5 Best Yoga Poses For Better Blood Circulation

Yoga is a discipline originating from ancient India. It has gained popularity in the modern world for its beneficial effects on the mind and body. Yoga improves blood circulation and muscular flexibility, relieves stress and back pain, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Following are some of the best yoga poses for blood circulation.

5 Best Yoga Poses For Blood Circulation

1. Downward Dog

Yoga Poses For Blood Circulation
Downward Dog Pose

First, assume a position on four limbs to practice the downward dog. Then raise your shoulders and hips above your feet and wrists. Further, lift your hips and straighten your arms and legs, as shown in the picture above. If the position feels uncomfortable, take a step back to distance your feet from your hands.

2. Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Yoga Poses For Blood Circulation
Forward Fold

Forward Fold is an advanced technique that requires a certain level of practice. So there is no need to be discouraged if you can’t get it right on the first go.

To practice this position, firstly, stand upright with your palms on the side of your hips. Then bend your upper body forward while exhaling, keeping in mind that you bend at the hips and not the waist. Bend at your knees if you feel the upright position is difficult for doing a modified forward fold.

Throughout this position, keep the front of your torso extended or long to avoid injuring your back and knee joints. Keep breathing deeply and folding within while being aware of your bodily sensations. Resistance may indicate growing flexibility, but it can also signify overexertion.

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3. Seated Twist Pose (Parivratta Sukhasana)

Yoga Poses For Blood Circulation
Seated Twist Pose

There are many versions of the seated twist pose. However, we will only cover the beginner pose as it provides an entryway into this position.

Firstly use your hand behind your back to sit as upright as you can. You can use support such as a yoga blanket or pillow to make the position uncomfortable. Put your other hand on the opposite knee and twist your spine to look sideward.

4. Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose

To practice the warrior pose. Stand upright. Then move one foot about 4 feet or 48 inches ahead. Bend the knee of the forward foot and rotate your back heel 45 degrees. Raise your hands straight toward the sky while keeping your shoulders in the same position. Then look overhead and press your shoulder blades toward each other.

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5. Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

Firstly, stand upright and move one of your feet toward 3 or 4 feet. Raise your arms, one forward and one backward, in a straight line, forming a “T.” Further, straighten your forward foot and push your hips backward. Extend your upper body toward the forward foot and keep your arms as is while placing one of your palms parallel to your feet. Look at your other arm(upward) overhead while maintaining this position. Switch an arm with the other and repeat. If the position of your leg feels uncomfortable, move your backward leg a step forward.


Yoga poses can increase flexibility, strengthen muscular groups, improve blood circulation, and reduce the risk of heart problems. Our list of the best yoga poses for blood circulation includes accessible and actionable poses that enable better blood flow throughout your body. You can practice these poses in the morning, evening, or at other times. However, staying consistent with your practice is essential to enjoy the total results these asanas provide. On that note, here is a blog explaining how you can turn habits into a routine through habit stacking.

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