When Love Needs Help: Signs You Need Couple Therapy

People go to individual therapy sessions for different reasons like depression, anxiety, trauma, personal growth, and much more (with each being a perfectly valid reason). Just like life, relationships aren’t free of roadblocks too. 

For most of us, romantic relationships are really, really complicated. Every relationship has its highs and lows, and most of the time, navigating the lows is pretty difficult without outside guidance. 

Contrary to mainstream belief, things don’t have to be really ‘bad’ for you to opt for couples therapy. It is actually much more helpful to look for options before undue resentment and anger begin to pile up in your relationship. Think of couples therapy as a safe space to iron out the issues and strengthen your relationship in the longer run. 

Still unsure whether it’s time or not? Well, here are a few common conflicts that are signs you need couple therapy. Let’s get started. 

Signs You Need Couple Therapy

Signs You Need Couple Therapy

1. You or your partner are just unhappy within your relationship.

There are no prescriptive signs you need couple therapy per se, but if you or your partner have been feeling unhappy or unsatisfied in your relationship, that’s a pretty big reason right away. 

In this situation, seeking couple therapy will help you and your partner figure out what exactly is the cause of this unhappiness and how you can address these issues.

2. You both engage in similar patterns of conflict time and again.

Another one of the signs that you need couple therapy is similar patterns of arguments. When you repetitively engage in these patterns, it is a sign that things aren’t working out. This could be a good time to use expert guidance. Having a fresh perspective on your repetitive patterns will help you understand things from your partner’s viewpoint. 

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3. If you have started to keep a lot of secrets from your partner.

Being tangled in a web of secrets around things that should be discussed with your partner, including money, emotions, anger, needs, etc., is another one of the signs that you need couple therapy. See, you do get to have a life outside your relationship, but if there is any kind of ulterior motive or malaise behind the secrets you are keeping, it needs to be addressed.

4. You are in the middle of a significant life change.

As we have mentioned earlier, couples therapy is not only for the typical hard times. Choosing therapy as a couple to discuss and navigate major life changes is a perfectly valid reason. So whether it’s changing jobs, getting married, moving places, having kids, or pretty much anything else – a couple’s therapist can prepare you for what lies ahead and help you sort out any concerns that might arise. 

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5. There is a major lack of forgiveness.

Relationships are hard work and require a lot of forgiveness from both sides. You simply cannot be high-handed and hold grudges against your partner. There needs to be a space where mistakes are judged with empathy. If any of you is having a hard time forgiving the other, it’s one of the signs you need couple therapy. Therapy will help you work through the uncomfortable feelings to actually move on from the issue and turn a new leaf.

6. Lack of emotional connection and intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. A lack of it can develop loneliness, mistrust, and communication breakdown. Therefore, if you feel disconnected from your partner and need help building an emotional connection, couple therapy is the perfect place for you to get started.


Just like individual therapy sessions, there is no reason to feel ashamed about going to couple therapy. Contrary to what television shows would have taught you, it does not include shouting matches and blame games. In fact, it helps you develop better communication skills and stronger relationships. We hope this list of ‘signs you need couple therapy’ will help you figure out whether you need therapy or not.

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