Slaying the Startup Game: Self-Care Tips For Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating, fascinating, and fulfilling. You are in the driver’s seat and get to decide the path of your business. 

But along with this thrill, entrepreneurship has its own set of challenges. 

Creating a successful business includes a lot of struggle with sneaky deadlines, never-ending to-do lists, and days that only seem to get shorter every moment. 

As a present-day business owner, you might find self-care tips for entrepreneurs on a regular basis. But – it can seem intimidating to find time for yourself while focusing on your startup. 

See, work-life balance is great in theory. But, when it comes to actually starting your business and helping it take off, the idea of balance can sound almost impossible. 

Eventually, it gets too overwhelming, and you are on the downhill route to a breakdown or burnout. 

The good news? 

Well, it doesn’t really have to be like this.

While self-care is generally associated with long skin-care schedules and bubble baths, it is so much more than that. It includes the healthy mindset of valuing your physical and mental health and setting healthy boundaries for yourself. 

So, to help you uptick your wellness, here are some easy and least intimidating self-care tips for busy entrepreneurs. Let’s get started. 

self care tips for entrepreneurs

Effective Self-Care Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Have strict boundaries and turn those damn notifications off.

One of the best and most effective self-care tips for entrepreneurs is to “gate it.”

Simply put, learn to set strict boundaries. So, if you have email apps, Slack, or any other official communication channel on your phone, consciously restrict yourself from checking it all the time. Keep a gate between yourself and the app. Don’t let the notifications get to you. If you can’t, block them for a while.

If you are the head of the company, you get to be a role model and put in place healthy practices. Check official communication channels between specific times and encourage your employees to stick to them too. 

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2. Make sleep the top priority. The world is not getting better with another sleep-deprived entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are notoriously famous for promoting the hustle culture and sacrificing sleep to uptick productivity and creativity. But the thing is, not sleeping is only going to make it harder for you to do your job. Getting adequate sleep is proven to boost productivity and help with creativity. Therefore, let go of the unhealthy mentality of “just one more mail” and get some sleep, pal.

3. Take a full day of rest.

Another one of the most effective self-care tips for entrepreneurs is to take holidays. See, if you continuously work for seven days a week, it gets complicated for you to disengage from work-related pressure and stress. While it might seem counterproductive to hustle-culture enthusiasts, walking away from this stress is good for yourself and the company.

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4. Build your support network.

Entrepreneurship is tough. There are so many times you might feel lonely and overwhelmed. Therefore partner with people who make your life easier. 

For most people, personal and professional boundaries diminish, and your work-family becomes a big part of your life. Therefore, choose wisely. When you are in the hiring process, look for people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and who you can count on when things get tough.


It is no secret that people around us are stressed. Thow in entrepreneurship into the mix and the stress multiples several folds. This is why entrepreneurs need to take care of their health and well-being. We hope these self-care tips for entrepreneurs will help you find something that enables you to rest at the end of your tiring days. 

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