A Guide On How To Fight Depression Without Medication

Are you searching for alternatives on how to fight depression without medication?

Indeed, one of the most challenging parts while dealing with any kind of illness is taking medications. Keeping track of medications and then experiencing their side effects can frustrate us. It is normal to feel that way. 

Depression can be dealt with both with and without medication. It mainly depends on what the severity is. If you are experiencing mild depression, there are various ways you can fight it which doesn’t require medication. Whereas if your case is severe, it is advisable to seek professional help and stick to your medications. Ask your therapist or psychiatrist how to combat depression without medication. 

Following some healthy habits will help you reduce depression. These habits cannot show immediate effects one can see by taking medication, but slowly with time and consistency, you can see drastic changes.

So, here are some effective ways how to combat depression without meds.

how to fight depression without medication
A Guide On How To Fight Depression Without Medication

How To Fight Depression Without Medication

1. Have enough Sleep

The first way on how to combat depression without medication is by starting to incorporate a proper sleep routine. Sleep is the most vital thing in our lives. Someone who is depressed might find it challenging to have a sleep schedule. Depression can make someone sleep too little or too much.  A lousy sleep schedule can make us lazy, have bad eating habits, affect our health, and will increase depression. 

Therefore fix a sleep schedule for yourself. Try one day at a time. Don’t take naps all day long. Instead, set a bedtime and remove all distractions from your bedroom- no phones or TV. Slowly your sleep schedule will improve.

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2. Exercise Daily

If you want to know how to fight depression without medication, you should exercise. Light exercise daily increases endomorphins. These hormones are known as feel-good hormones. These hormones will make one feel satisfied and happy

Don’t do heavy exercises that will make you excessively tired. Exercise, along with other treatment methods, can help in fighting depression. Start with taking long walks and then slowly increase your pace. 

3. Eat Healthy Foods

It is essential to have healthy eating habits. Eating junk foods can make us dull, adding to depression. It is necessary to have omega-3 in your diet. Omega 3 is vital for the brain. It is reported that omega-3 consumption reduces depression. 

We love eating sugar, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for our health or brain. Sugar releases inflammatory hormones that cause trouble in the brain. Therefore the proper amount of sugar intake is mandatory. Similarly, avoid caffeine, as it decreases serotonin levels in the brain. 

Never skip a meal. Keep yourself healthy. Depression can either make someone not feel like eating anything or eat everything. Keeping your eating habits in check is essential. 

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4. Challenge Negative Thoughts

When someone is depressed, they constantly have negative thoughts about themselves and their lives. It is tough to have positive views while dealing with depression. It is normal for someone undergoing depression to jump to the worst possible conclusions.

Next time you have negative thoughts, try calming your mind. Try changing your thoughts towards something positive. Say self-affirming statements. It will take time, don’t be harsh on yourself. Slowly you have to practice shifting your thought process from negative to positive. This is also known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy helps one manage mental health issues by changing their thought process and behavior. This therapy includes exercises that help stimulate the brain and fight mental disorders and teaches how to combat depression without medication.

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5. Avoid Alcohol or Drugs

Depression causes a lot of mental stress. People who are depressed experience extreme emotions of sadness, frustration, and irritation. Sometimes all they want is an escape. In such a case, they turn towards substance abuse. Consumption of alcohol or any other drug removes the consciousness from reality and makes it easier to deal with emotions. This experience leads to addiction.

Consumption of substances might make us feel light and happy for a while, but the repercussions are worse when its effect goes away. It is OK to look for ways to relax; we just need to see whether those are healthy. Long-term substance abuse can worsen our mental health. Take time. Find ways that can help you stay happy. Try avoiding any kind of substance while dealing with depression and learn healthy ways on how to combat depression without medication.

6. Set Your Goal

Someone who is depressed may find it challenging to set goals. They might feel that they are not capable enough and thus have no plans to work on.  

Even if the feeling of not being capable keeps coming to your mind, you should try setting attainable goals. Setting a goal will make you feel good about yourself. By doing this, you will feel better. Once you get a hold of it, you can easily set your goals and learn how to combat depression without medication.

7. Meditate Every Day

Depression can also lead to stress and anxiety. Meditation doesn’t repress these feelings; instead teaches us how to deal with them calmly. Meditation makes us aware of our emotions and helps us shift our negative thoughts to positive ones. 

The results of meditation can take a while to show up, but the key is consistency. Keep in mind to meditate daily. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes to meditate. Mediation also helps in dealing with situations where you are fearful or stressed. Meditation enables you to develop mindfulness and keeps you in the present. 

Different types of meditation techniques will aid you in fighting depression. Practice it daily, and you’ll see a difference.

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8. Reward Yourself

How can you fight depression without medication just by rewarding yourself? 

It is vital to be proud of yourself. Depression makes people think negatively about themselves. In this situation, it is essential to believe in yourself.

Whenever you achieve anything, you should reward yourself. If you set a goal or finally have a sleep schedule or start eating healthy, give yourself credit. Be proud of yourself. Acknowledge your progress and motivate yourself to improve your mental health.

9. Make A Routine

Someone who is undergoing depression may have their schedule disrupted. It is normal to experience that. When someone is depressed, they may not have the energy to do anything

It is tough to set a routine when someone is depressed. But give it a try. Developing a routine will help you keep your mind focused on something positive. Try setting small routines and then slowly incorporate them into your daily life. Establishing a way will help you get back to your life. 

10. Listen To Music

How to combat depression without medication using music?

Music therapy is also a way to fight depression. Music therapy has many benefits, like reduced muscle tension, increased self-esteem, decreased anxiety, better relationships, and increased motivation. 

Listening to music can help us regulate our emotions. Music can help us express our emotions. It stimulates memory and evokes imagery and emotions. Music can lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase the happy hormone dopamine. 

Try listening to music that you love. You will feel better.

11. Spend Time With Family And Friends

Someone who is depressed may want to stay alone. While solitude is not wrong, talking to people who matter is sometimes essential. Spending time with your family and friends will help you deal with depression better. You can also take advice on how to combat depression without meds. 

Try being around people who understand you and know what you are feeling. It is tough to express your feelings, which is normal. Take small steps, and start by sharing something you are comfortable with. Talking about your emotions will make you feel light. 

12. Write Your Emotions

Journaling is also a great way to deal with depression. It is not easy to talk to someone about your feelings; in such a case, you can write them down. Writing your feelings can help you understand them better.

There are different creative ways by which you can express your emotions. You can write, draw or do anything you love.

13. Get Sunlight 

People who are depressed are found to have lower vitamin D levels. When they are given vitamin D supplements, it is seen to reduce the rates of depression. Vitamin D regulates serotonin levels and helps with depression. 

This is known as light therapy. It helps treat non-seasonal depression, major depression, and bipolar disorder.

Give yourself proper vitamin D supplements and spend some time under the sun

When to Seek Help 

There are various ways on how to combat depression without medication. But this doesn’t mean that medication is not necessary. Medications are hard to take, but they are essential. If you are experiencing major depression, you should consult a mental health doctor who will help you through your journey and will make a plan for you to take your medications properly. 

Various platforms will aid you in your mental health journey and help you learn how to combat depression without medication. Also, different mental health institutions are working towards helping people deal with their issues. 


Depression can become worse if not treated on time. Consult your therapist or psychiatrist to learn ways on how to fight depression without medication. You can try any of the ways mentioned above to reduce depression, but don’t deal with your symptoms alone. Give updates to your doctor so that you don’t face any problems.

The thing that one needs to remember is that the recovery style for everyone is different. The type of recovery depends on the situation and requirements. Simple self-care activities can help you feel better by following some of the ways. But don’t give up. Embrace your journey and accept your style of recovery. These natural remedies to combat depression require consistency. You cannot expect results in a day or two. It will take time. You have to develop patience.  Also, taking medications is essential if the condition requires it. It is hard, but it will help you. 

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