that, an overwhelming percentage of people refuse to get treatments. The reasons include;

  • Lack of knowledge to identify symptoms
  • Ignorance toward treatment
  • Fear of being labeled crazy or ill, etc.

However, we are here to remind you why mental health matters to you as much as your physical health. 

Who is a healthy person?

The World Health Organization states that the mere absence of disease does not define true good health. It is a total of a person’s physical, mental, and social well-being. Your health is not just associated with your physical well-being. It is a product of your overall well-being. 

Similarly, good mental health is not defined by the absence of mental disorders. 

It is characterized by positive traits like:

  • the ability to relax
  • the capacity to enjoy life, and
  • the ability to adapt to the changes in life. 

We do whatever is in our power to avert physical damage to our bodies.

We consciously make an effort toward improving our physical health. These efforts arise because we care about that aspect of our health. 

But what do you do when you feel like your emotions are draining you? Or when your mind gives you signals of unhealthiness? 

Most of us forget to take prompt steps. 

The stigma surrounding mental health plays a significant role in this lack of response. It deprives people of proper professional help. The society that we live in discourages people from sharing their problems. Most people would prefer staying silent rather than addressing their issues. 

What you feel is okay and valid.

It doesn’t matter if the world makes you think otherwise. There is nothing wrong with sharing your problems and seeking help. It is our duty toward our bodies to take care of them in the hardest of times. There are consequences of ignoring the symptoms of a bad mental state. So, avoid the stigmas and always look for help and a reason to hold on.

Mental health and physical health

A person having no signs of a visible or invisible illness is termed healthy. However, the meaning of good physical health is deeper than that. 

It takes into account:

Physical well-being is a conscious effort to keep one’s self healthy. 

It is deeply affected by an individual’s mental state. The world health organization says that ‘there is no health without mental health.’ The overlapping of mental and physical well-being is seen in the following cases:

1. Chronic Ailments

Mental health conditions have a significant impact on chronic health conditions. 

  • Poor mental may cause chronic physical health conditions. 
  • People with severe mental health ailments are at a higher risk of developing severe chronic disorders.
  • People suffering from long-term physical problems have a higher chance of developing mental health problems.

2. Sleeping Patterns

People with mental health issues have trouble sleeping. That leads to chronic health conditions like Sleep apnea and insomnia. They eventually cause breathing problems and, sometimes, anxiety.

Importance of Good Mental Health

why mental health is important as physical health
7 Reasons Why Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

Do you know why mental health is just as important as physical health? 

It is of paramount importance to realize the importance of mental health. 

If you don’t feel okay doing what you are doing, maybe it’s time to think it through. 

The following reasons are to remind you why your mental health is just as important as your physical health:

1. To create and maintain healthy relationships

Two women talking on a video call on a laptop

You might have heard it in your childhood:

No man is an island. 

Human society is based on the fundamentals of relationships. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, one must maintain a stable mental state. It will be challenging to feel and share happiness if you feel mentally drained. Good mental health fosters happier and healthier relationships.

2. To attain a better physical health

Women working out with an exercise ball

As discussed in the previous section, mental health affects your physical health. Most mental disorders lead to one or the other physical ailments. People suffering from mental illnesses are more likely to suffer from physical diseases.

3. To enhance productivity

Image with laptop, Books, and EarPods lying around

People who have good mental health are generally more productive. They tend to be less distracted throughout the day. They focus more on the task at hand. The quality of outcome is higher in these people.

4. To cope with stress

two people working with a laptop

Good mental health allows you to deal with stress and changes better. It helps you analyze problems and look for a solution. It also reduces the chances of falling into substance abuse.

5. To increase retentivity

A hand touching the water

The more stressed you are, the higher number of things you forget. Mental health disorders like anxiety might induce short-term memory loss and decrease retentivity. This problem may become severe with age. 

6. To attain a positive self-image

A girl sitting in a garden looking into the mirror

Mental health dramatically affects a person’s feelings about themselves. Good mental health correlates with a positive self-image. It allows you to be at peace with yourself by creating an environment of acceptance and safety. It also encourages growth and happiness.

7. To live life to the fullest

A girl standing with her arms open and eyes closed

Mental health affects all aspects of your life. People dealing with mental health disorders have a hard time fighting their symptoms. 

However, good mental health allows one to live life to the fullest. It enables one to feel and express their emotions openly. It gives you the ability to accept failures and changes. It enhances the overall quality of life by providing an optimistic point of view.


We hope you realize the importance of mental health now. However, this is just the first step. Healing is a non-linear journey, and you are bound to fall on some days. On those bad mental health days, remember to make yourself better. Remember that it’s okay to have a hard day.

Mental health affects all. All of us need to pitch in to create a supportive society. We need to provide safe spaces for people to accept themselves. Mental health awareness needs to take center stage to create a kind and empathetic world. To know about mental health issues and awareness, subscribe to Your Mental Health Pal.

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