OCD Awareness Week: Steps To Recovery

OCD Awareness Week has been celebrated since 2009. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) is a clinically recognized mental disorder that consists of obsessions(cognitions) and compulsions(behaviors). Obsessions are persistent unwanted thoughts, urges, and other mental processes that make the patient distressed or anxious. They are also intrusive, meaning the patient has no control over them, and can arise anytime. Intrusive thoughts are repetitive and disturbing. These thoughts compel the patient to repeat certain behaviors to cope with intense emotions(usually fear or anxiety).

OCD Awareness Week 2022: What To Expect?

This event will be celebrated from October 9 to 15, 2022. It aims to spread awareness, inspire patients to get help and fight stigma regarding this condition. According to the International OCD foundation, there is no specific theme for this event. However, you can find a daily schedule on their official website. Daily agendas are listed as follows:

October 9
Struggling in Silence:
Many patients fear coming out and sharing about their condition. Or they may think nobody can help or understand their situation, on account of which they choose to suffer in silence. If you think you have this condition, know that it’s okay to reach out and there’s real help available.

October 10
Getting diagnosed is the first step toward improving your mental health and healing any mental health condition. It might help you understand your behaviors better and feel a sense of relief as you can identify your condition. Diagnosis also paves the way to the next, most important step in someone’s mental health journey, treatment. 

October 11
Opting for therapy is one of the best investments someone can make for themselves and their loved ones. Treatment by a licensed counselor can help you grow to become a better version of yourself or cope with your existing symptoms better.

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October 12
Life after Treatment:
While treatment is an ongoing process, it is also life-transforming for many. It can improve your relationships, make you healthier and happier, and significantly reduce your symptoms.

October 13
Education and Support for Loved Ones:
As someone with a friend or loved one with OCD, learning about the condition can be overwhelming, shocking, and often confusing. But you must understand their situation to support them properly through challenging experiences.

October 14
Building a New Identity:
This part of OCD awareness week involves creating a new identity through community participation. One of the best ways to do the same is to get new hobbies and learn new skills. Explore different things and bring your lifestyle out of routine, one step at a time.

October 15
The last step, or perhaps the new beginning for those learning to cope with OCD, is advocacy. It refers to spreading awareness that aids others suffering from this condition. Understanding can also help loved ones and others understand what the patients are going through.

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OCD is a severe mental health condition consisting of intrusive thoughts that compel the patient to repeat certain behaviors. You can participate in the OCD Awareness week and contribute to the mental health community by following the events organized by Internation OCD Foundation. You can access the same and other exciting opportunities through iocdf.org. While this condition is overwhelming, you might be hesitant to go for therapy. In this case, you can refer to mental health therapy goals to understand the benefits of treatment.

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