Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Opens Up About Mental Health

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds international renown for his career in professional wrestling and later Hollywood. In a recent interview with MensHealth magazine, he revealed his thoughts regarding the superhero film “Black Adam,” which is very close to his heart. He also expressed his views on his career and life, with many insights for mental health you can apply. Let’s look at the different perspectives that emerged throughout this interview without further ado.

Insight #1 It is okay to say no and be authentic to yourself rather than saying yes and fitting inside a box.

The Rock discussed how the industry told him to change himself into the way traditional actors were in his debut years. For instance, he dropped his diet, bulked down, and molded himself into an ideal Hollywood protagonist, just like the actors famous at that time. After trying to adjust for some time, Dwayne felt he should go his own way, a trait shared by the unconventional Black Adam. 

Insight #2 Physical fitness aids mental fitness

The rock admits while going through depression, having a regular habit of going to the gym helped him cope with his feelings better. Regular exercise can also teach skills like hard work, perseverance, and pushing past one’s limit.

Big and small achievements through physical training provide confidence and prove your capability to work hard and give your best effort. Hence, an exercise routine builds self-esteem, self-efficacy, and greater physical prowess.

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Insight #3 Priorities

Dwayne lives by his priorities and is dedicated to what he goes after. By questioning whether he cares about something, how passionate he is toward it, etc., he reaches clarity and decides to pursue the same. If something does not get him motivated, he decides not to chase after it.

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Insight #4 Dedicated efforts require precision

To perform the role of Black Adam, Dwayne needed to be in the “prime of his life” physically.

Being in pristine shape, especially over long durations, can tax the body and mind. However, the Rock makes it work with proper bodily care, expert guidance, and the right nutrition.

Key Takeaway

Dwayne describes his experience as an only child who repressed his emotions and tried to figure out everything independently. Many people suppress or hide their feelings and end up paying the toll through their physical and mental health and, at worst, their lives.

He admits that vulnerability and asking for help are essential and can save a person from suffering. There is no shame in asking for help; receiving it is no harm. The stereotype of a “tough guy” who doesn’t rely on anyone and paves his way is far from ideal in real life.


When public figures open up about mental health issues, awareness and insight are spread among many. The Rock is an inspiration not only for those pursuing physical fitness but also for mental strength. The key takeaway from his interview with MensHealth is that it is okay to ask for help and be vulnerable when not doing so will harm your health and well-being. Many people avoid considering therapy an option as it requires them to confront their issues and ask for help. However, the temporary vulnerability or discomfort you feel in therapy leads to better mental health outcomes. On that note, here are the top five affordable online platforms to help you access quality treatment from the comfort of your home.

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