7 Self Healing Quotes To Help Embrace Your Authentic Self

Healing is a challenging and time-consuming process. To heal requires confronting your pain, accepting it, and resolving to overcome it. Through this process, you can learn about yourself and see the traumatic event, situation, or relationship in a new light. Wisdom quotes are one of the treasures that can help guide you through this process. On that note, following are the top 7 self-healing quotes to help you embrace your authentic self.

1. “The Wounded Inner Child is the primary gateway to healing and integration.

When you invite your woundedness out of subversiveness and into your awareness you finally begin to honor the past pain. You also minimize its contractive influence on your life. And you begin to offer yourself the potential of something more.”Markus William Kasunich

Carl Gustav Jung is one of the significant contributors to psychology, primarily through his works regarding the unconscious. One of the components of our unconscious mind is the wounded inner child. Many of us suppress feelings of pain and hurt from childhood and end up denying that they exist. However, bringing these into the light of awareness can help you become a whole person as you accept your weaknesses and strengths.

2. “Healing the world begins with healing yourself.”Anthon St. Maarten

You can only help people after helping yourself. Likewise, you cannot heal anyone before healing yourself.

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3. “The sooner we heal our traumas, the sooner we liberate ourselves from the people who hurt us. By hating them, we hold onto them. We cannot heal.”Vironika Tugaleva

According to a research article by Brandon. J.G., forgiveness is related to better mental health outcomes, while unforgiveness is a stress-related reaction to poor mental health. It is also one of positive psychology’s character traits and virtues. The latter is a sub-discipline of psychology aimed at making people happier.

4. “Healing is anything that restores your inner sense that all is well and that returns you to a healthy state of empowerment.”Susan Barbara Apollon

We constantly feel attacked by stress, anxiety, or trauma. We enter a “fight vs. flight” mode and lose our ability to think objectively. Healing brings us back to a stage where we are clear-headed and ready to act again.

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5. “Surrendering is not giving up–it is gaining strength.”Grace Sara

Accepting our feelings, rather than fighting against them, can provide us immense strength.

6. “Every moment of this experience we call a physical life is determined by the choices you make in your thoughts, intentions, and actions.”Susan Barbara Apollon

Every moment is a choice and a chance to begin anew. That is why you can always strive to improve the present moment and learn from the past.

7. “Peace is not the absence of pain, but the welcoming of pain as a teacher.”Vironika Tugaleva

Rather than trying to run away from your struggles, confronting them can teach you a lot. One way to overcome stress and conflict is reframing a situation as a challenge rather than an obstacle.


Self-healing quotes are an excellent tool that can aid your healing process. These quotes draw wisdom from the daily experiences of wise people, who condense their knowledge into them. These sayings are yet another form of self-care, refreshing and motivating your mind. Other self-care activities that can help you relax and rejuvenate yourself are traveling, spending time with nature, and socializing with your loved ones. For more ideas to take care of yourself and undergo holistic healing, click here.

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