The Best Meditation Cushions For Every Budget And Body

The best meditation cushions can help you upgrade your wellness practice while enjoying pain-free sessions. Here are the best meditation pillows and a breakdown of how to choose a meditation cushion for yourself.

best meditation cushions

Are you tired of having numb toes while sitting for your meditation practice?

Does the mere thought of sitting cross-legged for over a minute pain your back?

If you are struggling with a painful and sore back due to your mindfulness and meditation practice, you’re not alone

We bet you started meditation because of how peaceful and beneficial it is. With all the amazing wellness magazines selling you images of people sitting on the floor with their backs uptight and in the perfect lotus position – you instantly feel a sense of calm inside you.

Who doesn’t want a moment of relaxation in the overwhelming times we live in? And so you start meditating. But that’s when you realize meditation is much more than just sitting and focusing on your breath

If you have ever sat on the floor or a usual mat to meditate, you must have realized that your knees would seize up, your toes would feel numb, and your legs might have sensations of pins and needles. And to top it all off, the persistent strain while trying to keep your spine upright is only going to put you in pain and peace. 

But don’t worry because we have the perfect solution – the best meditation cushions!

Yes, meditation cushions (also known as bolsters or zafus) are the ideal accessory to support your body during meditation sessions

In this blog post, we will break down what meditation cushions are, how they are different from our usual sleeping or decorative pillows, and how you can choose the best one for yourself. We will also look into the best meditation cushions on Amazon. Let’s dive in!

What Is A Meditation Cushion?

A meditation pillow is a supportive accessory for people who meditate for long durations. They are generally much more firm and supportive than regular cushions. You can use a meditation cushion for additional comfort during your meditation sessions.

The best meditation cushions for beginners and seasoned practitioners are filled with firm and robust materials like kapok fibers, buckwheat, etc. 

When you sit on a meditation pillow, your hips roll forward slightly, giving you the perfect position to keep your spine’s natural curve intact. This posture releases tension from your body and helps you be more relaxed. Additionally, sitting on a meditation cushion avoids putting unnecessary stress and pressure on your joints. 

These are the following types of meditation pillows:

  • Zafu: This is one of the traditional forms of meditation cushions. They are Japanese-style and round in shape with a filling of buckwheat or kapok fibers. 
  • Zabuton: One of the best meditation cushions for back pain, zabuton is wide and rectangular in shape. They are usually filled with cotton and are incredibly soft. 
  • Crescent-shaped: These meditation cushions are designed to support your hips and lower back. The curve shape elevates your pelvis, creating a smooth curve in your thighs. It reduces the strain on your lower back and tailbone. 

How Is A Meditation Cushion Different From A Regular Cushion?

best meditation pillows

When introduced to meditation cushions, people often wonder why they can’t use regular pillows for their practice. 

The thing is, you can use regular household or decorative pillows for meditation, but they aren’t meant to provide support to your body. So, they won’t do much for back pain or sore legs. 

The best meditation pillows are specifically designed to elevate your sessions and provide support to your body. Their resistance levels are different than regular pillows. They don’t flatten or sink when you put pressure on them. 

There’s also a height difference between regular pillows and meditation pillows. They are usually higher as they elevate your thighs to make it easier for you to be in a comfortable position. 

How To Choose A Meditation Cushion For Yourself?

Now, meditation cushions are great for your body. But the process of finding the right product when everyone projects them as the best can be a bit tricky. To help you get sorted, here are a few points to help you understand how to choose a meditation cushion for yourself.

1. Size And Shape

The best meditation pillows for beginners and seasoned practitioners come in different shapes and sizes, each offering slightly different benefits for your body. A Yoga bolster might help you properly stretch in whatever position you want, whereas a bench-type cushion will take the strain off your lower back.

Moreover, taller individuals must buy cushions that can easily support their size. For a thumb rule, the best meditation cushions are the ones that prevent you from slouching. 

2. Materials Used

Several things determine the comfort of using the best meditation pillows. One of the primary things is the cushion filling, which can be – memory foam, cotton, kapok fibers, buckwheat, or polyester. Each of these materials offers different benefits; therefore, you need to understand your needs and choose the best one. 

Additionally, for the outside, cotton on velvet cover cushions are good. Bonus points to all the best meditation cushions on Amazon with removable covers that can be easily washed and cleaned

3. Durability And Care

Another important tip on how to choose meditation cushions on Amazon is to look for the durability factor. A good meditation cushion should work well for at least a few years with the right care. Therefore, looking for the pillow’s care advice is always beneficial to understand what suits you best. 

The Best Meditation Cushions On Amazon

1. Avocado Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow

best meditation cushions on Amazon

Dimensions:  17″ L x 12” W x 7” H 

Weight: 6.6 lbs

Filling: Vegan buckwheat filling

One of the best meditation cushions on Amazon, the Avocado Organic, makes it to our list because it’s designed and crafted with much thought and intention. Created by an LA homegrown brand, this is all-natural, vegan, and organic. 

Filled with buckwheat exported from North Dakota that provides great malleability and flexibility, this is one of the best meditation cushions for back pain. 

From a functional aspect, it’s perfect for all beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The only drawback is that the seams might break after using them for a few years. 

2. Hugger Mugger V-Shape Cushion

what is a meditation pillow

Dimensions: ‎19.65 x 15.24 x 9.06 inches

Weight: 7.5 Pounds

Filling: Organic buckwheat hull

This V-shaped cushion is genuinely one of the best meditation pillows on Amazon and has a variety of color ranges. It helps you maintain a good posture during your sessions. It offers as many as six colors and a flexible buckwheat filling. 

And the best part is that it can easily double up as a sleeping pillow to support your head and shoulders. Talk about value for money

The only feedback we noticed from users was that it might be overstuffed. 

3. Walden Original Meditation Cushion

how to a choose meditation cushion

Dimensions: 15 inches x 15 inches x 6 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

Filling: Buckwheat hulls and a gel-infused memory foam topper

You might be initially skeptical about Walden’s meditation pillow because it’s almost double the price range of any other on this list. However, once you use it, you will understand that it’s the perfect upgrade for those who practice meditation regularly.

Therefore, it might not be among the best meditation cushions for beginners. However, this is perfect for you if you are a seasoned pro. It’s soft, chick, firm but comfortable, and has just the right amount of filling. Moreover, it has an ultra-smooth cover that can be easily removed and cleaned. 

4. Florensi Meditation Cushion

best meditation cushion

Dimensions: 16 by 16 by 5 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Filling: Buckwheat and foam insert

Many meditation pillows are small. However, if you have a bigger space, Florence is one of the best meditation cushions on Amazon. It’s one of the roomiest and largest options in the market.

It has buckwheat filling, which you can easily adjust according to your needs. It also has an inch of foam padding to give it structure and support. The removable cover (brownie points) is made of soft velvet and has a beautiful mandala design on top, thus increasing the overall aesthetic value of the product. 

5. The Monastery Store KaBu Zafu Meditation Cushion

best meditation pillow

Dimensions: 14″ diameter x 8″ height

Weight: 5.7 lbs.

Filling: Kapok fiber and buckwheat hulls

KaBu Zafu is one of the best meditation cushions for back pain. The best part about this product is that half is filled with kapok fibers while the other is filled with buckwheat hulls. So you basically have two products at the price of one. If you want to sit on the softer side, go for the softer side. If you need more firm support, use the buckwheat one. 

You can even turn it on the side and use the height to get extra support. It can also be put under your knees for a better kneeling position. Basically, it’s one of the best meditation cushions on Amazon and also the most versatile. 


Meditation offers excellent benefits for your mental and physical health. However, sitting meditation can cause back aches and other related issues. Therefore, to enhance your meditation practice and sit in a comfortable position, the best meditation cushions on Amazon are your go-to options. 

They provide firm support to your back and knees. It takes the pressure off your joints, ensuring that you focus on meditation and not the pain. 

Creating a meditation space is an extremely important part of your meditation practice. Here are more tips on how you can create one for yourself.

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